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Why we choose small size crystal

As most electronic device manufacturers continue to reduce the size of their products, passive component manufacturers must also continue to reduce the size of their crystal packages in response to market demand. So, what benefits can be derived from reducing the package size of a crystal? This article provides insight into the benefits that electronics engineers face when using smaller crystal sizes.

Meet the PCB flexible space

If engineers want to reduce the size of the PCB or create more space for additional circuitry on existing boards, then smaller crystal package components can help them achieve this goal. It is also possible to reduce the size of the product or include more functions in the product.

High cost efficiency

Smaller crystal components can be more expensive than larger crystal components. Because smaller crystals are more complex to produce, factories may have to purchase new production equipment or use new technologies. These crystals will be more expensive than other crystal sizes until the return on investment (ROI) is achieved.

In addition, crystals in micro packages such as 2.0x1.6mm will be slightly more expensive because it is more difficult and costly to develop new frequencies or new stability. However, larger package components (e.g., 7.0x5.0mm) may be more expensive because of reduced production volumes compared to other package sizes. This reduced volume means that economies of scale can no longer be achieved in the manufacturing of these products.

In general, as the volume increases, the cost decreases. This is due to larger orders for raw materials (e.g. crystal blanks) and the ability of the factory to produce more crystals using the same setup on the production machines. This will save time and make it easier and cheaper to produce large quantities of the same crystals. Since smaller crystals have not been on the market for a long time, many projects are still in the design phase, but once mass production begins, the price of these crystals will drop. With all of this in mind, the "sweet spot" is currently at 2.5x2.0mm and 3.2x2.5mm, as these crystal sizes are more cost effective.

Lower transportation and storage costs

In general, using less material is better for the environment. For smaller crystal elements, less raw material is required and less packaging material can be used. In addition, smaller crystal elements are lighter and do not take up as much space during transport or in the warehouse, which can reduce transport costs and storage costs.
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