The home is the castle, and as such it should be a place of comfort and respite. All of its rooms should be furnished to maximize their beauty, and the bathroom is no different.
Angela 9 july 2020, 9:50

Protecting the most vulnerable populations of California is a major priority for Dr. Faustino Bernadett, a retired Long Beach CA physician.
Angela 9 july 2020, 7:02

Working with a remote team can be a dream or a nightmare. Over the past few weeks and months many of us have had both experiences. Whilst working with a remote team, when planned, can bring many benefits and accelerate your business growth, if it’s not planned then it can wreak havoc.
Angela 6 july 2020, 8:46

Feedback is a process that requires constant attention.Bring out the best in your teams through regular feedbacks. EmpFeedback just lets you do it with a lot of ease.It’s as fast and easy as making Espresso from your coffee machine! Connect with us today!
Angela 29 june 2020, 10:05

As a retired physician, Dr. Faustino Bernadett knows better than many the importance of protecting oneself and others during a public health crisis. He retired long before COVID-19 hit, but has worked through other health emergencies before and knows the protocol.
Angela 26 june 2020, 14:38

Dr. Faustino Bernadett, a retired Long Beach CA physician, has been very busy during COVID-19 ensuring that kids have access to the learning materials they need to thrive.
Angela 26 june 2020, 9:43

Last May, Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino partnered for the second year in a row with the Molina Foundation to present the 2019 Summer Book Fest and Resource Fair.
Angela 22 june 2020, 7:01

In honor of World Book Day, it’s never been a better time to discuss the importance of reading in early childhood. Dr. Faustino Bernadett recognized this importance early on and subsequently dedicated his life to fostering a love of reading in small children.
Angela 18 june 2020, 8:11

COVID-19 has hit every business in a unique way, meaning that we’re all having to look at rebuilding our company culture. For many, the lack of work has meant that they have had to let go of staff or place them on furlough so as to cut costs and for others they have been running the business on a remote basis.
Angela 18 june 2020, 5:21

The current climate has left many businesses feeling a little lost. With some having to let go of valuable staff members to stay afloat, whilst others are seeing less productivity due to motivational blocks, there’s no doubt that the current climate has created some skills gaps.
Angela 12 june 2020, 5:19
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