The role of school nursing has historically been designed to encourage educational achievement by encouraging student attendance.

The role of the school nurse has evolved over the past century to include essential components, such as monitoring, management of chronic diseases, emergency preparedness, mental health evaluation, ongoing health education, thorough case management, and much more. The central focus of keeping students safe and in school remains unchanged, although the position has taken on a more systematic approach. For academic achievement, school attendance is important.

Through their regular access to vast numbers of students, school nurses provide both person and population health, making them well equipped to meet and organise the health care needs of children and adolescents. In the school setting, the influence of social health determinants is felt and well known to school nurses.

EHR & School Nursing Software help school nurses provide population-based health care to the entire school community through effective data management systems, including recording, monitoring and review of student health data. EHRs are capable of aggregating data in real time, enabling school nurses to recognise health patterns easily, such as communicable diseases or students with health risk potential, and take swift action
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