Cities are getting cramped
Nearly a third of the entire world’s population is predicted to live in cities – urban areas by 2050. Cities offer better standard of living, better healthcare facilities, lot of job and business opportunities. When most of us move to big cities, they tend to get cramped for space. This causes a lot of headache for city planners – especially as they got to accommodate more people, more vehicles – meaning cities need better and smarter infrastructure design solutions. And multi storey car parks – though not an old concept – fits right into any cramped city.

Multi-storey car parks solves many problems

With subways and roads going underground, there’s only one way car parks can grow – upwards. There are numerous rewards for constructing a multi storey vehicle parking unit from the ground up. Here are five reasons why they work.

#1 Lack of space

Multi-storey parking facilities can store a lot more vehicles than any other parking space. If we combine automated ramps and lifts which can lift cars and park them without the need of a valet, then we can accommodate more vehicles in such parking spaces.
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Airports generate income from three sources
With air travel getting cheaper, more destinations are being added in developing economies – especially in Asia. More destinations means more airports. Airports generate income from three sources:

Surcharges levied as part of the ticket fare
Income generated through retail spaces inside the airport premises
Income generated from parking services
Transport hubs such as airports and subways are prime locations to generate a lot of retail based income. As more people drive to airports, they constantly pay parking charges. Come to think of it, why do airports treat these three sources of income as separate entities.
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In this post: we look at how major cities could manage parking issues with smart parking solutions and what regulations can help cities plan future-proof infrastructure.

America’s fascination towards football – especially the Super Bowl LIII – is mesmeric. While the city of Atlanta hosted the latest showdown, the city planners, police and even Lyft had a part to play in ferrying hundreds and thousands of sports fans. More than 1 million people were expected to arrive in Atlanta by that afternoon. Just watch this video to see the impact of people influx on a city’s traffic management.

Some percentage of fans would come from other cities or states, and the rest from Atlanta itself. The question is, if cabs such as Lyft and Uber are bringing people in and thousands who drive down to the majestic Mercedes Benz stadium, where do they park all the cars?

Atlanta, USA – February 2018: Cars drive by the Mercedes Benz Stadium illuminated at twilight.
Most American mega-cities – such as Philadelphia and New York – have excess parking spaces. The trouble is, they are being used inefficiently. If we ask mayors and city planners of each major American city about what concerns them about city planning – they wouldn’t hesitate to point at managing traffic and parking.

Most of human population is heading towards major cities, the urban jungles, so to speak. While many of us move to big cities in search of jobs, business opportunities, hundreds and thousands of travelers arrive for leisure and cultural events and activities. One major factor which influences what people think about a particular city’s infrastructure, is the ease of travel and parking. Either people clog roads to travel to and from work, or the city welcomes millions of tourists, either way, there got be efficient parking facilities available. All of us expect to quickly and efficiently locate an open parking space.

The time is right to implement smart parking management

Every major city around the world is about to face similar challenges. Many cities in the United States alone are talking about implementing smart parking solutions. The idea is to bring a variety of parking spaces under a handful of grids to simplify parking space management on a city level. The issue is not lack of parking spaces, it is to do with efficient management of parking slots.

A recent study conducted by the International Parking Institute in 2018 threw some light on what people expect in terms of parking technology to be implemented across major cities. What people want is intelligent guidance systems built into parking management solutions. Such a feature, when integrated on to a parking lot service app, would guide traffic to empty parking slots quickly and efficiently. Thereby saving time and money (gas) in finding a place to park your car.

With usage of smart sensors and affordable IoT platforms, any parking space can be converted in a smart parking lot. When LIVE data is fed into the parking lot app, then it is easy for people to be guided to the nearest (available) space. Real-time updates with reliable and live information captured from sensors facilitate intelligent parking decisions that are based on data, not luck.

For cities such as Atlanta, which saw a tremendous influx of people arriving for the Super Bowl LIII, such smart parking initiatives would have eliminated most issues in managing traffic and parking.

Parking management insight is a gold mine

The bigger picture city planners should look at is the insights they generate. Once smart parking systems are implemented, it starts collecting massive amounts of data about traffic and parking inflow. Analysts can dig deep to ascertain hourly demand each day. Such data can help city planners make adequate upgrades to existing city infrastructure to tackle future traffic and parking demand. Hang on a minute. How can the traffic management hub of a particular city get its hands on data generated by each and every – privately owned – parking space?

We need new data sharing regulations in major cities of the world

Regulations should mandate every parking space owner to implement smart parking solutions – may be through subsidies to encourage quick on-boarding. This is possibly the only way to boost mass on-boarding in quick time. The second part of the regulation should ensure that each parking lot business to share data with local municipalities. Insights gathered from this data will help cities to better equip themselves to tackle sudden influx of traffic and demand for parking.

We all know that Airbnb is a prime example of a business which has excelled at allowing people to share resources on-the-go and make money from it. What we have done is take the Airbnb platform, clone it, and redesign it to suit the parking spaces industry.

What you get is an Airbnb like platform where parking lot businesses can register and sell slots on-the-go. Not only that, the in-built map allows drivers to check empty parking spaces and let the app guide them to the desired location.

Users can pay within the app itself, making the entire experience completely paperless. Visit for detailed info.
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Synopsis: in this post we look at 6 steps which will help you organize and run your parking lot easily.

#1 Create a free flow of traffic

Most people who visit your parking lot are not aware of the layout. Use sufficient signs to guide people in and out of the lot. This makes easy movements of vehicles and people would love you for making it butter smooth. Using barricades during peak traffic inflow makes for safe car movement.
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Snippet: In this post we highlight the top 5 parking management trends from around the world.

Parking – an unstructured menace

Parking is a menace. We all know that, as we have experienced it first hand, frequently. As our population grows, more of us move towards urban areas. Primarily because there is better access for jobs and standard of living.

City parking spaces – Rentcubo

With this constant influx of people into our cities, managing parking is only going to get difficult. Because the participants in urban mobility are scattered, and are not regulated under one umbrella, it is very difficult for city municipalities to move with changing trends of urban mobility. Hence most cities find it extremely difficult to administer innovative solutions.

Uber and Lyft have changed the way we commute. This concept of shared resources have managed to afflict a shift in thinking. The younger generation is no longer interested in owning cars – what with high buying and maintenance costs. Add to it, highly jammed roads and motorways, irregular parking has rendered car ownership completely redundant.

This is not to say that car makers will shut shop. But, there is a greater need for all players who are part of urban mobility to work together and deliver a cohesive car and traffic management solutions.

We have written about the growth in vehicle ownership – with statistics – and its huge impact on parking management in this post. Do read here it to see a fresh perspective on the industry.

Despite the dwindling interest in car ownership, there still are millions of cars – and they need ample, quick, safe parking spaces. And this need is driving tremendous innovations in the parking lot management industry. The idea to find any – or a set of – solutions is to make parking more accessible, affordable, convenient, and efficient.

#1 Urban infrastructure as a whole
Most of our malls, cinemas, universities, and city centers are woeful at providing seamless parking solutions. Add to this, the rapid pace at which our urban living conditions are changing. These factors have made it incredibly tough to plan and build the right infrastructure. Especially an infrastructure which should stay relevant for at least a decade. Building more parking spaces may not be the right answer.

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars
However, there are cities and urban municipalities who have taken to the concept of smart city planning. This is a unique way of looking at urban planning from the bottom up. Where all amenities, utilities are considered in the designing phase itself.

Cities such as Singapore, Barcelona, and London are just a few cities who have made great progress in this direction. More cities are in the pipeline of implementing such smart strategies. The remarkable aspect of implementing these smart city projects in a phased manner is that it gives new cities a chance to learn from previous projects and make the necessary modifications. What people in the business world call – being AGILE.

Robots Parking Cars: The Garage of the Future | WIRED
#2 Map guided parking solutions

Imagine you open your app on the phone – even before reach the parking lot. The parking lot app – from your local parking management space – tells you how many empty spaces are available (made possible by IoT sensors which highlights empty slots on the app immediately). You plan your route accordingly. You are now close to the parking lot, and the mobile app with a live map guides you to the nearest slot – without you having to touch your phone again.

Map guided parking spaces – Rentcubo

You come back after a while, drive your car home, and the app calculates the fee and notifies you once the money is paid. Seamless, easy, secure, and most of all hassle free. This is the power of map guided smart parking solutions.

As more people use such apps, it starts collecting more data and helps administrators plan parking lots in a better way.

#3 No more paying cash
The same parking lot app which guided you to the parking lot will have its own e-wallet linked to your bank account. After each parking, it sends you a payment notification. You approve it by tapping YES, and it’s done.

Pay by phone parking systems – Rentcubo

There is another way. You can pre-fill your parking lot wallet and allow the app to deduct the parking charges automatically without your intervention. And the app can send you a weekly spending report for you to monitor.

#4 Everything is now on the mobile phone
The previous two examples bare evidence for the tremendous impact of smartphone on the parking lot industry. Map guided navigation and easy payments are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the future we will see hybrid apps which combine the following features in one – single app:

Google Maps like feature with live traffic updates
Urban public transportation services like trams, metros, Uber and Lyft
And parking slot booking and guidance
This is the future.

#5 Managing curbside
Untidy planning and management of curbsides not only affects parking spaces, but it also hinders free flow of traffic. Cars and trucks parked incorrectly means vehicles plying on that particular street will end up driving slowly.

Curbside Parking - Rentcubo
Curbside Parking – Rentcubo
The solution to this is a fresh redesign of curbsides. In 2016, the city of Seattle implemented and enforced new policies that redefine the curb lane as a “flex zone,” instead of a parking lane. Depending on the street type, the lane is divided into priority zones with in-lane stops, dedicated loading spaces, and protected bike lanes.

An Airbnb clone for Parking Lot management

Buying or investing on software solutions is a tough ask, especially with multiple platforms offering similar features.

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That is why we have built a LITE version of RentPark which can be downloaded for FREE. Experience the platform before you buy it. At Rentcubo, we offer round-the-clock technical support to help you from the day you buy the platform till the day you take it live.

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Smart parking the load up system is a clear, beneficial, and down to earth technique for effectively operating control over parking spaces in settings such as supermarkets, shopping centers, gyms, business estates, hotels, public council-run land, and more. These machines are easy to introduce and give ease, easy to understand an experience that is consistently associated with the ANPR connected robotized installment framework. Dealing with a parking part is an unpredictable business. What’s more, a large portion of the parking part of the executives tasks is still directed physically, particularly in India.

The difficulties duplicate with multi-inhabitant parking parcels where a significant level of coordination and collaboration is required among the parking space suppliers or proprietors and their occupants. A couple of quick parking issues that need arrangement: following the vehicle and guest subtleties on section and leave, checking the left spaces, recognizing void openings and forestalling their abuse, incorporated admittance control, spotting approved and unapproved parking, installment issues, and some more.

Parking Issues

The organization or the office administrators of parking spaces face these difficulties consistently. Parking parcel the executives was a significantly confusing business. Also, more significantly, no total parking arrangement existed that could mechanize these cycles. Some independent equipment and fundamental programming exist for facilitating a portion of the staggering parking issues. Yet, none that settled all the parking issues via mechanizing parking the board start to finish.

Before we examine the sort of parking arrangement that can settle parking the executives issues, let us first Glance at the issues.

It’s everything actually done physically

Does the vehicle have a place with an approved staff? Is their pass still substantial? Imagine a scenario in which an uncommon visitor who has no substantial pass needs to leave their vehicle. Is there enough void spot? Has the person been charged suitably? These are only a couple of the watches that the parking staff needs to lead physically every time a vehicle enters or leaves the parking entryways. The entire cycle is awkward and blunders inclined, prompting numerous disappointed parking or office supervisors and visitors.

Erroneous account of information

Since the greater part of the information is caught physically, it will undoubtedly be off base. Transcribed paper parking tickets are given. These are again inclined to misfortune and control. Paper registers are loaded up with subtleties of the vehicles making sections and exit from the parking door throughout each and every day. How would you even start to recover information from these registers when the need emerges? It’s almost unimaginable.

Bothered safety officers

Most aspects of the parking space tasks rely upon the truthfulness and sharpness of the faculty positioned at the parking parcel. However, envision an individual following, checking, and recording vehicle and space subtleties on an hourly premise all day every day. It is ridiculous to anticipate that the group should do mistake-free and smooth work regardless of how proficient the individual might be. A human brain can deal with just so much data given a restricted time. Additionally, expanding the quantity of staff builds the expense of workers without a proportionate increment in proficiency.

Bothered clients

Lines at parking parts, particularly during times of heavy traffic, are a typical sight. Since the parking faculty requires some investment in checking and confirming the passes and vehicle subtleties. The hour of visitors and clients are additionally squandered. This prompts a negative client experience. Business parks, for instance, that give an awesome encounter, in any case, ought to be stressed over the experience of their visitors in the parking parts.

Worker cost and overheads

Putting resources into the correct arrangement, one that settles the useful issues looked at via vehicle parking part proprietors and staff, will be far more practical over the long haul.

Mistake free installments influence the bottom line emphatically

The expansion in productivity because of introducing the correct parking the board framework against employing more workers is exceptional.

The Right Parking Management System

Ideal parking the board arrangement is a coordinated framework that illuminates parking the executive’s issues from both equipment and programming viewpoint. It computerizes the whole framework from section to exit and kills every single manual cycle – an errand that requires an elevated level of collaboration and coordination.

Programmed section, no manual check

A smart vehicle parking framework perceives whether a vehicle is approved for a parking space. The RFID tag on the vehicle permits the vehicle passage at the parking door through a blast hindrance that consequently opens. A robotized parking framework additionally perceives all classifications of guests – staff, guests, unique visitors, and so forth – and assigns a space appropriately in seconds dependent on the accessibility.

Moment pay-and-park tickets

In the event that the individual in the vehicle is a guest, the person would get an auto-produced restricted pass that could be QR code-based. The smart parking framework will naturally allocate the guest with a parking space that is held for pay-and-park vehicles.

No blunders, get total reports

A smart parking framework kills all paper-based work – be it parking tickets or paper registers. Mistakes in installments become a relic of times gone by. Parking space suppliers can have confidence that all information is naturally caught and put away in an incorporated framework. The framework can likewise give helpful reports that are available to the administration whenever, anyplace.

Ideal space usage

Since all openings are pre-dispensed and pre-saved for explicit inhabitants – their staff, guests, visitors – or other special purposes, space use is ideal. The interest and flexibility of space are entirely adjusted on the grounds that spaces and openings are pre-allocated in a mechanized parking framework.

Cautions and alarms

Any unapproved utilization of a parking spot can set off cautions. The parking faculty can take the proper choice on schedule. A robotized vehicle parking framework can likewise give moment tickets if there should arise an occurrence of any standard infringement in the parking premises.

Fulfilled clients and visitors

A significant objective of any cycle improvement is consumer loyalty. Parking the board framework that effectively deals with the parking parcel prompts upbeat clients. All-out destruction of the confusion at the parking part would prompt upbeat guests, inhabitants, and staff. It’s a success win circumstance for all. Keeping the complex problems in mind, Rentcubo’s Rentpark is a smart parking solution for all complex problems that a parking management system endures.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
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If your parking business suffers from inefficiencies, it is time to switch to a smart parking solution. Central to smart parking solutions is the software that powers it. A smart parking management software automates the parking spot searching, the process of payment, integrates revenue strategies, and includes critical components like big data, data analysis, and complex algorithms. Implementing parking software for your business can have several significant benefits in terms of business success.

How to improve your parking business?

So let’s have a look at some of the benefits offered by smart parking systems and from that, you will realize how you can improve your parking business!

Easy to use
The ease of accessibility and user-friendly nature of the parking software makes handling the system quite easily. Apart from usability, cost-effectiveness is another benefit of this system as it runs on a minimum workforce and saves more money. Maintaining the parking management system is also easy as it is well organized and structured.

Real-time data
Launching a parking software system gives you instant access to real-time data of your parking lot business. By collecting information about customer behavior and other important details, your business gains a competitive advantage from a marketing standpoint. Your business will grow tremendously as you streamline your focus towards offering better solutions to your target audience. With real-time information about the parking space, your parking solution can generate a report based on the data. Your parking software generates reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and it can go a long way in helping your business gain insights about your customers.

Superior technology
Parking management software is well renowned for its integration with technology. Smart solutions are based on technological innovations like IoT. You can customize the technologies that power your parking solutions to suit the unique needs and requirements of your parking business. The technology that powers parking management software makes it easy to install and access from any device, anytime, and pay securely within the app itself.

Delivers great user experience
If you are looking for different ways on how to improve your parking business, focusing on delivering a great user experience to your customers is important. Launching parking software for your parking business will likely transform the user experience of your customers. The location search, ease of finding parking lots, different payment methods, and other integrated features contribute to the seamless user experience for customers. By enhancing the customer experience, you ensure the growth of your business via word of mouth.

Higher ROI
Implementing smart parking solutions can be costly (there are low alternatives as well), but the investment is worth it. By using an automated parking management service, you can implement a tiered payment model for users and thereby a revenue channel for your business. You may also integrate loyalty programs for consistent users. By boosting the customer experience and convenience, you can improve your brand image which is bound to considerably increase your overall revenue stream. If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market and generate a steady amount of income, implement a peer-peer parking management marketplace that connects parking space owners with car owners.

Improves security
Focus on the security aspect of the parking management system to strengthen the trust amongst your users. Car theft is one of the major problems in most parking lots. Hence, when you develop parking management software, integrate safe features to ensure the security of vehicles. Integrate theft dynamics built into your software to offer an improved security benchmark. With the technologically advanced features, parking management software offers safety, privacy, and upgraded security features to all users. Parking management systems must also prevent unauthorized access to parking spaces which will improve the confidence of car owners to use your parking management platform.

Another benefit of parking management software to parking business is its versatility. It is quite easy for both parking space owners and vehicle owners to leverage it. The software is very flexible and offers convenience to users. Based on the number of vehicle traffic, you can adjust the software to cope up with the incoming bookings. As parking solutions are organized in a structured manner it is easier to regulate, manage, and control.

Parking management software offers a real-time capability to ensure that user demands of convenience and speed are fulfilled. The software can also be customized to include loyalty programs to reward regular customers. By creating customer profiles that collect data on buying patterns and behavior of users, a reward system helps to widen the customer base and to retain them at the same time.

Increases revenue generation capabilities
Parking management systems also increase the revenue generation capability of your business and helps in boosting loyalty. Most parking businesses generate revenue by earning from the flat rate or hourly parking rates. If you are running a parking management marketplace, you will make money through commissions earned from each transaction. To set up additional revenue streams, you can offer premium listings, loyalty programs, and other add-on services to your users.

Reduce management cost
By implementing parking management software for your business, you can automate the major operations. This automation reduces the staffing requirement as your business can save on labor and other costs. Automating the otherwise manual task improves response time and cuts down the time lost in fulfilling these tasks. Additionally, digitization also helps to reduce extra costs and offer a clear value proposition for ROI planning.

Integrates other software applications
For better results, parking software uses integrated software applications that can be customized according to your business requirements. It creates space for third party software and integrations that are designed to make the user experience of your parking management software uniquely great.


Managing parking space is a demanding and tedious job and advanced parking management solutions that cater to a diverse requirement are essential to the success of any parking business. An innovative parking management system that is dynamic, adaptable, and features highly customized functionalities can effectively improve customer satisfaction and optimize revenue generation. The efficient functioning of parking management software makes it a great integration for any type of parking business. A parking management system is mutually beneficial for both parking space businesses and users alike.
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