R'ha is a short movie written, directed and animated by German student Kaleb Lechowski, which opened for him the door to Hollywood

Surprisingly, there is not any information on this bright event in Runet, but I'm going to fix it. It is no joke, but a first year student of the Berlin’s Mediadesign Hochschule, due to its short animated movie called R`ha got a contract in Hollywood!
... Machines and cyborgs that rebelled against their creators want to destroy alien race. They torture one of the aliens, in order to find out the meeting coordinates of the survived spaceships. But the alien keeps silent. He believes that the machines are soulless jerks ...

His work has some shots worthy of a movie with $ 150 million budget writes the movie producer of "Hurricane Season".

But we take one thing at the time!
Kaleb Lechowski is only 22 years old, and he just finished the first semester of the Berlin’s Mediadesign Hochschule. Twenty-two is a quite normal age for starting a study in Germany. Usually, they finish a high school at age 19 then they enter an army or alternative service, and then start studying.
During the first semester using the computer graphics, he created a short movie lasting for about 6.5 minutes. The movie was viewed by 600,000 viewers in the first five days, and that impressed a producer Scott Glassgold that he gave the student a contract.
Perhaps, it's time to see the movie (including Russian subtitles, if suddenly your English is not good enough):

It is noteworthy that the entire movie, except for music and sound, Caleb made himself. It took him seven months of work.
In his blog, responding to the audience questions, Caleb wrote that the alien movements in R'ha movie were drawn by hand and not recreated using Motion Capture technology.
It seemed to me that this is the most interesting Caleb’s answer to this anonymous question:
Anonymous asked: Hello. I'm 20 and I'm reconsidering the areas of studies that I've been pursuing over the past three years of my life. I've always loved art and design but have been too afraid to pursue a career in either field. Tell me, did you ever have doubts about your future? Were you always certain that you wanted to be an artist?
There were some up and downs. People always liked my art, but in school I was kind of like good average, I think. So I thought it´s unrealistic and wanted to study product design.
They just wondered why I would not rather study making movies or animation; since it was my obvious I was passionate about it. The wouldn´t let me study, so I went to Berlin for animation. I felt that product design would not have been right for me anyways, whereas I knew I wanted to stay in Berlin, when I got there. I think as long as you try something, you´ll find your way. But if you stop nothing is going to happen ;)

You can always adjust your way as you go.

All the best

In the near future, the students will go to Hollywood to present his amazing work and get the necessary financing. It is possible that after a while this R'ha movie will be showing in cinemas. Caleb already has the contract, however, even the close contract terms and conditions I could not find anywhere.

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