imageWhen I had been implementing a project on Yii framework, I got the task to make the registration and authorization of users through the different services (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

This task has two ways of solution:
• Using an authorization service, such as Loginza;
• Implementing an authorization of functions independently for each service.

Here are benefits to use the authorization service:
1. Simplicity and speed of installation;
2. There is no need to learn the details of authorization through each provider.

However, a self-authorization has other advantages:
1. Full control over the process of authorization: what we will write in the authorization window of provider, what information we will receive and so on;
2. Ability to change appearance of the authorization widget in compliance with a design of the website;
3. Ability to invoke methods of API when we authorize over OAuth, if the service provider provides them;
4. There is less dependency from the different services and it is more reliable.

I chose the second option, because I did not have the ready extensions for yii, and I was wondering how such authorization system looks like from the inside. It was part of a module to manage the users at first, but later this functional has been extracted in a separate extension, which can be used easily in any project.
Killer 13 december 2011, 14:37


It is logical to assume that after the spectacular success of the first Orange San Francisco should appear the next version of this smartphone. Now this happened: the second version of San Francisco has already been certified by Bluetooth. The smartphone will continue to make ZTE, and most likely this handset will be called ZTE Crescent outside the United Kingdom. Besides one photograph and the information that there will be Bluetooth as well became available the innovative features of the future smartphone.
Killer 23 november 2011, 13:40


I would like to share with you the story of one amusing dispute in PayPal. For those who do not know what means "debate", it is a situation where there was a misunderstanding between the buyer and seller, and PayPal becomes a mediator, trying to figure out who is right (in other words "who will get the money").
Killer 8 november 2011, 13:43

Let us learn how to scale your application without having any
Experience, it is very difficult. Now there are many websites that are devoted to these issues, unfortunately, there is no solution that is suitable for all cases. We still need to find solutions ourselves, which are suitable for our requirements. Just as I do.

Several years ago, my boss came to me and said: “We have a new project for you, namely to transfer a website, which already has 1 million visitors per a month. You need to move this website and make sure that traffic could grow in the future without any problems”. I was already an experienced programmer, but I did not have any experience in the field of scalability. I had to learn scalability in the hard way.
Killer 2 november 2011, 14:55


It seems that presently Google has a very productive period. There are released new products, and old products have been undergoing through upgrading in the form of new features and design elements. E-mail service is not an exception, now it is planed its significant update, despite the fact that new Gmail has not been presented yet, however, we can see how it will look like after the redesign. The developers have posted a video introducing the all new Gmail on an official Google’s YouTube Channel.
Killer 22 october 2011, 15:20

The study of data recovery method from accidentally deleted database of MySQL.

Testing environment

Here are CentOS 5.6 x86_64 and mysql 5.0.77
There was created testing database with a couple of tables as MyISAM and InnoDB, as well as a couple of stored procedures to test their recovery:

USE prod;
v VARCHAR (50)
Tags: backups, Mysql
Killer 7 october 2011, 16:43

The CSS syntax is simple, and in order to understand it is not necessary to have a doctorate degree in the field of IT. However, this is one of the few popular languages, which is not logical. Unlike other web programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP, the problems are not solved by the usual logic in the CSS. Algorithms such as “if X, then do Y, otherwise do Z” or “select all Y, then make with them X” cannot be implemented in a language like the CSS. This language created for the mounting, a language for designers, rather than developers. Some of the most experienced programmers spent a lot of effort in order to learn the CSS.

Learning of CSS begins with the classes and ID, as well as the use of. and # for the direct indication of elements. This is enough to build the fully functional website, but it is not enough flexible solution in the case of a complete change of design. Let us take a look on an alternative approach to control such elements that hard to reach.

Adjacent sibling combinator

Let us start with the selector, which is handy in the difficult situations. The adjacent sibling combinator is indicated by a combination of two elements with a symbol +:

h1 + p
Tags: Css, html
Killer 23 september 2011, 15:49

imageThere is a very interesting book “The Psychology of persuasion” on the practical psychology that is written by Robert Cialdini.

Despite the fact that this book is devoted to the use of knowledge about the psychology of human behavior in the society, so many moments reflect the relations that arise between the seller and the buyer in this book.

On the first pages are given some examples of successful and effective management of customers and their buying behavior.
The book carries away a reader. In order to understand the essence of the article, let us read two brief stories from the author.

№ 1
My neighbor is a jeweler; he is the owner of antique jewelry store. Once he told me like his own experience convinced him that is existence of the stereotype “expensive = good”. One of his friends was looking for a wedding gift for his bride. The jeweler just had a beautiful necklace for $ 500 that he was ready to let his friend have for $ 250. As a friend saw the necklace, he was delighted and wanted to buy it. But when he found out that the necklace was worth $ 250, he immediately became sad and began haltingly to refuse, explaining that he was looking for his bride “something really worthwhile”.
Killer 17 september 2011, 11:30
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