This story began when I learned about existence bpytop ... I was amazed at the detail of the charts and I began to figure out how it was done. It turned out that Braille characters were used to display the graphs, which are a combination of 8 points: 2 points in width and 4 points in height. After looking for ready-made solutions using this approach, I found on reddit announcement such the project ... In the very first comment of the announcement, I read:
It's cool, but why don't people just rediscover ReGIS (vector graphics in the terminal) and sixel (pixel graphics in the terminal).
Until this moment, I did not know anything about sixel. Digging deeper, I found out that in theory sixel should be supported by xterm. I ran xterm on my ubuntu 20.04 in vt340 emulation mode

xterm -xrm "XTerm*decTerminalID: vt340" -xrm "XTerm*numColorRegisters: 256" executed the following command (convert is a command from the imagemagick package)

clear && convert <(curl -s sixel:- and saw this:

Wow, it works!
Tags: sixel
KlauS 25 march 2021, 19:00