Almost all of us have been into those horrible nightmares that we might lose our hair or we might turn bold and that dull look will overcome our long and good hair days. And thus most do take care of their hair such that in the long term it does not wear out. But at times it does happen that to look better in the present, we might not take good care of the hair and get ourselves busy in the taming of our hair and getting it the best of it.

While the hair is being heated and curled for a better look, it is being damaged and fallen over time. And for the same reason, the wigs and the hairpieces and the toupees are getting more popular because you never know when the other person is wearing a toupee or is it their natural hair. A toupee wig or a hairpiece or in the common language, a wig is a hairpiece or the partial wig of the natural or the synthetic hair that is being used to cover a part of the crown or the full baldness or even for the theatrical or the occasional purpose.

With the growing popularity and that people cannot easily recognize if one is wearing one, the celebrities have started wearing them and thereby increase the popularity of it just by the use of it. the toupees are usually being used and worn by men but with the passage of time even women have started using them to cover their exposed baldness or for some similar reasons.

The only disadvantage of the toupee is that it is not able to match the natural color of the hair of the wearer as it might change but with time, the stylists and the manufacturers and looking into the matter and that they are bringing in such technology that suits the hair of the wearer and that it doesn’t get faded or changes in color.

Men usually resort to toupees only when they don’t find any other alternatives. The hair implantations or the Propecia, medical treatments, or simply accepting the fact f being bald and that they look handsome in the same is what they tend to get into. And when they simply can’t get to that fact, they try out the toupees or the wigs to satisfy their looks and themselves.

Many stars like James Stewart, Hank Williams, Rip Taylor, Carl, and Rob Reiner, and many other western, as well as Asian actors and artists, wear the toupees to hide their baldness and that at times they wear for the sake of the shooting and theatrical appearances. And because of the same reasons, toupees are sometimes taken as humorous. The weird looks that they give to the wearer and that they are being temporarily used makes the other laugh over them.

Therefore, toupees, although popular but are declining in today’s era because people have started believing and accepting the fact that baldness is the new in. The natural methods are tried and thereafter left on the luck.
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Our lace front hair systems are designed for men who want to have a very natural toupee wig. We have different base construction designs to better meet different demands. Hairbro’s lace front system base has combined PU with a lace front, mono with a lace front, and thin skin with a lace front. We also provide the cheapest wholesale prices to our dear customers. Our lace front hair replacement systems are known for their quality, durability and affordable prices. You can sure to find something you like from this collection!

The base material plays an important role in determining the lifespan of a new hair system. Different base materials have different levels of durability. If you want your system to last longer, you may would have to compromise on the natural degree of your system. Honestly, the more natural the system looks, the less durable it is.
Here are the lifespan of four basic base materials for reference:
1- 2 months for 0.03mm thin skin hair systems
2 - 4 months for 0.05 mm thin skin hair systems
4 - 6 months for 0.10 mm thin skin hair systems
5 - 8 months for 0.15 mm thin skin hair systems
5 - 7 months for Swiss lace hair system
6 - 9 months for French lace hair system
7-12 months for mono hair system

Login to your Hairbro account first on our site, then check your order center. Find the order you want to reorder, then click the “reorder” button in the order detail. Finish the payment, it’s just this easy.

We always advise our clients to send in the sample by express deliveries like UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT etc., which is fast and reliable. Compared to say, the normal mail post usually takes more than 2 weeks to get the sample to be delivered. Once the package is sent out, please let us know the tracking number at the very first time, so we can track the delivery status.
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Men's wigs 18th century are very popular due to their unique features. In those days, people who wore toupee wig believe that hair systems reflect their personality. So, they had a strong desire to wear the hair systems that gave them abundant happiness. Different people from various sections wore the wigs they like to establish themselves. Especially, customers belonging to high-class professions had the habit of wearing sophisticated wigs. The 18-century wigs are made using animal hair and also human hair. Animals like horses and goats are commonly used for the purpose of making new wigs. These wig units had a huge demand among bald customers and look, oriented professionals.

Men's wigs 18th century

The main features of the wigs used in the 18th century are

Fully bottomed wigs are used by many customers in those days. The wigs are lengthy and curly mostly for the customers. The doctors, judges, and lawyers have used special wigs like square-shaped ones.

Side rolls wigs are also famous among the customers who lived at that time. These buckled wigs are majorly worn by professionals from many fields.

Also, the bushy top hair systems are very popular among young customers. This type is even popular nowadays also.

Long queues and tousled hair units are widely used by people who worked in government offices in those days.

The above features of the men's wigs 18th century are enticing a lot of people in those days. They wore it not only for the hair thinning issue but also for their better look.

What is the price of men's wigs?

in common, the wigs of the 18th century the cost of wigs for men is about $400. This wig price is meant for a full-bottomed wig and had a good demand among the customers. However, buckle shaped hair units cost less than the bottomed wig and is about 250$. The price of the wig is fixed for the synthetic types of wig units. The shop or the technicians who made these wigs also delivered comb to the purchasing customers for the task of attaching the wig to the head. The customers are given excellent tips about using these wigs by the experts who make wigs. The supply of styrofoam head along with the wig adds value to the product.

The wigs are powdered in those days for keeping the wig white in color. The wig powder is also used to keep the hairpiece colored, but most of the customers love keeping it white. Men wear wigs mainly to give mature look in those days. So, they selected these hairpieces to cope with their expectations. These hair systems gave a decent and high-class look to the users. The users of these wigs had felt mentally high due to their appearance. The self-pride and confidence are high among the customers who were wearing the hair systems. The powdered wigs lost their popularity soon at the fag end of the 18th century.

Why the 18-century customers did not like animal hair unit?

The 18th-century people slowly disliked the hair systems that are made of animal hair. The animal hair does not fit into the expectations of the bald customers because the wig had lice. Hence, the customers are slowly turned towards human hair made hair systems. The human hair units were found majorly among the customers due to their original look and the absence of lice. The clean and perfect human hair replacement systems enticed the customers a lot. These hair systems have given maximum revenue to the wig makers.


The trend of wearing big powdered men's wigs 18th century had begun to lose its popularity after some time. The trend slowly lost its shining feature and most of the males had started to wear short hair units without powdered form. Wearing wigs has become fashionable and popular in western countries mainly. Not only males but females of the 18th century had been wearing attractive bushy wig units like males. The cost of these units remained the same as we discussed above. In some fields, wearing wigs has become their uniform for males. Later as time passed on this trend declined among the wig-wearing customers in all fields including government servants. These wigs had given abundant importance in the life of people in the 18th century.
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As we know, hair systems are a great option for people suffering hair loss to regain confidence. However, attaching a hair system may not be easy. Hence, we introduce a few tips so that you can finish the application by yourself at home easier and quicker.

To better attach a hair system, you should first know the structure of hair systems. They are usually be comprised of two parts: base and hair. The quality of the base part will determine how you feel when wearing the system. The hair part represents the holistic effects a hair replacement system can bring to your appearance. It can be said that the two parts are equally important.

There are all sorts of hair replacement systems with varying prices and quality. The lace hair system is particularly breathable and comfortable to wear, which is suitable for people who like sports, living an active life, or who live in the warm climate area. Here are some tips telling you how to attach a lace hair system properly and correctly.

·For the base is the part directly touching your scalp, you need to cut the base into the shape that well fits onto your head. To wet the hair before cutting, because wet hair is easier to cut.

·If you are wearing an old hair system, do remove it carefully. If you want to keep the old one complete and do less damage to your scalp, spray hair product on the edge and remove it gently. There will be some remnants of glues or tapes left by the old one. Clean them carefully and make sure that your scalp is dry and clean thoroughly.

·An eyebrow pencil can be used to mark out several important lines on your head like the distance between the hairline and your eyebrow, the width of the edge, etc. An additional layer can be attached to your head so that your scalp can be better protected and the system will be attached more firmly.

·Spray some alcohol which is used to clean all invisible dirt and oil on places where the tapes will be applied. And then wipe the alcohol with a soft towel.

·Then, the lace tape that is recommended can be applied to the outside of the edges. Applying glue requires another layer as the basis. The glue cannot be applied to laces directly.

·Remember those lines that we mark out before. In this step, they play their roles. Put the hair system right in the position you design before. This is the most important step, to look at the mirror from different directions to make sure that the hair is put in the correct position.

·Stretching the hair system so that air bubbles will not be left and the system can be applied smoothly. After that, press the hair firmly to make it stick to your scalp. The whole process should last at least one minute.

·This is not the end of applying the lace hair system. Don’t hurry to go outside and show your new hair. You should keep the system dry with no sweat for 24 hours. After one day, you can get perfect hair and be confident again.

Following the above-mentioned steps, you can attach a lace hair system on your own. Or if you are afraid that you cannot handle it well, you can also ask the professional hairdresser for help. Find a reliable salon near you.

If you are still finding a suitable lace hair replacement system, here we recommend the online store Lavividhair. You can find and customize the hairstyle you like by contacting the company.

It is professional in solving clients’ problems relevant to hair products. There are also useful articles on its website to teach you how to remove and clean hair systems. Its lace hair systems are all made of quality hair with renowned brands.

After reading the article, we believe you have grasped some ideas of performing the hair replacement on your own. Order a deal on Lavividhair and try to give yourself a fresh appearance. We hope this article can clear out obstacles when you trying to put on a new mens hair system.
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From a solution to hair loss to the excitement of trying out different hairstyles and colors, some of us choose to wear toupees for many reasons. No doubt, finding the perfect piece can give your confidence a boost which is why albeit with the stigma of using one, it is still the best bad hair day quick fix for men. As synthetic hair has fast become a must-have item, particularly to those who are balding or whose hairlines are receding, we take a close look at why out of all the cool colors available, you should consider a gray hair toupee.

Sadly, developing gray hair even prematurely can hit a man's confidence since according to society, a silver top almost always translates to advancing in age. The same goes with thinning hair which is why most guys are distressed at the sight of their first ash-colored strand atop their already diminishing hair count. Fortunately, visibly aging in style has never been this trendy, bringing us to come up with reasons why every gray strand must be embraced:

Maturity Is Sexy

According to a survey, 80% of women find gray hair attractive on men. Now we know why Richard Gere and George Clooney chose the salt and pepper look rather than dye.

It Lends A Distinguished Look

Gray hair overflows with calmness, experience, and manhood. Not to mention confidence, inadvertently making silver foxes a sight to behold.

Graceful Aging

There is something with gray hair that provides men an air of security and authority. Generally associated with competence, wielding a gray crown oozes a great deal of financial freedom and trustworthiness, allowing a distinct advantage, particularly in business.

With proper styling and profiling, men with gray hair can give their appearance a fresh, young twist. Best of all, they can make what is often perceived as a sign of aging both modern and youthful. A gray hair toupee may not be an accessory that everyone has on their list, but with such great perks, it may not be a bad idea to find one that perfectly fits.

Why Should I Wear A Toupee?

For some, toupees are an integral part of their overall get up as they provide a fashionable and stylish upgrade for those with thin hair or who are bald. Available in various lengths, colors, and styles, it allows you to jump into the next voguish hairdo as effortlessly as changing your tie. Aside from getting rid of bad hair days forever, here are some of the advantages of donning a toupee.

Hides The Thinning And Dwindling

Factors such as hormonal changes, heredity, disease, and medication may cause hair loss. Since most people treat hair as a consequential figure of their general look, toupees cover up the thinning, ultimately giving your confidence level a boost.

Acts As Your Head's First Line Of Defense

Hair exists on top of our heads for a reason. It serves as our protection from sunlight and other such elements that may be harmful to that extremely sensitive region of our body. Toupees absorb heat and protect your scalp which makes sporting one beneficial to your health and charm.

The Style's The Limit

Normally, making life-altering decisions such as changing your hairstyle requires hours of deep thought and a trip to a hairdresser. But with an array of toupees to choose from, you can shake your haircut and its color, as well as cover your broad forehead, in no time.

Toupees offer the most convenient means to change your appearance entirely. Regarded as both time and cost-effective, it saves you from visiting your stylist regularly. Not only does a toupee provide awesome scalp protection, but it also supplies you with great fashion sense and a boost in confidence that grants a simple yet complete and utter make-over.


Every man would sooner or later face the reality of gray and thinning hair. As more mature men have warmed up to a silver mane, sporting a gray hair toupee nowadays sounds more appealing. With an increasing number of guys choosing not to dye, it is now common to see men brandishing toupees in a nifty shade of gray.
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Here in this article, Carlos will share with us his opinion about the differences among different mens hair system bases. Carlos is an experienced hair system wearer and he has a lot of years’ experience in this. He has tried the 0.03mm ultra thin skin unit, the silk base hair system, the Injected European hair system and a monofilament hair toupee. Let’s see how he says about each base.

First, let’s start with the 0.03 millimeter thin skin unit by LaVivid hair. The most important thing that I want to talk about today is the base of how does the hair look on the scalp area which is what we're all really interested in. So this is called a v-looped knot.

There really is no knots on this unit because the hair is just injected onto the skin onto the polyurethane that is known as thin skin in the wig industry and yeah you see that it just looks like your real hair. This is one of their most natural ones because there are no knots so you don't ever have to bleach any knots like you would have to on a lace unit or perhaps even on a monofilament unit.

The base is very fine. It's very thin and this is probably the thinnest unit that you'll ever find not only with LaVivid but with other companies carry the 0.03. It's very delicate but with good care it can it can last a long time. Usually for me I changed my units or when I was wearing them on the regular they'll last me about three to four months five months perhaps if you're really taking good care of it. One good tip that I want to give you guys is don't ever pull or stretch your unit especially the 0.03 ultra thin skin.

If you stretch it those knots they're there there's really nothing holding them there other than a thin coat of the polyurethane. That's the only thing that's holding it so one reason that this unit doesn't last a long time is that when you stretch this you're separating the hair from the base so it makes it shed and that's really all that happens to these units other than you know you might tear it if you pull on it if you're too aggressive with it if you brush your hair with one of these you might um poke a hole onto it and then pull it. That happened to me as well so that's a really big issue that a lot of people have with these units they think they don't last that long and it's just really because they're very delicate.

I'm going to be honest with you these right here the 0.03 is the most realistic one um I guess because you don't have to bleach knots and the base is just so thin it just melts onto your head.

Our next unit is going to be a silk top. A silk top is a very complicated base. It's composed of many layers. One of the layers right here is just kind of like a protective layer you see that it's just a lace-like some sort of mesh it has like a weird pattern on it and then right underneath that it's harder to see it but if you were here in person you could see it. Right underneath this mess there's a lace unit basically really and the lace unit is ventilated just like it would be ventilated on a regular lace and then the hair is pulled through a fabric that mimics the scalp and it gives you this ultra-realistic scalp look. There are virtually no knots on this unit at all. You never have to worry about it looking like a wig because it just looks really realistic. You would think that's somebody's head. There's just no lace no skin even if you had your own hair underneath nothing would be able to show because there's fabric right there this fabric that looks like scalp. It's not lace that's called the silk and that's why they call these silk top and the hair just is pulled out individually one by one and these right here can cost a lot of money. A lot of companies charge a lot of money for these because it takes a long time for it to be made.

You have to basically make a lace unit and then after you make the lace unit, you have to pull the hairs individually through the silk which is what gives it the most realistic look.

Let's get to the next one. The next unit that I have for you guys is another thin skin unit and this one right here it's ventilated differently because the thin skin is much thicker so it lasts longer. This is ventilated by a method called flat injection. Flat injection is different from the v-loop. It looks pretty realistic from the flat injection now if you want something that's going to last you a long time, this unit's really great because one of the great features about this is that the hair is one of the highest qualities of hair that you can find. This is European hair and it's not processed. It's not altered in anyways so the hair is going to last way longer and it's going to feel way softer.

It is something that I have to let you guys know because not a lot of people are educated when it comes to hair and they think oh why is my unit going bad so quickly why does it feel rough why does it feel dry and unfortunately it's because the hair is processed. It's colored it's manipulated in order for it to look great but not with these units this unit right here is the Cronus unit by LaVivid and like I said it's a flat injection unit.

It's going to look very much like the silk top but this one doesn't have any knots at all and it's just thin skin and this right here is called a flat injection thin skin it means that the hair is just injected going in and that's it there is no in and out like the v-loop. The v-loop goes in and out just like a v that's why it's called a v-loop but this one just injected completely flat and in one direction so the hair wants to lay in a certain direction but this is what the knots look like up close just like that. With the hair parted in different ways so you can see what you're gonna get you see that ultra realistic it looks awesome it looks really good. I truly enjoy this unit it's still going strong.

It is lace in the front and then there's a small part where there's um skin polyurethane and then the top up here is monofilament now monofilament is like lace but it's much thicker it's more durable and not a lot of people use this material on units so it's very rare but more of a jewish wigs do have the monofilament and on the monofilament you can see the knots right there of the hair where it was knotted onto the base.

This one's really designed to last a very long time it's very durable it's very strong this is pretty thick as well and I believe this has a flat injection on it as well and it looks like it grows out of your scalp.
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