Name: Asset Infinity
From: India, Delhi
Birthday: 1 January 2000
About Me:
Asset Infinity is one of the leading asset tracking and management software
widely used in various industries by a multitude of brands. It is an asset
management software, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services with 99.
9% of uptime guaranteed. Asset Infinity facilitates you with asset tracking
, inventory management, preventive maintenance, complaints/ticketing/breakd
own maintenance, depreciation management, resource allocation management, a
nd user management to replace old spreadsheets with a new experience of cus
tomized asset tracking software. The tracking of assets with Asset Infinity
has become easier than before with barcodes, RFID, NFC, and geographic loc
ation to leave an asset trail behind and streamline the auditing processes.
Web: https://www.assetinfinity.com
Register date: 6 February 2021
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