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natwolff 25 august 2020, 3:57

I have heard on the internet a lot of angry comments that Windows 7 - sucks! You see how much memory it eats up! To prove that below are given a few screenshots, and once again everyone blames the crooked hands Hindu programmers. Let's take a look what is going on over there.

Pirat 25 may 2014, 14:32

It turned blue, is something wrong with it?

BSOD is the kernel response to an unsolvable particular situation. If you see it, it means that something has happened and it is definitely wrong.

The kernel environment imposes many restrictions on the programmer's free hand: you consider IRQL, sync access to shared variables, and you do not stay too long in ISR, you should verify any data from the userland… Breaking at least one of the rules, you will receive a bunch of phrases in a standard VGA video with the poor palette.

In fact, this makes sense. If in the user mode the application simply closes without even removing a trail after itself (that the kernel will do that), so it will not break the integrity of the entire system.
Killer 16 may 2012, 12:35

Windows XP wallpaper is a famous image, showing a blissfully relaxing vista of green rolling hills and a bluer than blue sky. This default wallpaper is one of the most viewed images of all time that is called the “Bliss”. If you go to Google and search for the word “Bliss” and the first result will be the Windows default wallpaper.

However, Windows image is named Ireland for Dutch users, which has mistakenly led many to believe that that’s where the image was taken.

Killer 25 february 2012, 22:48

Microsoft has made quite a few changes to the Windows user interface with Windows 8. Today, we learn about one more change the company has made to the upcoming operating system.

The Verge cites sources close to Microsoft that say the Start button's functionality isn't completely dead:

"We have confirmed with sources close to Microsoft's Windows 8 development that a hot corner has replaced the Start button orb. A thumbnail-like user interface will appear in Metro or desktop mode, providing a consistent way to access the Windows desktop and Start Screen in Windows 8 regardless of touch or mouse input," writes Tom Warren. "The new interface is activated on hover from the lower-left corner of Windows 8 and includes a thumbnail preview of where you will navigate to after clicking on the new visual element."

So, it's gone, but it still exists in some form, it is moved to Charms bar.
Papay 10 february 2012, 15:22


We would like to begin with the word "marketing”. As we understand that means "Building a definite opinion of the public in respect of any given object of marketing", but definitely this does not mean “foisting off a useless product". As an example of good marketing is BMW brand. The same thing happened with Windows XP, which is one of the most lasting products of this world.

Take notice that Microsoft is actively pursuing many marketing campaigns and promoting its products in the United States. There is nothing wrong with that. There is a lot of good, because the users who read these newsletters and blogs know what features they will get and how to use them.

For example: "Pinning" of applications and websites on the Windows taskbar.
Papay 19 january 2012, 13:33

The Windows 8 developers made happy us by another article in the corporate blog. This time they told us about the enhancements in the installer. As usual, all the enhancements have been made after a careful survey, which indicated that the majority of users find the upgrade installation process complex and challenging.

First of all, a little installer has been made for the Windows OS that is able to download the system image over the Internet. Users will be able to download and install Windows 8 directly online from start to finish. Perhaps, Microsoft developers were inspired by OS X Lion. In order to simplify downloading, the Windows 8 install image will be a slimmer 1.51GB – as opposed to the 2.32GB for Windows 7 x86.

Of course, the system can be installed from a DVD or USB. The process is as simple as possible: now the upgrade requires just 11 clicks.

For comparison, here is the upgrading process for Windows 7.

Pirat 24 november 2011, 14:33

Today was an imported day for the team of Windows. At the conference BUILD was introduced a new operating system of Windows 8. Broadcasting of the event was at http://buildwindows.com (the recording is available at this site).


Here is a topic of this week for the developers. This week will be examined the new tools for creating the applications and API. At the conference BUILD was shown that the new version of Windows is suitable for a variety of devices: tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers. The new tools were demonstrated that allow creating own applications in Metro style using HTML + Javascript, C / C + + and / or C # / XAML. You can use any of those languages of programming; it will always work with the OS. Windows 8 will be convenient for both the users and developers.
Papay 16 september 2011, 12:46

If we reboot 15 times a year, then every “tuning” of the download process takes longer than will win at reboots for the lifetime of the system. However, sporting interest rises, moreover, that people are interested in the process of optimizing performance. A boot was the most obvious candidate as an example of how the process should look like itself. We will boot at the speed 5400 of hard drive in the “working” system: in addition to a vendor crapware, there is still a lot of every types of visual studio, antivirus, skype ...
Pirat 30 august 2011, 11:57