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In an interesting politology aid rules were represented as a balcony railing: if there is no balcony railing, you are at risk of falling. The upper you live, the more you will be hurted. So, there are certain rules for MumbleUsers.

UMumble is not

UMumble is not the place for copywriters. Placement of fully copied someone else's content from other sites is forbidden, even with the hyperlink to the source. You can tell about an interesting article by using topics-hyperlinks.
UMumble is not LiveJournal or centre of the world crossposting. You shouldn’t copy your posts from other blogs and sites and point out that they were previousely published elsewhere. Use the topics-hyperlinks.
UMumble is not a shop. You can advertise goods, services, projects, accounts etc., place hyperlinks to your blog/site in your topics only in two cases: if this topic is in the blog “I promote myself” or if this is the hyperlink to a concrete file/document/example, i.e. what cannot be easily provided in the topic itself. It is also forbidden to advertise in MumbleCenter.
UMumble is not We all like laughing, especially at good jokes. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t turn UMumble into a comic site and steadily publish funny pictures found in the Internet.
UMumble is not Digg. You shouldn’t publish on UMumble hyperlinks to other resources without providing any comments or giving just a short comment like “Look, what an interesting link it is!”. If you want to comment a piece of news provided in another resource, provide it along with detailed comments. You shouldn’t publish posts-hyperlinks to every new post from your personal blog. Such activity is typical for bots, but not for people.
UMumble is not a complaint book. Our life is full of unjustice, but this doesn’t mean you should tell to the IT community about every tragedy and drama. As a rule, such articles cannot settle your problems, but if you really long to complaint, we have a blog “I am indignant”.
UMumble is for educated people. We like English and don’t like those who mangles it. Mistakes and misprints happen with everyone — try to verify the text before you send it. Repeated spelling mistakes and ignoring the punctuation rules are not welcomed, and deliberate mangling of words and swearing will become soon the reason for ban.
UMumble is for level-headed people. You are requested to leave rudeness, swearing and other display of aggression for other resources — this doesn’t stand high on UMumble.
UMumble is not for cadgers. Karma and rating are gained on UMumble only by fair means, i.e. by topics and comments. You shouldn’t place someone else’s posts, bag for karma, display “generosity without example”, “topics of good” (or evil) and publish calls to raise each other’s karma at every given opportunity.
UMumble is not for clones. We’ll block sockpuppets, those who create them and think about it.
UMumble is not for rule-breakers. It is forbidden to discuss the rules of the site and actions of the administration targeted at providing compliance with the rules. Such questions can be discussed only by email.

And one more thing. Accounts of registered users, their posts and comments are not deleted by the administration of the service. But posts that break the present rules can be hidden from viewing by the decision of the administration.


Bad boys and girls notice most often that their karma lowers. As a rule, it lowers due to other users because UMumble is a self-regulating community.
As a last resort, the administration of the service can fall back on blocking the user. We really hate to do this, but sometimes we have to, because there is no other ways. We love UMumble and we don’t want other people to cease to love it due to dog's tricks of baddies.

Another thing is that the user can be blocked without notice. Most often, when the administators see that the user did not have any malicious intents, he will be notified (in the comments to MumbleTopics or by MumbleMail), but it doesn’t relate to trolls, flooders and other network evil spirits.


Flooding is a behavoir of users that is not welcomed at all on UMumble. By flood we mean:
  • big quantity of senseless comments to MumbleTopic ;
  • creation of senseless MumbleTopics with the view of not filling the site with the content, but demonstrating insulting behavior, self-promoting etc.;
  • use of html code in comments or MumbleTopics (even that includes allowed html tags) spoiling the appearence of the site’s pages;
  • automatically generated traffic clogging the network channels of the site (including DoS attacks).


There are two types of creatures on UMumble called sockpuppets.
  • Common sockpuppet is any additional account that the registered user has. For one reason or another users register one more or two more times. Or even three more times, by the way.
  • “Chinese fake” passes himself off as a famous person. For this purpose he registers a suitable nick, defines himself as a company employee and writes comments and sometimes MumbleTopics.
Given that the UMumble content is one of the most important values, we block sockpuppets that effect karma, ratings and content created by other users. If a sockpuppet tries to raise or lower somebody’s karma, votes for topics and comments, he will be blocked.
“Chinese fake” will be blocked too if the person he pretends to be requires to do so.
Other sockpuppets may be blocked at the discretion of the service’s administration.
How the UMumble administration detects sockpuppets? Secret....