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The most prominent structure of mycoplasma is that it has no cell wall, so it is completely insensitive to antibiotics such as lactams, vancomycin, cycloserine and bacitracin that act on cell wall biosynthesis.
  The use of antibacterial drugs can alleviate the clinical symptoms of animal mycoplasma disease to varying degrees, but generally cannot be completely eradicated, and the disease will recur after drug withdrawal.
  During the long-term drug treatment, Mycoplasma zoonium is generally resistant to oxytetracycline, lincomycin, polymyxin, rifampin and other drugs.
  Due to the emergence of concurrent infections and drug resistance, the combination of drugs to prevent and treat animal mycoplasma disease has more theoretical and practical significance.
  Tiamulin + chlortetracycline/doxycycline;
  tiamulin + sulfonamides;
  tiamulin + florfenicol;
  tiamulin + amoxicillin.
  5 reasons why tiamulin is preferred
  1) It has special effects on various types of mycoplasma.
  Tiamulin is effective against all kinds of mycoplasma, including Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycoplasma hyorhinosum, Mycoplasma synovia, etc., and it is also superior to Tylosin.
  2) Fast absorption and remarkable efficacy.
  Pigs reach the peak blood level 2 hours after oral administration and maintain it for 24 hours, which can restore the production performance of sick pigs as soon as possible.
  3) High security.
  It is suitable for pigs of different types and ages, has no effect on pregnant sows and laying hens, and can be used as long-term preventive medicine. There is no residue in animals and no pollution to the environment.
  4) Low drug resistance.
  Tiamulin has no similarities with other antibiotics and has no cross-resistance with most antibiotics.
  5) Significant growth promotion and remarkable economic benefits.
  Tiamulin has an obvious growth-promoting effect on livestock and poultry, which can increase the rate of return on feed and shorten the time for slaughtering pigs.
  3 Disadvantages of Tiamulin
  1. It is highly irritating and affects pigs’ feeding intake; 2. The particles are uneven and powdery, which makes it difficult to mix evenly with the feed, and the raw materials are insoluble in water; 3. Poor stability and greatly affected by temperature and pH in water.
  Quality identification method of tiamulin Good
  tiamulin is in the form of uniform granules, almost no irritating smell, and has good water solubility; the similar product tiamulin is in powder form, has a strong pungent smell, and is almost insoluble in water.
  Precautions for using tiamulin
  Tiamulin cannot be used with monensin, methyl salinomycin and salinomycin at the same time. Otherwise, it may cause adverse reactions, especially pigs and chickens will suffer from growth retardation, movement disorders, paralysis and even death. When using finished feed, first read the label or consult the technical personnel of the feed factory to see if it contains such drugs.
  Mycoplasma pneumonia control plan: "Taiqiang Combination"
  prevention: 80% tiamulin 200 grams + 10% doxycycline 1000 grams + licorice granules or banqing granules 500 grams per ton, for 10 consecutive days. Once at 60 and 100 days of age.
  Treatment: 80% tiamulin 300 grams + 10% doxycycline 1000 grams + licorice granules or banqing granules 1000 grams per ton, for 10 consecutive days.
  Other options for prevention and control: tylosin + sulfamethoxetine, tyvanectin + doxycycline; florfenicol + tylamectin.
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