Code Stat Escape Room

<h1>Spend a Day at The Code Stat Escape Rooms in Ventura!</h1>
Embellished with some of the most beautiful beaches globally, Ventura is a small town in the state of California. It is only an hour-long drive from the city of Los Angeles and is an incredible weekend destination to visit with your family or friends. Not just the beaches, but the city in itself, also has a lot to offer to every tourist by way of its enriching culture and history, which is sure to leave you spellbound! From delicious seafood to spectacular scenic beauty, Ventura is packed with numerous places that you can visit.
Despite the many ways to make your vacation in Ventura worth remembering, spending a day at an escape room in the city is something that you should not miss out on! The code stat escape room in Ventura is extremely popular with tourists and locals and is something you must visit while on vacation. In this article, we talk about the Code Stat Escape Room in Ventura in detail.

The Code Stat Escape Room
Price: $37 per person
No. of players: 12 – 37
• The place offers three different and uniquely designed escape rooms for players to choose to play!
• Participants must be at least thirteen years old to be eligible to play the games available on the premises.
• There is no need to worry about parking space for your car – the gaming premises provides immense space to park in your vehicle safely.
• Physically disabled people can use the wheelchair-accessible entrance on the gaming premises for greater ease.
• It is a great place to host private events like birthday parties, anniversary nights, date nights, or any other private party.
Open hours:
i. Monday to Thursday – 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
ii. Friday – 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
iii. Saturday and Sunday – 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Games available:
i. Games Room
a. Theme: Suspense
b. Era: past
c. The character of player: Investigator
d. Ambiance: Fun/entertainment
e. The plot of the game: Players shall enter a late-night club, only to find a murder mystery left for them to unfold! Unravel the clues, put on your Holmes caps, and get on to solve the murder mystery, for the fate of the case lies in your hands.
ii. Mad Scientist
a. Theme: Suspense
b. Era: Present
c. The character of player: Escape artist
d. Ambiance: Science/research
e. The plot of the game: Players have to save themselves and their world from the deadly invention of a colleague Dr. Astic, a medical researcher and developer. If you fail, all of humankind shall be eradicated from the face of the world, including you, so get going fast!
f. Special notice: To play this escape room game, players need to purchase a minimum of four tickets.
iii. Deranged Doc
a. Theme: Suspense
b. Era: Present
c. The character of the player: Savior
d. Ambiance: Medical Facility
e. Special notice: This escape room game is currently closed until further information.

The Code Stat Escape Room is immensely popular as an escape room in Ventura and is thickly crowded by players almost every other day. Go ahead and book your slot, and enjoy your escape room experience at the Code Stat Escape Room!
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