Digital integrated circuits are digital logic circuits or systems made by integrating components and wires on the same semiconductor chip.


In this essay, you could learn about the basic knowledge about the digital integrated circuit, which includes its logical function, internal design and models. And the two typical types of digital integrated circuits一TTL and CMOS are detailedly discussed in the following. In the final chapter, several using tips are listed to help you use it correctly.

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OST file is one of the database files used by Microsoft Outlook. Its main purpose is to serve as an enabler for working offline even when the connection to Exchange is not live. In such scenarios, the changes you make are later synced to the Exchange Server when the connection is back live.


If there are any errors or corruption issues in the OST file, the information stored within it comes under risk. This is mainly due to the fact that OST files, unlike PST files, cannot be opened independently of the Outlook profile that created them.

So in all such scenarios, what we need is a tool that can Convert OST file to PST. The resultant PST file can then be easily imported into any version of Outlook and its contents viewed. To accomplish this, you will need an tool that can easily extract all the information from within your OST file including mails, calendar, tasks, journals, contacts etc and flawlessly convert it to Outlook PST file.

EdbMails OST to PST Converter tool with its simple to use user interface can accomplish this for you. Along with support for most versions of Exchange and Outlook, it also supports 64 bit windows operating systems. What’s more novel about the OST to PST tool is that it allows direct OST migration to Office 365 as well as Live Exchange Server.

EdbMails preserves the folder structure intact and also lets you view all the contents of the OST file within the application. There are extensive filtering options by date, subject, attachments etc that you can apply to the mails before export to PST file.
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With more data to process and integrate into different workflows, it has become apparent that there is a need for a specialized environment - i.e., data lake and data warehouse. Learn more here.
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Cloud Application Development is playing a vital role in enabling digital transformation for enterprises across industry verticals. From modernizing applications to scaling up enterprise systems, cloud services and solutions have become an inevitable part of a company’s IT strategy.

RapidValue is an emerging technology solution provider, focused on cloud-driven transformations and Omni-channel applications. We provide cloud services and solutions spanning the entire digital spectrum. Our dedicated team of consultants, technology experts and domain expertise help you navigate the cloud journey seamlessly.
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What is Workers' Compensation

Workers' repayment is a publicly subsidized machine that will pay financial advantages to employees who come to be injured or disabled in the direction of their employment. Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that offers personnel reimbursement for accidents or disabilities sustained because of their employment.

Understanding Workers' Compensation

By agreeing to receive workers' reimbursement, workers also comply with surrender their right to sue their organization for negligence. This "repayment good deal" is meant to protect each workers and employers. Workers typically give up in addition recourse in trade for assured compensation, whilst employers consent to a certain quantity of legal responsibility even as heading off probably more harm of a large-scale negligence lawsuit. All parties (including taxpayers) gain from averting the legal costs needed to manner a trial.

Workers' Comp Coverage

Most compensation plans offer coverage of scientific fees related to accidents incurred as an immediate end result of employment. For instance, a production worker may want to declare compensation if scaffolding fell on their head, but not if they had been in a traffic twist of fate even as riding to the process web page. In other conditions, workers can acquire the equal of sick pay at the same time as they are on scientific go away. If a employee dies because of their employment, employees' reimbursement also makes bills to their family individuals or other dependents.

While the "reimbursement bargain" excludes the possibility of a tort of negligence being issued through personnel, this isn't to say that reimbursement is a foregone conclusion. For one factor, it isn't always continually clean whether or not or not an company is truly answerable for an injury to their worker. Furthermore, running injuries are chronically underreported in some industries.

Legally, there is no penalty for reporting a place of job damage to an corporation, but this stipulation is impossible to regulate on an individual stage, specially in industries like production in which a employee's livelihood relies upon to a point on their bodily capabilities. Workers' reimbursement payments also are at risk of coverage fraud: in some instances, people will sustain an unrelated harm however record that it turned into sustained at the job.

Workers' reimbursement need to no longer be stressed with incapacity insurance or unemployment income; it only can pay people who are injured at the task, while incapacity coverage will pay out no matter when or in which the insured is injured or disabled. Workers' compensation additionally does no longer cover unemployment. Unlike unemployment profits or disability blessings, employees' compensation is always tax-loose.

Workers' Compensation at the State and Federal Level

In the United States, workers' repayment policy is generally handled by using the man or woman states. The U.S. Department of Labor houses an Office of Worker's Compensation Programs, however it's miles best responsible for compensation rules for federal employees, longshoremen and coal miners. The lack of federal standards for workers' repayment has resulted in deeply various policies for the equal forms of injuries in exceptional parts of the u . S .. Therefore, it's far critical for a worker acknowledging and preparing for the opportunity of a piece-associated injury to cautiously look at each state and organization compensation literature.

Recent studies have shown that people' repayment advantages have dropped appreciably in a majority of states. Identical injuries can receive greatly distinctive kinds of repayment depending on in which a worker resides, which makes it all the more vital to have a look at local repayment statutes. Meanwhile, research have also shown that incommensurate workers' reimbursement is closely correlated with continual earnings inequality.

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Today, as events become more elaborate than ever, have you ever wondered how people who put them together do it? Of course, there's all the expertise and skills, but considering the intricate nature of such events, it is only understandable that they make use of technology, yes? And that they do! Event technology has become so crucial to the entire process that it is now one of the pillars for the success of any event. Now, we understand what’s technology in the general sense — but what exactly is event technology. Event technology is any tool that enables event organizers to efficiently execute the many things and processes relating to the job.

Now, given its purpose, it shouldn’t come as no surprise that everyone wants to use event technology. Unfortunately, more often than not, people jump on the bandwagon owing to its popularity without little to no understanding of the techniques they are trying to embrace and adapt. It, in turn, renders all their efforts to put together is significant. But that doesn’t have to be the case with you as well — so, we put together a list of the essential technologies any event planner worth his salt must be adept at using.
  1. Venue sourcing and selection: Among the most critical facets of an event is the venue, and when done in the right manner, it can deliver a whole new world of possibilities in the context of using novel technologies, design, layouts, and more. For this, it is advisable to use an online venue search and request for proposal (RFP) tool. And to ensure it is a fruitful endeavor, compile a precise list of requirements, differentiate between what is a must, and what would be a welcome add-on.
  2. Transport: Yet another vital aspect of events is the transport, which may or may not involve booking flights, arranging transportation to and from the venue, keeping an eye on all the variables, and sharing live updates with guests, depending on the kind of event one may be organizing. Nonetheless, don’t use a spreadsheet tool to deal with this — use a platform that will allow you to manage transportation, transfers, efficaciously.
  3. Tools to manage event registrations: Event registration tools enable event planners to ease how attendees register for the event and also boost the attendee conversion rate. But take analyze the options carefully to see which one works best for you, because while some are specialized but standalone products, while others can be integrated with other event-related systems and technologies. And then there are your all-in-one kind of tools too. So, yes, careful analysis is important.

While it is a terrific idea to take up event technology as you seek to take things up a few notches, but it is imperative that you cautiously appraise any investment in software solution for event planning. It will ensure that you get what you need and don’t only end up putting valuable resources in a tool that serves no purpose for your business.
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Why Uniton iHub?

We give a wide scope of administrations, from overhauled workplaces, virtual workplaces, meeting spaces for shared workplaces, collaborating spaces, and so forth. This implies new businesses, and hopeful independent companies could get a similar sort of luxuries that solitary tremendous corporates could manage the cost of for minimal effort and develop their business with the correct arrangement at right expense.

Prime Location

We are situated in the IT Corridor of Hyderabad, which is the most wanted dwelling place all the top IT organizations in Hyderabad. Our cooperating spaces and overhauled office spaces with top of the line foundation with every one of the offices are likewise accessible at a truly minimal effort.

Sound Neighborhood

You will be neighbors with a great deal of expert organizations from various areas with whom you could arrange, trade conclusions and thoughts, discover potential colleagues and essentially simply live with other similarly invested and spurred individuals to develop in a positive domain.

24 x 7 Availability

When you lease, you will get a 24×7 office. This implies one will probably stroll in to the workplace whenever of the day or night they wish and be gainful. It doesn't make a difference you are leasing collaborating space, or overhauled office, offices like, Pantry, Restrooms, Meeting rooms, and High-speed web will be accessible 24 x 7.

Adaptable understanding

24 x 7 top of the line foundation


Well-prepared client administration situated group

Pay-as-you-utilize model

Premium area.

Advantage from our completely outfitted adjusted office with forefront foundation that can give security to your representatives. Each lodge has free boundless web access, with agreeable furnishings and are completely cooled. This implies you could simply move in to your office and begin working immediately. We give probably the most financially savvy private office spaces for lease in Hyderabad without settling on all the required courtesies and IT support for a completely useful and productive workplace.

Uniton iHub is situated in Hitech city,hyderabad and the workplace space is fascinated on cost sparing, while at the same time giving you a great work climate. There are no duties, get an office for present moment or long haul use — no surprises.

Proficient Office Address

Uniton iHub Virtual Office is ideal for somebody who is telecommuting, or who is continually progressing, or a business situated in another area who need an expert office address and telephone number in hyderabad.

Mail and Courier Handling

Gaining an expert place of work for you association can incredibly help the picture of your business. We will likewise get sends and bundles for you and keep your educated.

Getting Phone Calls

We will give you an extravagant business telephone number that you could use as your official telephone number and we will get approaches sake of you or your organization. Our receptionists will pick up the telephone brings in your organization name which could help your picture among your potential and existing customers.

Specially appointed on interest workplaces

When you are bought in to any of our virtual office plans, you can likewise interest for a moment fitting and play office space contingent upon your necessity. A portion of our virtual office plans comes packaged with the capacity to really utilize the workplace space here in Uniton iHub for a specific number of days or certain number of hours. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are just bought in to the fundamental virtual office plan, you can utilize our office space, gathering room and office space on-interest at a little extra cost.
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Some places do ask “puzzle questions” - but they aren’t generally for testing IQ, they are intended to allow the interviewers to see how the candidate approaches a problem. We don’t say: “Here is a problem, figure out the answer” - we say “Here is a problem, we don’t care whether you get it right or not - but just tell us how you’re trying to solve it.”

There are many examples - we used:

You’re playing ‘Russian roulette’ where you have a loaded revolver, and take turns with another person putting it to your head and pulling the trigger. This time, there are two bullets, placed in consecutive chambers of a 6 shot revolver. The other person spins the cylinder, puts it to their head and pulls the trigger…CLICK!…nothing happens. They hand the gun to you - you have the choice to either spin the cylinder again or to leave it as-is before putting the gun to your own head and pulling the trigger. Which is the safest thing to do?

If you just tell us the answer - that’s not what we wanted - so we’ll just grab another question and give you that instead.

We want you to be doodling on the white board - or doing statistics with math - or…whatever it is you do to figure it out.

Worst thing you can do is to guess…”It doesn’t matter”…is a typical guess and that would be a black-mark on the interview form!

I like reactions like “Well, if I spin again, I have no information about the outcome - but if I don’t spin again, then I must know something I didn’t know before the last guy pulled the trigger”…which is good. Then we can ask “So…what use is that information?”…and so forth.
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Work Injury Attorney

Workers comp laws give an approach to injured representatives to verify advantages following a mishap at the work environment. By recording a case with the protection firm of the employer's, casualties of working environment mishaps begin the way toward recouping repayment for lost wages, medicinal costs, and handicap installments. The establishment of a fruitful workers comp guarantee is the restorative documentation and proof that the activity caused damage.

The California workers pay framework gives focal points to specialists who've been harmed in a mishap that happens out of and over the span of work regardless of deficiency. At the point when a sufferer is harmed at work in a gear mishap, they're qualified for these advantages. For example, if a specialist is in charge of illuminating apparatus issues yet neglected to do as such, they wouldn't be banished from recuperating benefits on the off chance that they endured wounds over the span of their work.
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The Linux Certified Engineers ensures the network of an organization is up to date and is secured on the Linux platform. IT professionals participate considerable time learning about server computing for everything from installation, configuration, maintenance and virtualization to application support, among other things.

Various IT professionals are working with and nearby Linux operating systems regularly, along with Windows and different UNIX OS brands as well.

Linux Certified engineers should monitor, tune, and update operating systems to provide the required functionality and security. Linux Engineers install new software releases, system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches and resolves software related problems. Engineers maintain data files and monitors system configuration to ensure data integrity.
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