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Before we plunge into it ask yourself: what number hours of your day are devoured by exercises identified with the every day regulatory administration of your organization? How long of your workday is spent following, checking, and executing undertakings that could be mechanized and performed by your staff?
Unquestionably, the everyday exercises in running an organization burn-through a great deal of time, energy, and consideration, which could be better utilized in the execution of key, instead of operational, errands.

The Management System Integrates All Areas
Merged View of Activities and Facilities Utilization Rates
Key Advantages for Your Business calls attention to the fundamental advantages this kind of framework can bring to your business.
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Rockman Advanced Composites is an AS9100D certified Indo-British enterprise that deals in carbon fiber composites such as high-end electric vehicle composites, motorbike composites, aerospace composites, Defence composites, railway & marine composites, and more commercial application composites since 4 decades such as Carbon fiber parts, Advanced Composites & Carbon fiber sheets, Carbon fiber tube...The auto component industry manufactures a wide variety of products including engine parts, drive transmission and steering parts, alloy wheels, body & chassis, suspension & braking parts, Chain kits, equipment & electrical parts, among others. The company also has been conducting its business in more than 35 countries. It aims to achieve its vision to strengthen the focus on mobility, technology, and creating a global footprint, with Hero MotoCorp. Rockman Advanced composites industry, or Advanced composite materials industry, is characterized by the use of expensive, high-performance resin systems and high-strength, high-stiffness fiber reinforcement.

The company also has been conducting its business in more than 35 countries. It aims to achieve its vision to strengthen the focus on mobility, technology, and creating a global footprint, with Hero MotoCorp, the group’s flagship company and a world leader in motorcycles participating shoulder to shoulder in the growth of the country by providing mobility to millions of people of India.
rockmanac 4 october 2021, 4:19

Docker has quickly become an essential platform for application containerization. By empowering developers to rapidly deploy apps and host them in the cloud, Docker has simplified the dev cycle by expediting the process of building scalable, modern applications.

Docker Compose
Docker Compose is a powerful tool for “code-to-cloud” development. It allows developers to define how to retrieve, build and run multiple containers simultaneously, all defined within a single YAML file (docker-compose.yaml). Let’s check out some cases where Compose can simplify app development.

Compose For Local Development
Containers accelerate development by eliminating the need to install and manage dependencies locally. This allows for a “plug and play” approach to the dev cycle — applications can run on any major OS (including cloud hosts), as they come prepackaged with everything they need to run independently. All developers need to install is Docker.

Docker Compose takes the convenience of containers one step further, by streamlining each service’s building and runtime config into a single process. With Compose, it’s as simple as:

- Define how to build your app’s services with a Dockerfile
- Define how to run your app’s services in the docker-compose.yaml
- Build and run your app with docker-compose up

Compose also allows devs to configure mount volumes (basically directories where data persists) and port mappings (to forward local traffic to the containers).

Compose For Automated Testing
Most modern software development uses the trunk-based model, involving small, frequent changes to a codebase and automated post-commit tests.

As microservices become more common, applications consist of more integrations than ever before. This calls for continuous testing with every new commit, which can become time and resource intensive.

Unit-testing with Compose is pretty straightforward, while integration and end-to-end (E2E) testing tend to be more complex. These types of automated testing require a number of services, which often need to be modified in order to replicate a production environment.

Many of the features that make Compose stand out for local development are also useful for automated testing. Compose can quickly and efficiently spin up and configure full-stack environments for automated testing (which your DevOps engineers appreciate). This allows for executing tests in a reliable and repeatable manner.

Compose is also valuable for testing database integrations. Because containers are ephemeral by nature, we can choose to start with a fresh full database each test, with the option to easily seed it with the same data. This eliminates the possibility of remnant or corrupt data causing false positives/negatives.

In most cases, the same Compose file can be used for both local development and remote testing environments. But if there are differences in how the environments run, you can put the few changes you need in a second Compose file and override the general Compose file like so:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.test.yml up -d

Compose For Cloud Deployments
Compose is a format that is being adopted natively by clouds as a valid format to define your application. In particular, Shipyard supports Compose as a first-class citizen. With just the single Compose file, users get ephemeral environments for all their pull requests, and one-click deploys to more long-lived QA, staging, and production environments!

Docker Compose is an essential tool for container development and deployment. Check out the Compose file reference and guide for a full tour of features. And check out our starter repos at for examples of containerizing modern frameworks.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your deployments!
Holly 28 september 2021, 21:24


Is your website receiving a high bounce rate or your website is unable to rank in Google? Then you need a UX UI company. User experience is a basic yet important factor for your website.

If you want to rank your website, you need to make an impression on your visitors whenever they come to your site. You can do this by making your website user friendly, easy to see and use, simple interface and easy navigation or call to action features.

Top ui ux design company know how to make a user-friendly website that is easy to use and have the ability to attract visitors.

Why you need a UX UI company?

UX (User Experience) is a very important aspect of any website. If any visitor experience a poor response from the website then they’ll leave early which increases the bounce rate of a website. A higher bounce rate leads to a lower search engine ranking of a website.

We know that the first impression is the last impression. So if your website has a bad user experience then chances of revisiting your website are very very less. Good user experience makes users revisit your website. A ux design company helps you to create an efficient and quality web design that will encourage users to revisit your website.

Know your company

Any professional design company will research your company. The niche of your company, your brand value and your targeting audience. You need to give them the information with details.
They will ask you about your services and the products you offer to your visitors. They’ll research your niche and your audience. Then use different strategies related to your user base.

After researching and collecting information about your audience and brand, a UX UI design company will decide strategies and elements that need to implement into your website.

Testing and Tracking

You need to see and track how user interacting with your pages on your website and they can use all features of your website. Tracking and testing of visitors interact with your websites and web pages are very important.

By using these pieces of information, web designers can better understand your users as well as your website. Various techniques are used for user testing and tracking.

A/B testing is one the best and basic techniques that web design company use. By using A/B testing they can analyse that how different webpages and components or elements of your website are reacting whenever users visit your website.

Factors you should consider before selecting any UX UI design company:-

1. Firstly decide your budget. Based on your budget, find web design companies and check or ask them about their price range for your project. Based on that you can compare multiple companies and then select the best one for you.

2. Visit their website and check their portfolios. Read their portfolios carefully before hiring a design company. Most of the companies have posted their portfolio on their websites. Check their previous work experiences and projects they have worked on.

3. Ask for a quote and make sure that there will be no hidden cost. If you have some doubt then ask and discuss freely with design company or designer. Tell what you expect from them to deliver very clearly.

4. Location is a very important factor for some designers. It depends on you that you want to deal with any UX UI company through online or offline mode. If you looking for a company that you can meet them in person then you should search local web design companies.


So the conclusion is that if you want a better reach for your websites then you have to make your website user friendly with an excellent user experience. And for a better user experience, you need a UX UI company. Give a brief about your project and your expectations and then do nothing. All the work will be done by them and you will surely get good results.
patrickkjames 24 september 2021, 13:03

Too many options
Yes, this space is more crowded than ever before. It’s easy to get lost with most tools talking about “fancy” capabilities but failing to get the basics right. The success rate from test automation still remains way below expectations. It is important that a tool is capable of handling the complexities of a modern application landscape and at the same time, help you build sustainable and low-maintenance automation.

Here is a simple framework you can use to help you maximize the value of your time and focus on the critical aspects you expect from the tool.

Narrow your list down
Sometimes when doing comparisons, it’s easier to strike out some options based on obvious factors and work with a shorter list. It helps maximize your time on trial and evaluation and really ensure it works for your business and app landscape.

Easy to get mislead by traditional “record and play”. It’s marketed and comes across as magically fast, this technology is a decade older. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. The link to the blog goes into more details of why record & play just doesn’t work in the real world.
Stay away from tools whose core expertise is not automation, like model-based testing tools that “integrate” with automation tools. Or tools that started out as desktop application testing tools and added capability for web and API.
If the automation tool does not offer core functionality such as managing automation assets, reporting, and tracking, and service automation – don’t waste your time. And don’t get into the “integration” trap. Core functionality should be native and easy to achieve in a simple manner. Breaking the core lifecycle of automation into multiple tools only brings inefficiencies.
Codeless automation tools can be challenging. Moving all the test logic into some invisible executable is not really helping the purpose. Tools that drive test logic from excel spreadsheets suffer from obvious shortcomings.
Stay away from the tools that claim to do everything under the sky. For example, performance testing is better handled by a specialist tool.

Capability assessment framework
This framework will help you score on capabilities that are critical to making automation fast and sustainable. To start with just a simple Yes/No checklist could go a long way to ensure a 360° evaluation. The capabilities are divided into technical-functional, accessibility, adoption and the ROI to do benefit analysis.

Technical & Functional

Business process focused
Automated test design
Reusability / Modularity – Need of custom frameworks
Robust element identification
Seamless Data-driven testing
Test asset management & inbuilt traceability
Change Impact management & Automated Change management
Execution tracking and cycle management
Service and API automation


Ease of use for the broader test and project teams
Centralized access to test automation assets
Ability to execute tests and analyze results at a functional level
Ability to set up governance


Easy to adopt
Need of specific programming skills and resource dependency

Vendor locking
Hidden costs (like execution agents, add-on modules, protocols, accelerators costs, maintenance and support add-on costs..)


What are the key components to analyze ROI? There are many things here, but I am only listing the ones that are the usual suspects. They are very basic, but these are critical to automation that can give you returns on your investment.

Need for framework development
Element setup
Data definitions
Runtime & executions
Change Management

Get the most from your trial and evaluation
It’s tough with our day jobs to give time and energy to evaluating a new tool. Here are some quick tips to help you thru the process:

Don’t get caught up by exception use cases. Consider what serves 80% of your Automation needs
Carefully observe the learning curve
Emulate situations for future change adaption and maintenance
Consider how easy/difficult will it be to move away if needed in future
Review pricing model for hidden add-on costs. You want to make sure ink does not cost more than a printer!

If I had to really pick the Top-5 things, here are critical ones that you shouldn’t compromise on:

Ability to automate UI and API simply and in the same flow.
A tool that could potentially handle the complexities of today’s technology stack and robust element handling without any custom framework and programming overhead
Something that can keep up with the continuous nature of changes and where maintenance doesn’t kill the ROI and outcome is more sustainable
Don’t get locked into automation assets that would be proprietary to a specific tool
An automation tool that’s simple to adopt and has test management, reporting, and CI integrations built-in.
If you are thinking about going with or sticking to selenium, this is a comprehensive summary of how you can potentially leverage all the power of selenium without any of its framework and programming overheads

Do check out how ACCELQ scores and compares and sign up for a trial to experience the difference.

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Are you searching for a Snoqualmie photographer ? Are you confused about how to choose the best one for your photoshoot? Getting a photoshoot done is always special. We keep looking back to those photos for all our lives because they have been clicked by a photographer. Therefore, the photographer that we choose should have the potential of clicking perfect pictures. Finding the best photographer can be a daunting task since it involves looking at the work of so many photographers.

But there is no need to worry because we have got your back. To help you find the right photographer for your photoshoot, we have listed down few tips on how to choose the best photographer.

1. The best tip would be to fix a meeting with your potential photographer. You can discuss your vision for the photoshoot and check if they have done any similar work in the past. If you like their work and are happy with their prices, you can go ahead and hire them.
shutterbabesnapshots 20 august 2021, 6:01

The coronavirus outbreak in late 2019 shocked the entire planet then. Moreover, it continues influencing all fields of private and social interaction between people, makes businesses, state institutes, and governments change regular approaches towards multiple problems. As a result, the world went remote.
Is it good? In some ways, yes. Most probably, you can work from home or stay there for long. But even if you dreamed about moving your workplace home from your office a lot in the past, sitting still inside those concrete blocks for over a year so far is already boring. Do you agree?
If yes, then you might consider the opportunity to go camping. It’s absolutely cool to go to a place with a nice view, set a roof top tent on your car, enjoy nature, and rest from city routine. However, isolation and quarantine restrictions applying worldwide might get you confused: is it allowed to camp in Australia nowadays?
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Do you know mobile app development and designing are two different things?

If not, remember your mobile app is designed and developed by two different teams where mobile app developers handle all the coding and technical requirements. On the contrary, the designing team manages tasks like research, user experience design, interfaces design, and so on.

That’s means you have to hire remote app designers and developers separately to build a dynamic app. And, obviously, you also have to set a separate budget for mobile app designing and development.
Cloudlabs247 2 august 2021, 13:00

The National Educational Policy (2020) aims to revolutionize the perception of higher education and diverge from the narrow confines of one dimensional approach of a specialized study. The concept of ‘Liberal Education’ corresponds to the ancient pedagogical designs practiced in the heralded Universities of Taksila and Nalanda. It is a comprehensive scheme of versatile courses ranging from rhetoric and logic to astronomy reflecting the strategic and all-encompassing development of an individual.

The macaulayian system of education coupled with Nehruvian emphasis on technical education contributed to the emergence of a generation solely interested in gaining technical expertise with no concern of nurturing the creative faculty, a crucial factor that shapes the innovative spirit. The consequence of mere stress on the mechanical knowledge has produced a legion of technical graduates without employability and transferable skills creating a greater problem of unemployability in our nation.
adypu 19 july 2021, 13:09

If you are looking for ways to make your house look expensive on a budget then try out wallpaper installation. Wallpaper is an easy and economical way to spruce up your home. When you walk into a wallpaper store in Perth, you have so many design varieties to choose from. There is plenty of room to experiment, for example,you can go for interesting prints and mosaic designs or keep it subtle and pastel. The options are endless and when you walk into a room with the cohesively fitting wallpaper, you instantly know that it is custom to the owner and the details have been thought through.

If you’re looking to give your house a makeover on a budget, we have found just the right wallpaper supply and installation store in Melbourne.

Déco&Co. provide high-quality and hassle-free wallpaper installation, thanks to their dedicated and professional team.

Their team assists you, every step of the way. They will help you in choosing the right colour and texture suiting your taste and budget, and also tell you how to care for the wallpaper post-installation. This is why Deco & Co. are a go to wallpaper store in Brisbane.

Whatever your wallpaper type be, simple, delicate or demanding, they have all the equipment and personnel to install it with finesse.

They offer the following styles:

• Custom Handcrafted Wallpaper

• Fabric Wallpaper Like Silk and Linen

• Metallic Wallpaper

• Digital and Vinyl Prints

• Textured Wallpaper

• Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

• Natural Fibre Cloth Wallpaper

• Grass-Style Wallpaper

You can choose a wallpaper design that complements the interior of your house the best. Oftentimes, people don’t know what to do with their plain white and gray walls and they stuff it with paintings and artworks. Too much of that can make your house look like a cluttered mess. Better invest in buying and installing the textured or metallic wallpaper and give a budget makeover to your living space with Déco&Co.

They supply a wide variety of custom wallpaper from all the leading wallpaper designers and manufacturers. In this way, you get a lot of choices and only industry-standard high quality wallpaper.

They understand that a lot of choices can be overwhelming, which is why, they offer a free home or office consultation with their specialist so you can narrow down your options and make the right choice. It is without a doubt the best wallpaper store in Adelaide and Australia wide.

For more information, visit

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