Loan against property (mortgage loan) is an attractive loan option where the loan is provided against an existing property by using it as collateral. The loan amount can be up to 60% of the property value at nominal interest rates.

What are mortgage loans? (Loans against Property)

Mortgage loans are most commonly referred to as loans against property in India. It can be availed by both salaried and self-employed individuals to fulfil various personal or business-related needs. As the name suggests, this loan requires the mortgaging of property. In simple terms, a mortgage loan is available by pledging one’s property.
Mortgage loans are generally available at interest rates ranging from 8.15% to 11.80% p.a. The amount of loan one can avail is normally up to 60% of the registered value of the property. Some banks offer up to Rs.10 crores in mortgage loans provided certain pre-conditions are met. The maximum repayment tenure for mortgage loans is generally around 15 years.
Popular Mortgage Loan Providers in India.

Let’s look at some of the top mortgage loan providers in India.


Key features of mortgage loan offered by HDFC Bank are:
This loan comes in two variants namely, adjustable-rate home loan and TRUFIXED home loan.
A borrower can mortgage commercial or residential properties to avail of this loan.
HDFC bank offers mortgage loans against freehold and fully constructed commercial or residential properties.
The loan can be borrowed by salaried or self-employed individuals.
Application for this loan can either be made individually or jointly along with a co-applicant.
Repayments must be made on a monthly basis for a tenure of up to 15 years.
For an existing HDFC customer, 60% of the property’s market value is taken as the maximum margin.
New HDFC customers can have a maximum margin of 50% of the property’s value.
The bank offers mortgage loans with hassle-free documentation and minimal formalities. The bank also ensures quick disbursal of the loan.


Key features of mortgage loan offered by ICICI Bank are:
To avail ICICI bank’s mortgage loan, you can set aside commercial or residential properties as a mortgage.
This loan is available for personal as well as business needs including business expansion, working capital needs, etc.
90% of this loan can be sourced via an overdraft.
For doctors, 70% of the property’s market value can be sourced as the loan amount.
Salaried individuals, self-employed people, and employees of ICICI can borrow this loan, with reasonable interest rates.

State Bank of India
Key features of mortgage loan offered by SBI Bank are:
The SBI mortgage loan is available against residential and commercial properties.
One of the loan eligibility criteria is the rental income of the applicant.
Employed individuals, professional, or self-employed people can borrow this loan. NRIs who have registered properties under their name can also borrow this loan.

The minimum loan amount available under SBI Loans Against Property is Rs. 10 lakhs. The maximum amount is Rs.7.5 crores depending on the location of the property.
The minimum loan tenure is 5 years and the maximum is 15 years.
The applicant’s monthly income must be a minimum of Rs. 25,000 (Rs.3 lakhs yearly).
The interest rate is calculated and charged using the daily reducing balance method.

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Short term loans are instant disbursal loans which are usually unsecured and for durations of up to 2 to 5 years.The rate of interest is usually higher than regular personal loans.

What are short-term loans?

Short-term loans are generally extended by financial institutions for 1-2 years. These are mostly unsecured, which means you don’t have to pledge collateral as security to avail them. Though funds can be extended quickly, the reason why they are labelled “short-term” is the associated repayment tenor (to be paid off in full within 6-18 months) rather than the speed of funding. Short-term loans are beneficial for individuals who are unable to get loans for a longer tenure from a bank or a lender due to various reasons.

What are the different types of short-term loans?

Short-term loans are different from the other conventional ones in the market because of the ease of availing them. However, there are many short-term loans in India offering you the funds you need to meet any short-term financial need. Here, we try to cover the ins and outs of the 5 most popular sources of short-term loans, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to availing short-term finance.

Trade Credit
Considered to be one of the most affordable sources of obtaining interest-free funds, you can avail of a trade credit where the lender would give you the time to pay for a purchase without incurring any additional cost. Trade credit is usually extended for 30 days. However, you can consider asking for a longer tenor that would easily fit into your plan. A flexible repayment tenor will allow you to leverage the additional time and funds to finance other initiatives.

Bridge Loans
A bridge loan helps to tide over till the time you get another long-term and larger value loan approved. In India, such a loan assumes importance in the case of transactions relating to the property. For example, if you want to buy a new house but don’t have sufficient funds because the old one hasn’t been sold off yet.

You might want to wait for the funds to come through once you get a potential buyer for the old property, but this will have its downsides, including the price of the new property shooting up. It is during this waiting time that you can avail of a bridge loan that offers two-pronged benefits- it helps you with the funds to buy the property while giving you ample time to wait and get a good deal on the old one.
Demand Loans
This loan comes in handy while meeting any urgent financial obligation. You can pledge your insurance policies and other savings instruments such as NSCs in lieu of the loan. A certain percentage of the maturity value on such savings instruments will determine the extent to which you will be eligible to borrow as the loan amount.

Bank Overdraft
Bank overdrafts can be sought on your current account. With an overdraft facility at your disposal, you will be able to withdraw money despite your account not having sufficient cash to cover such withdrawals. Essentially, it helps you to borrow money within a sanctioned overdraft limit. Much like any other loan, an interest rate (often lower than that on credit cards) is levied on the outstanding overdraft balance. Having said that, be wary of certain additional costs that might be attached with such a facility, including fees per withdrawal.

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Neha Agarwal wants to take a personal loan to renovate her home. But she is worried that her low credit score will lead to her personal loan application getting rejected. Is Neha right to worry about her credit score? What can she do to overcome this hurdle?
Continue reading to understand the impact of a poor credit score on your personal loan application and smart ways to overcome it.

What is the impact of my CIBIL™ Score on my personal loan application?

A personal loan comes in quite handy when you require funds to meet emergency or other planned expenses. You can use a personal loan to pay for medical emergencies, fund your dream wedding, go on a holiday, purchase a flagship mobile, renovate your home or for any other reason. There are no restrictions on the end usage.
Furthermore, since personal loans are unsecured, you don’t have to provide any collateral to get the loan. All these factors make personal loans the go-to loan product for millions of individuals.
But the catch here is that – to get a personal loan, you need to demonstrate to the lender that you’re financially stable and are likely to repay the loan on time. How do lenders evaluate this factor? They rely on credit scores and the credit history of the applicant.
The first factor that a lender evaluates when you apply for a personal loan is your credit score. The credit score is a numerical parameter that establishes your creditworthiness. It's based on the summary of your credit history, the debts you have taken, your repayment history and other factors.
The credit score ranges from 300 to 900. The closer it is to 900, the better are your chances of personal loan approval.
Credit scores are provided by authorized credit ranking agencies, also known as credit bureaus.
You can quickly check your credit score for free on our website. Enter your mobile number, email address and PAN number to fetch your latest credit score.
“Most lenders require borrowers to have a credit score of 750+ to be considered for a personal loan with collateral.”

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With the ever-increasing costs of Copeland Scroll Compressor, it is vital to evaluate what manner of things you should or should not do about your HVAC unit. You want to avoid lessening prey to some air conditioner technician who is only interested within the contents of your wallet at any price. Should your AC fail and you don't know any service provider you can contact, there is no need to terror; learn to follow this simple practice and you will be more than happier by the end of the day. If you have responsive neighbors that should be your first destination, talk to them and discover what they normally do while they encounter such challenges. The other substitute is to check online to learn who can be hired. Nevertheless, you must walk with care since not all service providers that make television ads are automatically trustworthy.

You must practice patience and keep away from running to replace any Air Conditioning Parts as the first heater repairman who approaches your home says so. Even as it's true that all equipment doesn't last forever, there are countless HVAC users who spend money needlessly as a result of dishonest or even wrong diagnoses simply as the technician said a part cannot be repaired and has to be replaced. If the technician asks you this concerning your new AC, it is always practical to get another opinion. Occasionally a minor repair could work out the problem and save a chunk of money. One of the main troubles with the HVAC and AC unit is dirt and, as such, it's imperative to ensure yours is maintained and clean. Simply switch off power to the AC unit, and clean it thoroughly with garden hose seeds, leaves, and debris as you perhaps can. Do this on a normal basis especially all through the cooling season. Stay away from running your lawnmower extremely close to the AC because the grass clipping it releases can easily clog into the coils. Dirt clogs the coils and decreases the airflow, raising the pressure within thereby making the compressor work forcefully. The outcome is less durability for the compressor and decreased AC efficiency.

Ever-increasing utility bills state the volumes about the wastefulness of the system. If the HVAC unit has developed tribulations, the work performance is bound to get less and the effect is typically felt in the rising bills. When you experience rapid fluctuations in the utility bills, the problem can effortlessly be traced down to your HVAC system which may require maintenance or need HVAC Replacement Parts. Out of order or complete malfunction is a serious issue. Any HVAC appliance that breaks downs often or leads to frequent problems may need costly repairs to start working conditions. An improved option to go for would be to put your money into a new unit altogether. The repairs may broaden the life of the unit for much more but with something totally new you get to eradicate problems for better in the long term.
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The most common type of theme map is a choropleth map. When geospatial data is linked to some enumeration units, they are extremely effective (Counties, provinces, districts, etc.). The distinct polygons inside a layer of a choropleth map have varying shades of colors signifying a specific property of that polygon (in our case, the number of locations). We’ll make a choropleth map for the United States, with each state’s color graded proportionately to its number of sites.

The main steps for developing the Choropleth map are:

• Importing the polygon vector map.
• Importing the CSV file as a point vecto
• Calculating the number of locations inside each state using the ‘Count points in’ tool.
• Editing the symbol for getting the Choropleth map
• Exporting map as an image or PDF.

Importing Polygon Vector Map

To create a Choropleth map, we must first obtain a country/region polygon vector map. A state in the United States is represented by each polygon in the vector map. Extract data from zipped folder by downloading the compressed shapefiles. By double-clicking on the.shp file in the Browser toolbar, you can add it to QGIS (or dragging and dropping).

Importing The CSV File As A Point Vector

For this blog, we will use the entire list of Subway store locations in the United States. This information will contain every store’s latitude and longitude coordinates, which can be plotted as a point over the map.

Every record in the CSV file has fields named Latitude and Longitude, based on which we can plot the points. Click on the Layers tab from the main toolbar, then select addLayer>Add Delimited Text layer

In the ‘data source manager’ window that will pop up, browse the CSV file as the file name. Choose the Longitude and Latitude as X field and Y field, respectively. You will also need to select the respective Geometry CRS (Coordinate Reference System) depending on the location or country used.

The Add button overlays the polygon layer with the various retail outlets from the CSV as points. As you can see, the layer looks like this:

Calculating The Number Of Locations Within Each State Using ‘Count Points In Polygon Tool’
The QGIS tool ‘Count Points in Polygon’ can be used to represent the number of locations within each state. This tool created a single polygon vector shapefile with the ‘NUMPOINTS’ attribute. It tells you how many points are in a polygon.

Count Points in Polygon may be found under the Vector toolbar> Analysis tools > Count Points in Polygon.

The window below appears. Set the data placement point vector file to ‘Points’ and the polygon shapefile layers to ‘Polygons.’ The polygon shapefile will be given the attribute ‘NUMPOINTS,’ which refers to the number of places inside each state.

A layer mask called ‘Count’ is created and displayed in the layers tab as well as the image canvases area:

Editing The Symbology To Get A Choropleth Map

The symbolism of the new layer can be tweaked to provide an appropriately graded color that denotes the number of places in each condition. Go to the Symbology tab by right-clicking the Count layer and selecting properties.

Check out the symbology menu, select ‘Categoriazed’. Set the ‘value’ of symbology to the newly created attributes ‘NUMPOINTS’. Click ‘Classify’ and then select the appropriate color ramp.

After editing the symbology, the map will appear as:

On the map, each state can be identified with its appropriate name. Go to the Labels tab by right-clicking the Count layer and selecting properties.

Select ‘Single Labels’ as from the label menu, then the table’s ‘Value’ field as that of the label. Each polygon is labeled with the state’s ‘NAME.’ Set the font, color scheme, font size, opacity, and other parameters to your preference.

As you can see, the completed map looks like this. States with a greater number of sites of the particular provider considered are represented by darker tones of blue.

Export The Map As An Image Or PDF

Visit project>Import/Export>Export as Image for png format or Export as PDF to achieve the final map in PFG format.

The above Choropleth is used to compare every state based on the number of subway stores in it.

But it is comparable to the population choropleth of the United States.

Choropleth For Number Of Subway Stores

This is because of the number of retailers for each state is frequently significantly associated with the population, i.e., states with more people will have more stores. We may calculate a new statistic called “the per capita” locations by the state to gain a more understanding of choropleth. The sufficiency of a state’s stores is represented by this variable. Even if a state’s population is bigger, the number of stores it has maybe lower.

The number of sites per person (per capita) in each state in the United States is visualized.

Following the procedures below, we may construct a choropleth of per capita subway locations using population data:

• Make a CSV file with the necessary population data.
• QGIS should be used to import the CSV file.
• Join the population data to the map layer’s attribute table.
• Calculate the number of sites per individual using field calculations.
• Using the new statistic, create a choropleth map.

Create A CSV File Of Required Population Data
The Census Bureau’s website provides access to the United States’ population data. Each state’s population estimates for the years in question are included in the excel file. A new file can be created with the name of the state and its population projections for 2019.

The New File Is:

Assuring that the population column type is the ‘Number’ so that QGIS will read the field as number type and then, the analysis could be done depending on the population. Select the population column> Right-click> Format cells, and check if the category is the number. Save the file in CSV format.

Importing the CSV file to QGIS

To Import The CSV To QGIS

Select layer>Add layer > Add delimited Text Layer

The CSV File Added To QGIS Without The Use Of Geometry Appears As A Table In QGIS:

Right-click the new table layer-population_us_2019>open attribute table to see the content of the layer:

Join the Population Information with Attribute Table of The map Layer

To join the population data to the ‘count’ layer. Right-click on the “Count” layer>Properties>Joins>Click Add icon

Choose ‘Join Layer’ for the population table. Choose ‘Join field’ from the population table and ‘Target field‘ from the map layer. Ensure that the names in each tier are the same. Fields that aren’t compatible will not be combined.

Open the attribute table of the “Count” layer and ensure if a new field is added to the attribute table with population estimates of every state.

Perform Field Calculations To Get The Per Capita Number Of Locations
The per capita number of locations can be calculated using the attribute table’s division function. The number of locations (NUMPOINTS) and the population (population us 2019 Population) are represented by two columns in the attribute table of the ‘Count’ layer. To find out how many locations each person has in each state;

Right-click on the ‘Count’ layer>Open attributes table>Click Open field calculator icon from the menu bar.

Choose to make a new field from the popup that appears. The computation result is stored in a new column in the attribute table. Choose an Output field type and a name for the output field. Because the population was so large in comparison to the number of places, a decimal number (real) was chosen, as well as a greater precision value. Provide the equation ‘NUMPOINTS / population_us_2019_Population‘ below the Expression tab and click OK.

A new column, locations_per _person, has been added to the attribute table. This number represents an estimate of how many sites are available per person in each state. The new choropleth map is created using this value.

Make A Choropleth Using The New Statistic.
As previously said, modify the symbology of the ‘Count’ layer, this time assigning ‘locations per person’ as the ‘Value’ for symbology.

The latest Choropleth for the number of subway stores per person by state is as achieved:

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The bitter truth of life is that it is uncertain and don't knock on your door before entering your house. You are happily watching your favorite comedy channel and suddenly your doorbell rings, you approach the door and your front teeth are half-broken. The situation becomes more tragic for you when your broken tooth begins to bleed at high speed. This is the time when you need, the need for emergency dental care which not only offers you relaxation from the pain you must feel because of the broken tooth but also protects your other teeth from being affected by it. this incident.

But, since you have never been to a dentist before in your life, it is imperative that you at least protect your teeth from further damage before looking for one of the dentists near you. Surprisingly, people don't know about oral health, they don't know what methods to use in case of an emergency dental accident. Here you would be interested to know that in such accidents not only could your tooth be broken or damaged, but sometimes you might even lose the fillings you had in your teeth. Anyway, in layman's terms, anyone needs emergency service if they have any health problem, in the same way, a person may also feel the need for emergency dental care if their teeth are damaged in an accident.

Now, since you have a broken tooth and you feel the need for a dentist to get rid of the problem, there are a few factors that you need to consider before going to the dentist so that there is no more damage to your teeth. Try to find the damaged or broken part of your teeth and put them in water or milk before going to the dentist, as your dentist can use it to repair the broken tooth or put it back in its place.

Moving on, there is another situation where you need instant dental care. For example, if your gums are sore or swollen, you will need emergency care Dental. If you have had dental surgery and you feel some kind of tenderness in the stitches, which results in bleeding from the spot at that time, it would also be better if, without wasting a single moment, you were rushing to see a dentist near you.

It would be better if you eat soft foods so that you do not experience additional pain while eating. If you notice that your tooth has come out, you should protect your teeth by applying pressure to the chipped teeth so that they are easily fixed in their previous place and do not come out completely from their base. Plus, eating soft foods will protect the rest of your teeth from damage.
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According to an overview led by PwC, 72% of business pioneers use AI for their business advantage. The Digital advertising world has been rebuilt tremendously since the development of AI. It assists organizations with growing amazing computerized methodologies, enhances crusades, and further develops profit from speculation.

Teleflora, a flwoer organization in the US, utilized AI promoting to construct new clients' profiles and further develop client reliability. Utilizing this authentic information, Teleflora utilized AI promoting to foresee the future client conduct of various crowd sections.

This is how AI is rebuilding the computerized market in the present time. It is training embraced by various brands to build their deals and ROI. It is important to see how this functions .

For what reason is Artificial Intelligence Gaining Momentum in Recent Times?

Man-made brainpower (AI) can think, read, and respond practically like people when prepared with an enormous enough informational collection. While AI can play out all errands. it is most popular for mechanical technology, discourse, and picture acknowledgment.

More prominent work effectiveness

By offering general help through AI devices, you can build worker fulfillment and increment usefulness. Computerization can be utilized to supplant work that, in contrast to a ton, is considered useless.

For instance, laborers can devote more opportunity to innovative undertakings that require human knowledge and out-of-the-container critical thinking capacities. Modest and excess undertakings like information passage, isolating leads from an advertising effort, and reacting to FAQs by clients can be handily given over to chatbots and AI.

Human mediation can be saved only to deal with complex client associations and discover goals to issues that are not pre-modified.

More profound information is broken down for experiences by AI

Information knowledge alludes to the comprehension of explicit business wonders that can be accomplished by investigatinginformational collections utilizing AI and man-made brainpower (AI)advancements. For instance, an AI model assessing the probability that a client will beat can reveal factors driving agitate rates and empower chiefs to change business techniques and cycles.

Assist you with comprehension and know your crowd

By examining information, AI can without much of a stretch foresee the buying conduct and dynamic of target clients, further develop client experience, and furnish clients with what they truly need.

Expansion in ROI

Computer-based intelligence permits you to computerize numerous tedious assignments. This can further develop usefulness. "The greater part (51%) of dynamic recognizes that cost decrease is the principal region AI is offering," says Joe McKendrick of Forbes. Simultaneously, AI is assisting organizations with upgrading productivity and decrease costs.

How do Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence Get Along?

Man-made brainpower has been embraced by brands to speak with their customers. It is a trial to take on conversational promoting in their everyday lives.

With the advances in AI, AI is opening the capability of hyper-personalization through customized item proposals, wise substance proposals, and client assistance ideas.

The advertising scene is utilizing some refined promoting examination advancements. These are utilized for building client relationships with the board (CRM) applications which incorporate information the executives and better client dealing with. Most CRM stages incorporate the matter of examining client information and that assists SDRs with working on the relationship with them. Here, AI turns out to be exceptionally valuable as it is phenomenal at deciphering and grasping information sources when prepared on a huge enough informational collection. Simply the same way as Google Dialogflow, which furnishes you with an outline of what AI ought to resemble and demonstrates its viability.

The business fields are quickly utilizing these advancements to achieve a superior situation on the lookout and develop their business in a more modern way.

With AI, sponsors and brands save a singular amount measure of time and cash.

Man-made intelligence is utilized to look into clients inclinations and decisions

It assumes a huge part in upgrading clients' decisions and giving the crowd what they need.

It assists you with building fruitful missions.

It is utilized to assist with working on routine exercises.

Computer-based intelligence is helping organizations in saving expenses and developing deals immensely.

Enables dynamic by delivering better performing content.

Helps in focusing on the right client that would permit you to reach out to your main interest group.

In the realm of computerized promoting, the utilization of AI has been predominant and alongside the more prominent utilization of chatbots. They have ended up being pivotal to improvement.

Yet, amidst it, how about we get what chatbots mean and how they shape the promoting framework.

The job of Chatbots in this Development

A chatbot is programming that utilizes AI to talk and visit and decide reactions. You might have utilized chatbots on a site searching for replies to your inquiries. Chatbots can have sound or text discussions. The last is normally shown in a visit window on your PC's screen.

Chatbots, otherwise called courier bots, are known to be the best new showcasing channels since 2017. Chatbots are out on the planet for promoting your business. It is not quite the same as similar showcasing diverts you have utilized before, like publicizing and email.

In any case, chatbots are the best promoting apparatus, particularly on your site and web-based media. It connects with guests previously going to your site through intuitive discussions and gives an important and agreeable goal to client questions. Chatbots can give client assistance that benefits the two clients and brands and help with informing focusing on, gathering information about clients, and conveying designated messages in the interest of clients.

Chatbots can move clients into the business pipe by posing more explicit inquiries to assist them with discovering the item they need. As of late, National Australia Bank (NAB) dispatched chatbot as an advanced shelter for business clients, saving time spent on a client the board assignments. The chatbot can respond to client questions every minute of every day. The product can utilize genuine client replies to respond to more than 200 inquiries and more than 13,000 variations.

Advantages of AI in the World of Marketing

Brings Clarity

As indicated by a new overview, 71% of showcasing respondents say that brands don't comprehend customer basics. Subsequently, 66% of advertisers said they need brands to contribute more to construct client mindfulness and connections. Set up notices and alarms and get clear, precise answers when it is important, because of AI-controlled voice direction, innovation, and IoT.

Puts Marketing on Autopilot

Certain individuals regularly dread the vulnerability of AI supplanting people. Numerous others accept that AI works for people and not 'rather than people.

It can work on your showcasing endeavors by cleverly rea
cting and taking input from your buyers. You at this point don't have to put your time into humble undertakings like reacting to dull questions or FAQs to advertise yourself and your business since AI partners like AmazonEcho can do it for you.

It's insufficient to simply peruse a discourse to discourse actuation message on the gadget. Over the long haul, AI can work all the more independently. From buying to flight booking to giving you essential proposals and surprisingly monetary administration.

Voice Recognition and Enhanced Security

Computer-based intelligence voice partners like Siri use voice acknowledgment to make lives simple for the clients. Also, it gives added security by just getting enacted after paying attention to the voice of the proprietor.

Because of AI and ML calculations, the gadget shrewdly perceives voice changes and tweaks to an impressive degree with the goal that it generally reacts to the gadget proprietor.

Regular Conversation

At the point when voice associate innovation was as yet in its outset, your gadget might have had the option to perceive your voice and react yet not empower a smooth progression of discussion.

With forward leaps in tech and NLP (Natural Language Processing), voice partners like Google can keep a criticism reaction circle and even have short discussions with clients.

Application Areas of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing for Your Business 1. Item Recommendations

Item suggestion uses innovation to make customized content proposals for clients, for example, individuals who purchase X likewise purchase Y.

It is common across online business stages and is carried out to augment the accompanying:

Season of page


Cooperations with the site

Deals and income

Netflix's reference framework can offer motion pictures and TV shows that you might like.

Simulated intelligence Chatbot

A chatbot is the greatest instance of utilizing AI innovation. At the point when you consider chatbots, Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, Azure Bot administrations can figure out how to enter your thoughts, or it recently did. These bots assist with interpreting your guidelines to a more organized configuration for your applications and administrations to comprehend. A few AI Chatbots like WotNot can assist you with discussing better with clients with a simple approach to assemble bots utilizing no-code. You can add valuable chatbots to sites, messages, applications, and instant messages to communicate with your current and future clients.

Looking through Content Online

How we discover information has changed, and promoters need to keep pace and ceaselessly create and distribute content to stay up with evolving needs. These outstanding ongoing item improvements incorporate Amazon's Echo, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google's Home. This item permits you to perform essential voice questions and empower voice control activities by pressing every single basic button.

Email Marketing

Brands utilize the force of AI to customize email advertising efforts dependent on appraisals and client conduct. This will give you a superior association with them, and some will permit you to change to the customer.
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A ceramic capacitor is a capacitor that uses ceramic materials as a medium, coats a metal film on the ceramic surface, and then sinters at a high temperature as an electrode. The classification of ceramic capacitors can be divided into high-frequency ceramic capacitors and low-frequency ceramic capacitors.

1. High-frequency ceramic capacitor

High-frequency ceramic capacitors are generally mainly used in circuits with higher stable oscillations, so their stability requirements are relatively high. For example, the more common coupling capacitors and high-voltage bypasses will choose high-frequency ceramic capacitors. . The main advantage is that it can withstand high temperatures and is relatively resistant to wear. For example, high-voltage ceramic capacitors are used on TV receivers that are common in daily life.

2. Low-frequency ceramic capacitor

Low-frequency ceramic capacitors are mainly used in circuits with relatively low operating frequencies. In this type of circuit, the requirements for the stability of the capacitor and the degree of loss are often not very high. Especially in some circuits with relatively strong pulses, low-frequency ceramic capacitors cannot be used, otherwise, it is likely to be directly broken down by the voltage.

Where to use a ceramic capacitor?

Ceramic capacitors are often used in audio and high-frequency electronic circuits. Common ceramic capacitors have a small capacity, generally ranging from a few pf to a few tenths of uF. It is essentially functionally indistinguishable from other types of capacitors. They are all direct-blocking. Circulating AC, but the high-frequency characteristics of ceramic capacitors are better, and generally play the role of coupling, filtering, decoupling, and oscillation in the circuit.

How to read ceramic capacitors?

The reading method of the ceramic capacitors is basically the same as the reading method of the resistor. The real capacitance value can be directly shown on the capacitor, and it can also be shown by digits and letters which represent their special meanings, or be shown in the form of digits representing their special meanings.
LAURA 12 october 2021, 3:45
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