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Name: Kulmohan Singh
From: United States
Birthday: 1 January 1991
About Me:
Director of Sales & Marketing at X-Byte Enterprise Solutions.
I have been a decade old technology evangelist, driven by a passion to inno
vate and create platforms and solutions that would make the tech sphere big
ger and better for mankind. Supporting tech ventures since 2008, I believe
learning and failing and learning should never stop.
Using technology differently rather than using different technologies has b
een the soul of managing one of the leading technology ventures in mobile a
nd cloud domain. X-Byte Enterprise Solutions; a company whose foundation li
es on expert intuition and accurate utilization of skills, helps its client
s with their tech needs, while effectively eliminating risks. We take care
of the nuts and bolts, every detail, so that the clients don't have to.

I enjoy cooking and eating what others cook. :)

I love networking and solving problems or adding value for anyone and every
one that I can. You can reach me at phone number or email address.

| Visit us:

| Phone: +1 (832) 251 7311

| Email: [email protected]

Register date: 12 March 2020
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