Surprisingly, there is not any information on this bright event in Runet, but I'm going to fix it. It is no joke, but a first year student of the Berlin’s Mediadesign Hochschule, due to its short animated movie called R`ha got a contract in Hollywood!
xially 21 january 2014, 13:08

Today's LCD TVs that are in the medium price ranges often have the mode of expansion rate up to 100-200 Hz due to the technical tricks of picture perception by person.
For example, TrueMotion technology in LG TVs, Motion Plus in Samsung, Perfect Natural Motion in Philips, and RealCinema in Panasonic.
How can we use them properly when connecting to a PC?
xially 5 may 2012, 19:04

Have you ever wonder what are different letters / numbers mean in the titles of video files?

I have taken all the information from Google and I hope this cheat sheet will be useful for somebody.


CAMRip (CAM, deriving from camera)
Sometimes, it is mistakenly labeled as Screen (SCR). Video and audio are recorded on camera in a movie theatre. At times the shaken image can be taken at an angle to the screen, and in some movies could be seen heads of moviegoers, etc. The sound quality might be different such as laughing audience. Usually, it is the worst and the very first quality of movie, which could be found after the official release.
Papay 29 april 2012, 10:27


In order to advertise F-CELL vehicles that run on the hydrogen fuel, Mercedes-Benz has equipped the car with a video camera on one side, and the other side of the car was covered by a solid coating of LEDs to form a display, which outputs the image from a video camera to the screen in real time.

The invisibility of the car should symbolize that the car does not do any atmospheric emissions and it is harmless supposedly to the environment.
xially 7 march 2012, 14:42

A video is a sequence of images being shown. In video these images are called frames and the amount of images shown per second is called frames per second. The more frames per second a video has, the more smooth and realistic it will appear when shown.
Video compression is the process of reducing the amount of data that is needed to represent a video signal. Video compression is performed by analyzing the information contained within images sequences and removing redundancies.

BumBum 27 january 2012, 14:24