Outschool, a newfangled education platform, offers various engaging group classes online for online education. It does not work like traditional classes, instead gives students a unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth using an interactive live session held by various experienced educators on the platform.

Outschool works on its mission of inspiring kids to love learning. They do this by providing them with innovative learning opportunities outside their traditional classrooms from the comfort of home.

With this strong vision and seed capital from Y Combinator and others in 2016, Nathoo and his team built this platform and launched it in 2017. Since then, more than 60 thousand students/ learners have attended classes on this platform.

As per the Forbes information of 2019, Outschool continues to expand and raised $8.5 million in Series A funding from Union Square Ventures and Reach Capital. From 2019 to 2020, there has been an incredible surge in online education platforms and is the result of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. During this time interval, Outschool saw a more than 2000% increase in their class bookings. In 2020, the company’s sales were around $54 million as compared to $6.5 million in 2018. The pandemic has turned out to be a profitable one for the platform as it has started making more than $100 million in annual run rate.

he Outschool Business Model has turned out to be very successful because of the unique idea and features that it provides. It grabs hold of the weakness that most of the online courses have, i.e., one-to-one interaction and passion-based learning feature, and then toiled hard on its model. Instead of offering generic online courses that most other platforms offer, Outschool (along with its teachers) focused on creating an immersive learning experience where students can follow their passion and have fun while learning. As already mentioned, the marketplace-based model made it capable of hosting so many courses on its platform and increased the chance that a student will be able to find something relatable and fruitful to enhance his/her passion for learning on the platform.

This platform is a life savior for the parents who cannot afford to send their children to schools. Students with wealthy parents can easily afford the studies along with extracurricular learning support. But these are inaccessible to poor ones. The ultimate mission of Outschool, according to Amir Nathoo, is to inspire kids to love learning. They are working to supplement local schooling with the taste of fun and social learning opportunities. These classes can effectively be used for after-school enrichment or for extra help in any particular subject.

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Do you have a business? Have you developed a particular website for your business? If not, then start developing it as soon as possible. Because nowadays any business without a professional website is considered as unprofessional. Having a website leads in so many benefits such as direct marketing, branding, offering information for 24 hours a day, online presence, a source of better communication, digital marketing, etc.

In this digital time, digital marketing is what everyone is pursuing. For this reason, businesses need to have a formal website. In the website, all companies can display particular important information like the home page, services page, about us page, company history page, terms and policy page, contact us page, etc.

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Udacity- The Beginning

The concept of Udacity grew out of the free computer classes that were offered in 2011 through Stanford University. These classes gave inspiration to Thrun and Peter (who were the instructor of the classes help at Stanford University at that time) to start up with their platform to provide online education. Udacity was then proclaimed at the 2012 Digital Life Design Conference. In 2012, the venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz showed a keen interest in this startup and led to an investment of $15 million in Udacity. Udacity was also funded by Charles River Ventures and around $200,000 was invested by Thrun himself out of his money.

In 2013, a year later, Thrun announced in a company article that Udacity is a lousy product and its service was to focus more on vocational courses for professionals and “nanodegrees”. The Udacity company creates its nanodegrees in cooperation with some other corporations and educational institutions.

Finally, in 2014, Udacity successfully gained 1.6 million users in their total 12 courses and 26 free coursewares. This was the first major milestone achieved by the company. In October 2017, Udacity along with Unity launched their “Learn ARkit” program whose aim was to help out developers in improving their AR application building skills. In that particular month, Google partnered with Udacity to launch a scholarship initiative for all aspiring Web and Android application developers.

How does Udacity work?

After exploring the Udacity Business model and revenue model in detail now it’s time to get started with the working procedure of the company to answer- “How does Udacity work?”. So, let’s get started.

Udacity, an online platform that provides educational courses to students and professionals for their development and professional enhancement. Most of the courses present on the platform have been created in collaboration with other leading companies, including Facebook, Google, educational institutions such as Standford University, and many other organizations and enterprises.

All these courses are delivered in Nanodegree format on this platform and these programs are composed of Capstone Project in the end to test the knowledge gained. The consumers who have used this platform say that most of the courses present here are based on the problems faced by the business world and that’s what makes the Udacity courses highly appropriate and practical. This feature ensures that learners use the certifications gained from the platform to switch their careers or gain a new position in the company.
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Business.com, our sister site, is home to product and service reviews as well as a thriving community of entrepreneurs and professionals.

In addition to comprehensive reviews that break down a wide range of necessary business products and services, users have access to the insights and personal experiences of each of the community members.

Foursquare is probably the most similar website to Yelp, with a few main differences. First, instead of allowing full-blown reviews of businesses, it restricts people to “Tips”, short 200-character pieces of advice about locations that may include an accompanying photo or link to more information. Second, ratings of businesses are determined by a more complex process, taking into account not only users’ answers to a series of questions about a business, but also how many times users visit or leave “Tips” about a business. Finally, Foursquare is able to recommend new businesses for you to try based not only on special keywords called “Tastes”, but also on things such as what places you’ve already visited, how highly you’ve rated certain businesses, and even what time of day it is where you are.

FinderMaster does offer its services similar to how Yelp offers its services. The map feature on FinderMaster makes your experience as great as it can be. This website figures out the user location and it displays the country that visitor is in right off the bat. This makes the user feel welcomed and it just makes the whole experience more pleasant.

They do offer the typical categories that business listing websites offer and yet again their website modern look and feel makes you want to spend more time on their site. If you’re a business owner, claiming or posting business can be done in minutes. Visit it now!

Urbanspoon is a regional tool that operates using a “spinner” method to help you find somewhere to eat. There are three factors involved – location, cuisine type, and price range – and you can “lock in” filters for more specific results. Results are ranked according to an algorithm that takes user votes into consideration.

Activating the spinner presents you with a relevant choice but if it’s unsatisfactory, you can keep spinning as many times as you want. All in all, it’s a great tool for making quick decisions when you’re just not sure what you want to eat.

Angie’s List
This website is also for both, the users as well as the owners. Let’s talk about users. In order to search for local vendors or service providers, they will need to sign up first. You can register for free using the green membership plan and start finding out about the review for local stores submitted by other users. Their team also works on eliminating anonyms reviews from the website making it a much better option than Yelp. You can also find product reviews in Angie’s list such as bathrooms, cabinet, and countertops, household items and many more.

And for owners and contributors, it is a complete package. They can find the required tools and a team to start working on their business exposure. And they can also seek job request through the website’s message center.

Yelp Clone is the one of the best consumer reviews sites to get the rid off from your unwanted qualms. Yelp Clone combines local reviews and social networking functionality to create a local online community for a wide range of customers to arrive together on one platform. Yelp Clone allows you to filter and monitor any unfriendly posts that are flagged by other users.
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Kahoot has made children’s learning at home an engaging task with the new and emerging game-based learning program. On buying the Kahoot!+ Family and premier, users get unlimited access to various award-winning learning apps such as Dragonbox and Poio. Along with all these, users can create their own bitmoji on the app just like Snapchat which makes studies and leaderboards much more fun and engaging.

Who are Kahoot’s investors
According to the investor details published, Kahoot is funded by a total of 9 number investors out of which, 3 are its leading investors including, SoftBank, Northzone, and Datum AS. It has raised total funding of $363.9 Million in 9 funding rounds.

The total Kahoot investors include Stefan Blom, Softbank, Northzone, Disney Accelerator, Datum AS, Microsoft, Creandum, and M12. The most recent investors at Kahoot are, Stefan Blom and Softbank.

Talking about the acquisitions, Kahoot has acquired 7 organizations until now. The most recent acquisition was Clever which the company acquired for $550M.

Kahoot for schools

This particular plan is for students and teachers to make learning and teaching easy and engaging. The features of this plan are:

Teachers assess prior knowledge, introduce new topics and students can preview the content
Content is easily accessible according to the topics which it easier for students to prepare for their tests.
Teachers can easily hold online classes live by connecting the Kahoot platform with Video conferencing Software such as Google meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams and send them quiz games during the class from the comfort of home.
Kahoot platform allows users/ especially teachers to create slides and combine them with various questions available to hold an interactive class.
Students can easily replay Kahoot games to improve their mistakes and recall the content.
Teachers can gain game reports from the platform to analyze the progress of the class.
The platform gives the facility of poll questions to get learner’s opinions and teachers can check their topic understanding.
There is an option to turn off the quiz timer by the creator so that the class can play anytime during the class or after the class.
Students can also create their own Kahoots which will help them in gaining in-depth understanding regarding the topics taught during the classes.
Playing Kahoot in team mode encourages collaboration, teamwork, and communication among the students which helps in the development of their professional and social skills.
Colleagues can be taught in a PD session.
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Vimeo is the video host of choice for creatives, professionals, and those looking for a high-quality, free service for hosting videos. Much like YouTube, the Vimeo player can embed into websites, and its sleek, easy to use interface is preferred by many.
You’ll find a wealth of free content to watch, including featured short films from around the world.

Dailymotion is the world’s second largest video sharing service based in France (as you’ve probably guessed it, YouTube is number one). It’s not even close to YouTube in terms of the scopes of content uploaded by users, but it’s a different service that has lots of unique content.

Metacafe is just like YouTube in many ways. It has the exclusives and original, as well as YouTube. A lot of TV networks partnered with Metacafe so that users can enjoy many categories of high-quality videos.


If you’re a fan of short videos for entertainment, then there’s no better place than 9Gag. Most of Twitter or Facebook users are already familiar with this site. It provides you with short videos, GIFs, memes, and images — mostly for pure entertainment purposes.

Veoh is one of the best YouTube alternatives that allow their users to upload and post videos with unlimited length. Veoh’s video player also can be embedded in any websites. There are great deal of full-length movie uploaded in Veoh.
Those are some list of popular video sharing websites other than YouTube. Every website has its own features and benefits. So choose one that fit your needs most.
If you’re willing to start your own online video streaming platform – you should go with youtube Clone which has customized features to let you roll with your own video streaming business.
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