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What is it all about?

UMumble was founded in June 2011. The audience of the project are forward-minded people concern with the future of the IT market in whole and the Internet economy in particular. UMumble will be interesting for programmers and journalists, advertisers and designers, analysts and copywriters, top managers and medium-level manager, owners of major companies and small firms as well as for those people for whom IT is not just two letters of the alphabet.
It is a model of people’s joint creative work that was built into UMumble. It is a universal means for all representatives of the new generation of mass media. Together with the editorial staff of UMumble people fill the site with life and sense: they write in collective blogs, publish individual audio and video programmes and of course communicate with other people cohered by common ideas and goals.

It is still Greek to you

Firstly, remember a short address: Secondly, visit the help section and see the answers to FAQ.

How to contact us?

It’s very simple. Write an e-mail to [email protected]

I have problems. What to do?

We cannot solve all problems but if something is wrong on UMumble we'll react quickly by correcting, supplementing and explaining. If you have find out a glitch, you can safely write to [email protected] and our service of psychological support will arrange everything. If you have find no answer to your question an do not want to e-mail us, write to the blog of user support: hive mind will help you without fail.

I have an idea. How to share it?

If you know how to improve UMumble, there is a blog of ideas and the address is the same [email protected]. The MumbleTeam reacts all ideas without fail and enters in todo many of them. However, before you publish your idea check with the search whether it has crossed someone else’s mind or not.