Now after you understand what the submittal construction and process, how exactly do you increase the essential submittal workflow, but sometimes frustrated? As indicated by the 2018 Construction Technology Report from JBKnowledge, by far most of development organizations (65.7%) just have somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 committed IT staff. According to statista, nowadays construction companies uses construction submittal software. It starts with increasing three main pillars:

Streamline Administrative Work: Reducing Mistakes and Mouth delays and Improving Organizations with Automatic Workflows
Give complete visibility: The entire team has access to documents and information needed right at their fingertips
Advanced tracking: anyone can see where shipping goods are in process, anytime, and know where they need to take the next action
Technology plays an important role in allowing pillars above. But where should it start? Here are 9 steps to help you streamline the submission process today with Cloud-based technology.

1. Automate your shipping log shipping
As mentioned earlier, the construction specifications describe the material and workmanship needed to build a project according to the design. Depending on the size of the project, specifications can range from 100 to 2,000 long pages and contain requirements for thousands of shipping items delivery.
Maxanderson 23 march 2021, 10:48

Image: TED Conference , CC BY-NC 2.0

In April 2017 published an article Will Gornalla from the University of British Columbia and Ilya Strebulaeva Stanford called "We bring venture business assessments to reality." In it, scientists analyzed the estimates of more than hundreds of world-famous companies (including technological ones) with an estimate of one billion dollars or more (the so-called "unicorns").

It turned out that these estimates do not always correspond to reality and can be repeatedly overstated. We publish the main findings of this study.
MeLavi 27 september 2017, 9:19

Since the days of a Gold Rush a little has changed in the rating of high-risk enterprises by the man. A half century later, still in the same California is the Silicon Rush epicenter.
Here are in the photo San Francisco in XIX century and today.
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What if someone copies your brilliant business idea?

About twenty people asked this question on Answers OnStartups:
When I meet with an investor, he may ask me: What if a big company copies your idea and develops the same website as you did?

How can I answer this question?

No, the question is: What are you doing now, knowing that a big company will copy your idea?

No, wait, the real question is: What are you going to do when another smart and quick startup will copy it and gets $10 million financing?
BumBum 9 june 2012, 11:23