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Defend the value of the crypto venture by launching a security token offering india.

The fundamental services rendered are token development with cutting-edge blockchain technology, effective management of digital assets by establishing an STO exchange platform, STO marketing by reaching out to the target audience through various communication channels, tokenized asset offering development to attract potential investors, STO whitepaper preparation, payment system creation to handle a large volume of transactions, and ensuring community management through a high-end support system.
ericfaulkner999 21 december 2020, 7:32

A Security token offering can be made on mainstream blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Stellar.

The steps followed are gathering your business prerequisites, website development, curating the whitepaper, development of a customized blockchain network with inbuilt smart contracts, creation of the security token, organizing the crowd sale campaign, creating an exclusive dashboard for investor management, rendering community management, and offering specialized help.
ericfaulkner999 16 december 2020, 7:41

Many sectors like healthcare, real estate, financial services, logistics, education, and retail are using our Security token offering service to the fullest extent.

We comply with ERC-20, ERC-721, and ST-20 standards for tokenization and investors get dividends, buy-back rights, profit-sharing rights, and equity.

We develop equity tokens (for companies to raise capital quickly along with voting rights), asset-backed token development (assets like real estate, precious metals, automobiles), debt tokens (with a payback guarantee after a certain period), intellectual property-backed tokens (provides IP rights to the investors apt for authors and movie producers to avail patents, royalty, and copyrights), and energy tokens (used in smart city projects, green mining farms, smart houses, and oil fields).
ericfaulkner999 9 december 2020, 6:35

Get help from security token development to build the trust of investors. STO development services can give you authorization in profit sharing rights, buy back rights, equity at each level and dividends. A team with good technical expertise will be availed to you here. All you need to do is to discuss your thoughts with them and get the service delivered.
Get a rich experience of STO development through our market-leading STO development company. There are issues of gas prices, network overcrowding, and protocols to be followed. To get over these issues, our company has developed customized scalable blockchains and smart contracts to fit your requirements on Ethereum, Stellar or Hyperledger.
Security token development is a source of liquidity which has many added advantages like attracting global investors, access to the market independently, affordable rates with faster execution, fractional ownership, and reach in the market to potential investors. They offer services like landing page optimization, legal services, marketing an exchange platform, and ETO development.
ericfaulkner999 18 november 2020, 10:32