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According to Korean media Aju News, Samsung plans to reduce at least 10% of the wafer production at the S3 plant in South Korea’s Hwaseong Park starting from the third quarter of 2023.

Samsung Semiconductor will start reducing production at the S3 plant in Hwaseong Park in the third quarter. The S3 factory is a 12-inch production line built and put into operation by Samsung Semiconductor in 2018. It currently mainly produces 10nm to 7nm products. It is also one of the main production plants of Samsung Semiconductor's EUV advanced process. Samsung has deployed multiple ASML NXE3400 EUV lithography machines for it. .

Aju News pointed out that this production cut is the first time in recent years that Samsung has artificially reduced the amount of wafers put into semiconductor factories.

During the downturn in the semiconductor industry, in order to invest counter-cyclically to squeeze competitors such as TSMC, Samsung was still seeking to expand production until the beginning of this year. It plans to increase wafer production capacity by at least 10% by the second half of 2023, but the decline in the semiconductor industry is far faster than Samsung. expected.

The amount of Samsung Semiconductor's products in stock is nearly 32 trillion won, a record high since records were kept. Therefore, after reducing memory production and raising prices, Samsung had to further reduce the amount of system LSI wafers to balance inventory.

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Recently, Europe has established a gallium nitride scientific research project of up to 60 million euros, aiming to establish a complete supply capacity from power chips to modules.

In addition to Infineon, another 45 of its partners are involved. There is no doubt that this large-scale and high-investment GaN project highlights Infineon's determination to increase the layout for three and a half generations. To some extent, this will also be an important step for Europe to increase its chip manufacturing share and create a resilient supply chain.

In February last year, Infineon announced that it would spend more than 2 billion euros to build a third plant in Kulim, Malaysia, to produce SiC and GaN power semiconductors. At the same time, it said that in the future, the Si production line at the Villach plant in Austria will be transformed and converted to SiC and GaN production capacity.

Earlier, #Infineon announced that it had signed a final agreement with GaN Systems to acquire the latter for $830 million. The slightly aggressive expansion and the continuous advancement of the GaN technology roadmap all prove that Infineon is coveting this "cake".

In the ranking of the world's top ten power semiconductor manufacturers in 2021, Infineon ranked first with its absolute revenue advantage, followed by ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, #Mitsubishi Electric, #Fuji Electric, Toshiba, Vishay, and #Anshi Semiconductors, Renesas Electronics, and Rohm. Almost every company here is accelerating the deployment of GaN.

From the perspective of the application of the third-generation half-power devices, consumer product power supplies, industrial and commercial power supplies, and new energy vehicles are the main markets. Especially as the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, the requirements for energy saving and charging efficiency are getting higher and higher, and the potential of three and a half generations is becoming more and more prominent.

GaN power devices are mainly used in fields such as on-board chargers and DC-DC converters. Compared with Si, GaN can increase the charging speed by at least three times; compared with SiC, it also has advantages in high temperature resistance, high frequency resistance and high voltage resistance.

However, currently limited by the wafer preparation process and cost factors, the output of GaN is far less than that of SiC, and the application speed is slightly behind.

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While the athletes are practiced, notes and videos diligently are taken and then collected into graphics and graphs that represent the performance of the athletes. After training, coaches and athletes will work together to discuss pain, sickness, and thinking about physical movements that occur far earlier. The system is very tiring but works as far as athletes and coaches know. It was until the technology recently changed the field of sports training. Moreover, According to the globenewswire, the market growth of sports coaching software is increasing. As well as, hypothesis of sports investigation and the investigation of execution insights may have been around since the 1980s, it was immensely advocated by Billy Beane – General Manager of the American ball club the Oakland Athletics during the last part of the 90s and mid 2000s

Advanced technology has become smaller, more resilient, and less burdensome for the past few years, paving the way for new opportunities, especially in athletics. Now athletes use sensors that convey real-time information to tablet trainers, GPS accurately shows movement, smartphones keep everyone the latest and can be used can prevent injury. Compared to the board and post-practice reviews, technology substantially increases athletic potential. For a dominating turn of events, Sports delegates use Sports Analytics software Development Services for their games programming.

Technology revolutionized sports training with direct tracking performances, perfecting athletic movements, improving communication and almost eliminating injury.
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Microsoft is one of the few corporations founded decades ago and still one of the largest tech giants. Even with many technology wars, it has stood the test of time that has weeded out many of its competitors.

However, one of the first wars that the company still faces every day is the war against pirates. Software pirates sold millions of fake copies of Microsoft products or uploaded them to torrent sites.
How much does piracy cost to Microsoft?
There are no official figures, but we can confidently say that the losses are expressed in billions of dollars.

Instead of imposing its own numbers (which would be detrimental to PR), Microsoft has adapted to informing businesses and consumers about possible losses from coiled software. Based on research conducted in 2014 Microsoft has released a publication collaborated with research firm IDC and the National University of Singapore.
Skull 5 april 2021, 19:45

Jitter clicking is a slightly more advanced version of jitter clicking, but just as dangerous. When a teen is jitter clicking, they are trying to see how long they can hold a mouse button down before they have to click again. Injuries can occur when a teen jitter clicks for too long without stopping. We know that most teens don’t know the dangers of jitter clicking, so it’s important that we educate them before bad things happen.

Measuring Jitter Clicking Speed
For some time now, web designers and front-end developers have been discussing the potential of a new unit of measurement for how fast a user can interact with a website. Commonly referred to as a jitter clicking speed, this unit is designed to measure how quickly users can interact with the website, which is done by clicking in a limited amount of time.

Jitter clicking speed (JCS) is a key component of the CPS test ( Clicking Performance Speed test). It is not easy to measure jitter clicking speed software and hardware independently. So we use a hardware method to calculate the jitter clicking speed of the crew. This method is quite simple. First, we need to prepare two USB flash drives. Then insert the first USB flash drive into the computer, and install the software on the USB flash drive. The software sends a series of instructions to the USB flash drive, and the USB flash drive will automatically perform a series of actions as a result.

Injuries Due to Jitter Clicking
Jitter Clicking is a phenomenon that involves involuntary clicking of the mouse, which causes injury or repetitive strain injury. While there is not much information on this phenomenon, the problem has been documented by health authorities, including the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. These agencies have reported on the fact that jitter clicking is caused by involuntary muscle contraction, and have acknowledged the risk it poses to computer users. Some injuries are not noticed until they become chronic, while other injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are immediately apparent.

As you may have heard, Apple decided to resist the temptation to add a jitter clicking feature to their new software. Apple has the highest number of users that are affected by jitter clicking, and it’s therefore in their best interest to make sure that the maximum number of users does not suffer from jitter clicking. (Apple would also be sure to get a lot of positive publicity if they made sure that such a large portion of their users would be able to play their games without jitter clicking.)

Other Jitter Clicking Disadvantages
Jitter clicking is a new malicious exploit. It is used to remotely execute malicious code on computers. It works in the following way: The malicious user clicks a mouse button at a high frequency, which causes the mouse to send a huge number of fake clicks to the computer. The fake clicks are interpreted by the computer as real ones. The computer then processes the fake clicks. If the fake clicks are processed fast enough, the computer will continue to process them, even after the malicious user stops clicking the mouse button. This is known as a buffer overflow, and it can be used to run a malicious program or to take control of the computer.

A new virus is spreading through jitter clicking. Jitter clicking is when someone clicks on a video at a regular interval, for example on a 10-second loop. Jitter clickers do not click on the video directly, instead, they click on the jitter clicker which opens the video at the correct time. This forces the video to auto-play.
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Pankaj 25 march 2021, 6:45

The flexibility of the hybrid cloud brings several benefits to the business that invests in this technology. Know the main ones:

Performance optimization
In the hybrid cloud, the manager can always modify the location where the resources are hosted. This ensures a higher level of performance for the enterprise: whenever necessary, the application can be directed to the public cloud and scaled according to demand.
aprabha2611 5 january 2021, 14:12

The online food delivery industry has boomed substantially since its inception and many of the giants that we know of today started off as start-ups. The industry is still open for grabs, and especially in places where online food delivery hasn’t started to make an impact yet. It’s a great idea both in the short term and in the long term, but in my opinion, looking at it in the long term would be a better idea.
Allencalvy 23 december 2020, 8:11

Gain a huge number of users by indulging in reliable LocalBitcoins Development Services. With Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, you can attain an advanced trading engine, attractive UI/UX, numerous payment gateways, robust security features, and many more according to your business requirements. Obtain a customized solution by dialing up their reputed developer team soon.
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Venturing into the online job marketplace can be a dream for many entrepreneurs. They might be in search of a perfect and affordable solution that will help them launch their business in no time. The key to setting up their business is here. Many app development companies in the market provide the Fiverr clone app to help business owners launch a profitable platform to connect freelancers or gig workers with entrepreneurs. It has various benefits, as mentioned below:

Easy job opportunities for freelancers:
The gig workers or freelancers will be able to find a temporary job opportunity with this app instantly. They do not have to search for a job in the traditional way anymore. This is one of the major advantages of an app like Fiverr.

Customized services:
With the help of this platform, you can provide customized service to the employers. Include filters, search boxes, and more to help them find the right person for their job. Offer features to help them communicate with freelancers instantly. This will attract all employers towards your brand or service.

High revenue:
Using the Fiverr clone app, you will have multiple sources of revenue that are consistent. Once you establish your brand and gather a large customer base, you will yield high profits and become one of the crucial players in the market.

Build a feature-rich Fiverr clone for Android, iOS platforms, and become a successful online job marketplace app in the market. Start with your development process right now.
jennifercarter 10 july 2020, 11:39

If you are a daring entrepreneur trying to set up an on-demand platform, then this is the right blog you choose.

Do you know you can build your on-demand platform in various ways? We are going to elaborate on the three practical ways in this blog.

Let’s dive in.
Ways to build your on-demand platform
1. To build an on-demand platform from scratch

If you are well-versed and have experience working in the programming language of Android or Swift or any cross-platform, you can build it from scratch by yourself without the need for others' help.

You need to be aware of the workflow and the development process. If you are familiar with the Agile methodology concept, you can start phase one of development and do a practical estimate on the timeline of the project.

Developing the first working model of your on-demand platform and releasing into the market would result in a lot of learning of your customers' opinion on your business and the platform.
2. Hire skilled developers to build your platform

You can hire experienced developers to build it for you. You should lucidly explain all the business goals and real essence of the idea before they commence their work. They would come with an elaborate and organized plan of converting your business idea into a working model.

Developers come up with the user scenarios for each functionality of the component. Once you feel satisfied with their project plan, they start the development and you can release the first beta version of your business app in the estimated time.

But the difficult part is finding experienced and skilled developers. It takes months to assemble the team before the start of the project. Yes, your business idea takes more than 12 months to launch a real-time app into the market.
3. Approach a technology company to build your on-demand platform

You can approach a web & mobile development company that has years of experience in developing on-demand or marketplace platforms for many entrepreneurs like you.

This is a much easier option compared to the other two. You just need to explain succinctly about your on-demand business idea to the business analyst, and they give the whole working plan of the project obliging to your requirements.

Some companies have pre-built on-demand platforms or uber clone scripts for entrepreneurs. You would acquire a copy of the whole developed source code and you can customize based on the requirements.

If you are looking for such uber clone scripts, Wooberly is the right choice. It is built with Flutter, a cross-platform tool, which reduces the cost of development. You can also develop the product in a short period and testing becomes easier.

The three ways to build your on-demand platform are:
    1. To build an on-demand platform from scratch
    2. Hire skilled developers to build your platform
    3. Approach a technology company to build your on-demand platform from uber clone script

Choose your path and start your dream plan.
Saadhika31 6 july 2020, 12:37
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