Among the various business services, the on-demand service is bubbling out to be the most-used service. If you are an entrepreneur, sorting out ways to highlight your service among users, here is what you have to do. At Turnkeytown, we develop Uber like on-demand apps and mark them with our unique feature-set. With no further ado, let us get to know the app.

How our Uber for X script works?

The user will install the app and log in with the credentials.
Next, the user will enter his/her location and start looking for desired services nearby.
From the available service, the user will book the preferred service and make the payment.
Based on the user’s request, the delivery person/driver will complete the service.
The user can give reviews about the service in the reviews section.

Notable Features of the application:

Repeat/schedule services- The app provides flexibility to the user in scheduling his/her services. In addition, the user can also repeat the same service on a daily basis.

Live tracking- It is common that the user would like to keep track of his/her order/service. To fulfill this requirement, the app enables the user to track the orders.

Advanced search bar- The app has an advanced search bar with filter options that will ease the user’s search.

Summarizing, our Uber for on-demand services has all the features and benefits to take your business to the next level.
VanessaWilson 18 november 2020, 7:33

On-demand services have never failed to grab the attention of users. With the increasing demand for these services, establish your online presence with Uber for X script. At Turnkeytown, we diligently work on the features of the app to make it distinctive from competitors. Here are some of the features of Uber for services.

Inbuilt map- Users can view the list of service providers close to their location.
Schedule services- Users can schedule their services for a later date. This enables them to pre-book the services.
Live tracking- Users can track the exact location of their orders with the tracking ID. Once the order is confirmed, the admin will provide the tracking ID.
Ductile payment options- Allows users to make payments via multiple payment options like debit/credit cards etc.

With us, you can launch Uber for X, for different services. They are Uber for Taxi, Trucks, Tow trucks, Private jets, Cargo vans etc. Following is the basic functioning of the app.
    The user will log into the app after completing the registration process.
    Next, the user will select the desired service and make the payment.
    The admin will process the request by mapping it to the corresponding service provider.
    Once the order is confirmed the admin will send the tracking ID to the user.
    The delivery person will dispatch the order to the user.


We have a proven track of on-demand app development. We provide customizable, scalable and budget-friendly solutions. Since we provide ready made solutions you can launch the product into the marketplace in no time.
VanessaWilson 7 november 2020, 11:34

Our Uber for X script is crafted in a way such that you can effectively launch any on-demand business be it ride-hailing, food delivery, medicine delivery and lots more.

diegodevin 7 november 2020, 6:58

When Uber launched in 2011 it got instant reception worldwide, which in turn inspired many others to build an app in the business model as that of Uber. Uber for X works based on a simple concept for customers to get their products and services accomplished from the comfort of their homes. In order to offer better services for the customers, Uber for X app functions by operating around three different apps.

Driver app/delivery agent app: Drivers app in case of taxi or other commuting services and delivery agent app for flower and grocery delivery service. The app comprises features of receiving customers’ requests, navigation, and payment module. As it separates apps more features and functionalities can be incorporated into it.

Customers: The registration process is entirely different for customers when compared with the delivery agents. The delivery agents have to be verified for their authenticity, which may seem unnecessary for customers. These are one of the reasons pertaining to the usefulness of having a separate app. On the other hand, features are also different for each app.

Admin app: Uber for on-demand service makes it simpler for customers to get the services done remotely. The admin app has features comprising dashboard, advanced analytics and reports, earnings module, content management system, and many more.

These are some of the common functionality for customers, admin, and driver/delivery agent app while there are certain exclusive features pertaining to each on Uber for X clone based on their niche they belong to. On-demand app development has an immense scope as it is one of the preferred means among customers. TurnKeytown’s Uber for X clone script has all the advanced features required for efficient functioning.
VanessaWilson 20 october 2020, 14:38

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Industrial experts are trying to revolutionize each industry by trying out the Uber business model. At present, the Uber for X is the popular term in the startups club. Uber for X helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to start on-demand business.

There is a numerous list of uber for x products. Let us see the products one by one,

1. Uber for truck
2. Uber for courier
3. Uber for Mechanics
4. Uber for Car Wash
5. Uber for Tow Truck
6. Uber for Movers
7. Uber for Tow Truck

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The success of Uber has opened the doors for entrepreneurs to invest in on-demand apps and gain increased profits. This has led to the rise of Uber for X, wherein business owners leveraged their ideas on the business model of Uber. In simpler terms, while Uber restricted its services to taxi-riding alone, you can expand this model to offer several services. In this blog, let’s look at some of the best-performing on-demand services worth considering for investment.
    Uber for Laundry services: In this fast-paced world, people do not have time to do laundry. They neither have the patience to locate and access laundry services. This has made them lookout for alternatives. By developing an on-demand app for laundry, users can avail doorstep laundry services with just a few taps. If you are an entrepreneur who can connect multiple launderers to people in need or a laundry store owner, this is a profitable business venture worth considering.
    Uber for parking: The need for a parking space is considerably higher than that of any other service. People run late for important meetings due to the unavailability of parking spaces. Hence, you can join hands with private parking space owners and provide an online platform for users to book their spots well in advance. This is a viable business option in urban areas throughout the world.
    b>Uber for alcohol delivery:</b> People find it challenging to access pubs every time to get alcoholic beverages. So, how about delivering alcohol to users in need? Similar to food delivery, your platform can connect multiple liquor stores with users. With various ways of revenue generation, you cannot miss out on this on-demand service.

Final note,
The increase in the usage of smartphones has made people access services through an online medium. You can gain a stronghold of the market if you capitalize on Uber for on-demand services wisely. Get in touch with an app development company and tell them your ideas regarding the app. You’ll experience a significant boost in your sales in no time.
Ayyash 25 june 2020, 8:17

Several services have gone on-demand with the increased use of mobile apps, and businesses who are in the lookout for ways to expand their business operations have made use of this opportunity to take their services online. Owning an on-demand app for their businesses helped them garner a massive customer base as these apps served as a tool to reach a broad segment of audiences.

The rising demand for the development of on-demand applications has pushed the app development companies to cater to the needs by building readymade app solutions, i.e., Uber for X apps. Business people operating in the on-demand sector find it convenient to get their business app developed in a matter of a few days.

The 100% customizable Uber for X script offers several advantages that made entrepreneurs choose these solutions for their development purposes. Below are the benefits rendered by Uber for X clones:

Successful business model:

The Uber for X apps are built on a business model that is already existing and thriving in the market. It makes it safe for entrepreneurs to use these apps for their business without any doubts.

Pre-loaded with features:

If you develop the app from scratch, there are chances for you to miss out on some features. But readymade Uber for X app solution will have all features, both essential and advanced, integrated into it, ensuring the smooth operations of your business.

Saves time and cost:

When you develop an app from scratch, you need to spend a lot of time brainstorming the idea and come up with features and functionalities to include in the app. It is not the same case when it comes to Uber-like apps. These apps can be personalized as per your business needs in the shortest time possible. Also, they cost way less than developing an app from scratch. Thus, these app solutions are both time and cost-efficient.

If you are one among the avid entrepreneurs planning to set up an on-demand app business, take your shot at these Uber for X app without further thoughts. You will see a rise in your ROI within a few days of launching your app. Just go for it!
jackricher 13 february 2020, 12:17

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