Microsoft is one of the few corporations founded decades ago and still one of the largest tech giants. Even with many technology wars, it has stood the test of time that has weeded out many of its competitors.

However, one of the first wars that the company still faces every day is the war against pirates. Software pirates sold millions of fake copies of Microsoft products or uploaded them to torrent sites.
How much does piracy cost to Microsoft?
There are no official figures, but we can confidently say that the losses are expressed in billions of dollars.

Instead of imposing its own numbers (which would be detrimental to PR), Microsoft has adapted to informing businesses and consumers about possible losses from coiled software. Based on research conducted in 2014 Microsoft has released a publication collaborated with research firm IDC and the National University of Singapore.
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Are you a website developer who works on a collection of websites, or perhaps you want to build a custom website? When it comes to developing a high-quality website, your development language plays a vital role. Here are some of the best development languages for you to choose from.


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When customers order software development, everything they need is to get their mobile or web app development as quickly as possible and it should have high performance and quality. Customers usually imagine that a software development process is something incredible, unclear and time-consuming, whereas skilled developers consider it as one more task that will be solved in a short period of time. But what exactly does software development includes? This article will show you how an average development process looks like and what it consists of. Let’s go!

Steps Involved in Process of Software Development for Mobile and Web

Agile methodology: that is what a project team starts with

Of course, each software development company has its own rules and guidelines it adheres to, but today we will take basic Agile methodology that is used by many companies during the development process. Agile implies splitting of software into sprints. Sprint is a stage that includes a specific range of tasks that should be implemented during this stage.
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Software itself is the arrangement of guidelines or projects that instruct a PC. It is free of equipment and makes PCs programmable. There are three fundamental sorts:

System software to give center capacities, for example, working systems, plate the executives, utilities, equipment the board and other operational necessities.

Programming software to give developers instruments, for example, content managers, compilers, linkers, debuggers and different devices to make code.

Application software (applications or applications) to assist clients with performing assignments. Office efficiency suites, information the executives software, media players and security programs are models. Applications additionally alludes to web and versatile applications like those used to shop on, associate with Facebook or post pictures to Instagram.
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IDEX clone script is a 100% decentralized P2P crypto exchange platform for trading the Ethereum tokens. With high transparency and security, the IDEX Clone App Solutions offers a user-friendly crypto exchange platform to the traders. Here are the pointers that explain why it is necessary to invest in IDEX clone script to boost your income levels.

What is IDEX?

IDEX is a peer to peer crypto trading platform which combines the speed of centralization by utilizing the security of blockchain settlement.

IDEX is mainly appreciated for the decentralized Ethereum based smart contract exchange to enable real-time trading and also to support high transaction throughput.

Also, it is considered as the leading advanced decentralized Ethereum exchange which supports limit and market orders, enables gas-free cancels and most importantly it offers the top performance in filling several trades at once.

How are digital assets safer in IDEX?

The IDEX stores all the funds in the IDEX wallet and they are under the user's control. IDEX is completely safe since no one can make transactions without signing permission. Also, an escape hatch is included which allows the users to withdraw from the contract after a period of inactivity.

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Proof of concept is one of the most important custom software development stages. See how to write a PoC of your idea and make a high-quality product.
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One of the most important factors affecting the speed of development and the success of the project launch is the correct decomposition of the product manager idea into tasks for programming directly. How to do it right? Take the script of the new feature from the product and immediately start coding? First, write the acceptance tests, and then code that will provide their passing? And, maybe, shift everything to the shoulders of developers - and let them decide during the spam poker themselves?
Let's think about it and identify the problems that can arise in the process of separation of tasks, and the ways to solve them. In this post, we will discuss the basic principles of decomposition of tasks when working in a team. My name is Ilya Ageyev, I'm the head of QA in Badoo. Today I'll tell you how workflow affects decomposition, how different are testing and laying out tasks that arise as a result of decomposition, and what rules should be followed to ensure that the development process goes smoothly for all participants.
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