As in other MMOs, players will start by creating characters, although the number of unfamiliar faces and hairstyles in the new world is relatively small. Then they will choose their own name, and then they can set off. Nothing is deeper or more complicated than this, and there are no additional races or professions to choose from at the beginning. If they want to keep it simple, that’s great, but it certainly won’t provide customization options that almost all MMO fans may be familiar with. And players also need to prepare some New World Coins.

Once on the island, players will be introduced to battle and basic missions. In either case, expect nothing groundbreaking. When they talk to NPCs with quests, they will get a preview of a page of dialogue and quest rewards, which in practice feels as deep as any interaction fans might have in World of Warcraft or Destiny 2. But at least these dialogues are decent dubbing.

People have not yet decided whether they think New World battle will last for a long time. It does not differ from other RPGs, although it does often allow players to block, dodge, and break opponents’ defenses to make a difference. The swing of the weapon is also very good. Your location and timing have a major impact on your combat efficiency, although once you activate a skill, it will lock you in the animation. If you don’t schedule attacks, dodges, and blocks at the right time, this can make the battle feel stiff.

Therefore, if players want their battles to be smoother and more exciting, they can consult IGGM staff to get the best game strategy and buy the cheapest New World Coins to help them get the loot. Come on, brothers!

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New World is officially available today! As a super large MMORPG game, its pirate theme differs from your usual fantasy environment. With more attention to PVP, players may need to buy more New World Coins to upgrade quickly to match your competitors.

There are three different upgrade systems in Amazon New World, one for increasing your basic character statistics, one for your weapon skills, and one for trading skills. Everyone has the best way to rank quickly, but knowing how to do it without help can be tricky.

While you are waiting for the new world release date to arrive, or if you plan to play the public beta, IGGM is here to help you. Players can visit IGGM to see all the ways how to get XP to upgrade characters, trading skills and weapon skills. Doing so will allow you to explore MMO’s first raid faster.

Whenever players level up, they can put a point into one of the five attributes. This means that everyone can spend 71 points through the upgrade. Fair items will also give points when players wear or brandish them. In addition, there are item slots where they can place jewelry to further increase the character’s attribute statistics.

If players need more strength to help them achieve greater goals, then they can directly purchase many cheap New World Coins from IGGM to achieve this. Now everyone has to wait patiently and prepare actively! Come on!

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CSCCA 29 september 2021, 1:18

The years of Amazon gaming have been difficult. Although established in 2014, the studio only released one PC game (Crucible), and the company’s production budget seems to be supported by the resources of its parent company. Now, the first full version of the studio has finally arrived. This is a MMORPG called New World focused on production and PvP. As an MMO, New World, priced at $39.99, relies heavily on its full-map PvP and faction wars to fill the void left by its monotonous mission structure and flat story.

Fortunately, the New World battles represent some of the best moves we have seen in the genre, making ordinary tasks more attractive and challenging. New World did better than any other MMO before it, but it also found itself stuck in about 12 other puzzling design decisions that came directly from 2002. As a publisher, the legality of Amazon’s games has been questioned from the beginning. The wider gaming crowd sees it as another tool in the long-term that Jeff Bezos believes he can use to buy profitable parts of the economy. Of course, true innovation is not so easy to buy. This is the lesson that Amazon Games has learned from Crucible’s failure. They ridiculed it as a dull, formulaic shooter, adding nothing new or exciting to the genre. Now Amazon Games Orange County hopes to change this statement and develop an MMO that contains many new ideas about how combat and PvP should work in this genre.

However, combat is only one of many aspects that determine the success of such games. It is the sum of all the different parts working in a wonderful concert, thus creating a once-in-a-lifetime MMO, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft. Heroic attempts like Wildstar learned from the painful lessons.

If players hope to get outstanding achievements in the upcoming New World, it is very necessary and helpful to purchase sufficient New World Coins in advance. I wish them a pleasant gaming experience!
CSCCA 28 september 2021, 1:07

Classless combat has its perks. New World will employ a classless combat system, meaning you won’t have to spend hours at the beginning of the game choosing which combat style to commit to. The downside to this is something called weapon scaling. This is the system that determines your proficiency with various weapons, and it’s a little more complicated than just throwing points into strength to swing your sword harder.

Weapon Scaling is the idea that you can improve your proficiency with weapons by increasing your attribute points. The catch is that you can improve this proficiency by increasing a main and sub-attribute. Take the humble sword as an example. Its primary attribute is Strength meaning that you can do more damage with a sword as you increase your strength stat. Its sub-attribute is Dexterity, meaning and you also increase the damage (at a much lower rate) by increasing your dexterity.

The sword is much brighter in the Strength category because this is the primary stat. Not every weapon has a sub-attribute, like the Bow, meaning you can only improve proficiency one way, through Dexterity. Weapon Scaling matters because you will only have New World Coins to limited attribute points across each character you have in New World. You can earn 190 attribute points by leveling a character to the current max of 60.

This includes the 5 base points per attribute you start with. Once you reach level 20, re-specing points cost coins, meaning it’s costly to make mistakes. You also have to consider that you may need to improve attributes for reasons other than just combat. It’s maintaining this thing balance that. In the end, while you aren’t committing to a class, you need to have a good idea of how you plan to proceed through the game. This way, you can properly plan how to spend your attributes throughout the game.

Please keep in mind that if players encounter obstacles in the future development of New World, or hope that the strength of the characters can be improved, then they can solve their problems through IGGM to buy New World Coins and learn more guides.
CSCCA 27 september 2021, 0:58

Several sources stated that during the New World Beta, the market value of secondary holding runes was approximately 500 New World Coins. This is twice the number of coins the players initially spent to purchase those rare items. The idea is to buy Minor Rune of Holdings, put them on the trading station for sale, and then accept some faction missions while waiting for the runes to be sold. The price of Perseverance Runes of higher faction levels is much higher, but it takes more time to get faction tokens.

Because the economy in MMORPG games is constantly changing, New World players should also pay attention to earning as much New World Coins as possible. They can often check resource prices at the trading station and then record which resources are most suitable. Fortunately, players don’t even need to visit each town to find out the price of resources, because the drop-down tab in the upper right corner of the trading station screen allows them to compare prices in different towns. In addition, some resources may sell for more than other resources in one settlement, so if players have many of these items, they can put them in the trading station and make money quickly and easily.

In order to get the most ideal resources, players need to spend some time collecting items to improve their trading skills. They can check the New World leveling guide provided by IGGM to learn how to do this effectively. If the player looks at the map and selects the resource location, they will get a table showing the location of some materials. If you can, try to equip tools and bags with perks, as they can help accumulate experience, reduce the weight of resources, and so on.

When players devote more time to upgrade these trade skills, please pay attention to the trade posts in each town to see which resources sell for the highest price. If they do not have enough New World Coins to purchase those resources, they can also buy the safest and cheapest New World Coins from IGGM so that they can quickly reach their goals.
CSCCA 24 september 2021, 0:53

Besides the regular skills that are bound to keys, Bless Unleashed players can also use the left and right mouse buttons to customize key settings. For example, if a player is using a wizard they can quickly use their custom buttons to teleport to the enemy, and then release a large-scale spell attack to defeat the opponent in a thunderous posture to get rich loot and Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

After the beginners have played for a while, they will find that they have gained much more abilities than they can use. In this way, players can use their favorite abilities and focus on upgrading these abilities to accumulate the strength of their characters. After they unlock different blessings, you can further customize your game style by passively enhancing certain skills. For example, whenever I hit an enemy with Frost Nova, my mage’s wolf mark blessing adds a destructive blizzard effect.

They can dodge every profession, which is strange at first glance. Although I know you need to avoid the upcoming attack, it seems strange to see a priest rolling on the battlefield. But it does work, and the beauty of this type of battle is that you don’t have to rely on defensive data to stay alive-you will be hit because you didn’t move in time, not because you didn’t accumulate enough dodge or parry.

Besides the usual “kill X Y” objectives, some historic missions also allow you to deal with powerful enemies, and you often find yourself one of many players trying to knock them down. When you are out exploring, there are also world bosses to solve, and there seems to be no shortage of players ready to help.

Players who need more strength can pay attention to IGGM to buy more cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to help them achieve their goals, achieve great achievements as soon as possible and enjoy a perfect game experience. Just do it!

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The new MMORPG Bless Unleashed is one of the more difficult open world games for beginners to master. It was released on PC not long ago. Compared with other games, it has a steeper learning curve. Although this means that the system and mechanics of the game are complicated, it may frustrate new players because they may end up blindly wasting time and Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Therefore, it is best for them to speed up through some beginner tips and tricks. After all, Bless Unleashed is a competitive game. The later stages of the game are full of players competing for power and hegemony, which means that the entire environment can be quite harsh and barbaric.

First, if players want to make progress in the game, they need to know which metric to meet. These will be level XP and skill XP. This is a rather old-fashioned leveling method, provided by many Korean MMOs that appeared before Bless Unleashed. Level XP is the progress the player gets from killing monsters and performing some tasks. Skill XP is gained by them repeatedly using skills, allowing them to better upgrade their abilities. Now, which is more important? That would be the latter, because level XP does not have much effect on the lethality of the game.

If the player is a novice and wants to browse the storyline to get to the final stage, then they will disappoint. This mentality is currently a bad idea in Bless Unleashed. Fast completion of the main task and many other XP-rewarding tasks usually result in low-skilled XP gains. This may cause high levels but weak capabilities. This is a great way to destroy characters in Bless Unleashed. So players will want to keep everything in balance, or focus on honing their skills XP first. Make sure to always perform area tasks, as these tasks will provide good skill XP.

If players don’t want to spend their time on learning these guides, but want to become stronger as soon as possible, then they use IGGM to buy many cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, and follow the practical game guides they provide. In this way, that is Can quickly increase strength. Try it!

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For current Bless Unleashed players, the temporary unavailability of Accounts Duping Items may be a disadvantage. However, the developer strongly recommends that players try not to exploit the loopholes in Bless Unleashed, otherwise their accounts will be suspended or even banned. This is exactly what happened to some Bless Unleashed players who took advantage of item deception vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is best for them to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds or upgrade items formally.

The game team posted a Xbox server issue on Twitter, causing some packages to be deceived by players. This includes premium items and Lumena. The developers acted quickly to suspend the actions of the offending players. They explained that this behavior is not Bless Unleashed’s gameplay, so they temporarily suspended accounts that contained unfairly got duplicate items. The team has now lifted the ban on these accounts, except about 20 accounts. These problematic accounts took advantage of this vulnerability in a way that prevented developers from lifting the ban.

They may need to purchase Lumena to compensate for the amount they spent without purchasing, so that their account will get rid of the state they owe Lumena to the system. Just recently, the studio announced that Bless Unleashed had over 1 million downloads on Steam. It achieved this milestone only 10 days after they released Bless Unleashed on PC on August 6. Such high popularity and honor, Bless Unleashed matched it. Developers need to consider to how to improve the playability of the game to keep players loyal to it for a long time.

In addition, those who play normal games do not have to worry about this ban. If the existing results can no longer satisfy their strong ambition, then they can purchase more Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from IGGM to pursue better achievements. Come on!

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Bless Unleashed is like other large MMORPGs, optimization issues come as with the package deal. While the game performs better compared to older MMORPGs and has better graphics overall, the system requirements are a little too steep. Some players even report having to turn their graphical settings to “low” with hardware such as Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580. For a game with graphics such as Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, that’s too demanding. There are better-looking games that run on the same hardware more smoothly. 

The user interface for Bless Unleashed, coming originally from a console release, makes it rigid on the PC version. It’s a console port and plenty of console elements have been ported over. The most notable of these are buttons and control schemes more suited for controllers. These can be radial menus, odd mapping, or lack of more button options. Over time, this issue can fix gradually. It’s not really that detrimental to gameplay but can function more than obstacles. At its worst, the console-based UI can be a frustrating hurdle, especially for players in a hurry.

As mentioned earlier, the game offers players some PvP immunity scrolls in the in-game cash shop. Since PvP is mandatory after a certain threshold, players can see this cash shop commodity as aggressive peddling. That’s not where the aggressive cash shop items end. There are tons of other materials and boosters that cater to player progression. There are around 10 tabs in the microtransactions shop and plenty of the items being sold there for real money can give the players an enormous advantage. Since PvP is mandatory after a certain level, then anyone who has money to spare can get ahead of others in open-world PvP.

Neowiz Games urgently needed these problems. And avid BU players are also actively purchasing Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from IGGM to continue to support their subsequent game activities and promote the strength of individual characters. I wish them a good time!
CSCCA 25 august 2021, 0:48

Since Bless Unleashed came out, its ills have always condemned the game. Many people play Bless Unleashed the way they usually play MMORPG and purchase many Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, but the experience it brings to players is polarized, which also leads to the similar ratings given to it on Steam. 50/50 positive and negative split. As far as Steam reviews are concerned, this does not look optimistic.

What certainly doesn’t help improve Bless Unleashed’s status on Steam is the large number of issues it left over from the console version. It prevents the occurrence of a release that could have been smooth and generally pleasant. Some of these problems have simple solutions, while they root others in the core system of the game, all of which prevent Bless Unleashed from becoming a happy experience.

One of the most common complaints about Blessed Unleashed is that after players reach level 30, the mandatory PvP flag goes on. That means anyone can just about kill anyone, essentially providing a breeding ground for griefers. This is also present in other games such as Black Desert Online. But even there, the penalties are appropriate and can dissuade ill-mannered players. There is an option to turn the PvP off, but that only shuts down a player’s capacity to kill someone, not to be killed. The safest solution is by purchasing PvP immunity scrolls in the microtransactions shop in-game. That one has a limited time and the cost can easily add up.

However, for the avid fans of Bless Unleashed, they don’t care about these seemingly very problematic, but will buy more Bless Unleashed Seeds and Bless Unleashed Boosting and Power Leveling to promote their development faster. Wait patiently for the game team’s solution.

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