Refinancing rental properties has gotten inseparable from a few convincing advantages. In any event, it can open a huge number of wealth-building openings, including the capacity to bring down interest rates, costs, and regular monthly payments, improve loan terms, and make extra money streams.

All things considered, dreadfully barely any new investors know that this system even exists. For some explanation, there’s a whole unforeseen set of investors that don’t understand the open door they are missing up. Honestly, rental property refinancing corresponds with an inborn level of danger. Along these lines, it’s basic for investors to grasp their motivation for refinancing as well as gauge the dangers versus the prizes. Done accurately, and for the correct reasons, refinancing a rental property can be an incredible move. Study why investors might need to refinance a rental property in their own portfolio, here.
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The inception of the car rental business makes an efficient way for people to hire car rental services affordably. The demand for economical cars is already experiencing the fastest growth and will continue to grow fast in the future as well. With the global car rental market size expected to hit $164.335 million by 2022, the car rental business is a competitive industry and makes a great business idea for any entrepreneur who intends to start a business. Considering these figures and facts, it’s no wonder that car rental businesses are popping up everywhere.

If you are serious about starting a car rental business, the first thing to consider is the niche you intend to operate. A rental car business can cater to more than just travelers at the airport, train station, or bus terminal. To start a business on car rental services in this digital world, a website is another important requirement to make your brand appear more professional and to receive a decent flow of business. With creative ideas, you can invest in new ways to create your own version of the car rental business.
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Cities are getting cramped
Nearly a third of the entire world’s population is predicted to live in cities – urban areas by 2050. Cities offer better standard of living, better healthcare facilities, lot of job and business opportunities. When most of us move to big cities, they tend to get cramped for space. This causes a lot of headache for city planners – especially as they got to accommodate more people, more vehicles – meaning cities need better and smarter infrastructure design solutions. And multi storey car parks – though not an old concept – fits right into any cramped city.

Multi-storey car parks solves many problems

With subways and roads going underground, there’s only one way car parks can grow – upwards. There are numerous rewards for constructing a multi storey vehicle parking unit from the ground up. Here are five reasons why they work.

#1 Lack of space

Multi-storey parking facilities can store a lot more vehicles than any other parking space. If we combine automated ramps and lifts which can lift cars and park them without the need of a valet, then we can accommodate more vehicles in such parking spaces.
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The current state of parking and innovation
If we look at what entails our commute, it is very interesting to see factors which have to work in unison to make transportation easy. From the technologies in our cars, technologies to build and maintain road networks, fuel station and charging grids, and parking spaces, all these factors tied up neatly forms a smooth transportation network.

If we look closely into each factor, we can clearly see adoption of technologies to boost performance. Just look at the geeky tech available in our cars – auto pilots, reverse parking sensors, night vision driving, auto parking, and the list is endless.
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Airports generate income from three sources
With air travel getting cheaper, more destinations are being added in developing economies – especially in Asia. More destinations means more airports. Airports generate income from three sources:

Surcharges levied as part of the ticket fare
Income generated through retail spaces inside the airport premises
Income generated from parking services
Transport hubs such as airports and subways are prime locations to generate a lot of retail based income. As more people drive to airports, they constantly pay parking charges. Come to think of it, why do airports treat these three sources of income as separate entities.
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Guest satisfaction surveys are utilized by entrepreneurs to check how the organization is seen by the supporters of the administration. Sorting out a survey is the initial phase in evaluating customer response to your administrations. Finishing by making required enhancements assists with guaranteeing your future development and achievement. You can set up a survey on your Hotel site, enlist a survey organization, or give your customers polls to return face to face or electronically. Visitor satisfaction in the friendliness business is critical. Cheerful hotel visitors are probably going to come back again and perhaps suggest the hotel.

The encounters that your visitors have are going to last far longer than their stay with you – which is the reason you have to organize the appraisal of their satisfaction. Even in the wake of investing so much energy, cash, and endeavors, associations experience a couple of customers sneaking away. Lately, it has become an essential apparatus for upgrading customer joy and dependability.
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Many economists believe that the economy as we have come to know it will seamlessly merge with the modern day sharing economy at some point in the near future. At the center of this transition is Airbnb. Started by two roommates in San Francisco. They put out an airbed mattress and offered free breakfast to travelers.

How AirBnB Started?

Considering how expensive SF was (and still is today), the two roommates got themselves bookings in a flurry. They brought on another mate of theirs to code a platform and allow anyone to list their room or home to earn extra income. This is the power of sharing economy.

Where are we headed?

The world will look different in the future. There are already companies working to disrupt the real estate industry as we come to know it today – both residential and commercial real estate. Instead of buying or leasing office spaces or residences, we all will just become members of a large platform – which will allow us access to any office or residence across the city, state, country or even the world. This is the future, and it looks darn interesting.
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Snippet: in this post we look at Airbnb, how it makes money and how much it costs to build an Airbnb clone script.

What is Airbnb

We all know that Airbnb is a peer to peer service sharing platform. It allows people list their assets (homes or properties) and allow others to pay for such temporary living accommodation. All this is carried out online – via both web and mobile apps. Airbnb has turned the hospitality industry upside down ever since it broke through the market in 2008.

01 - Airbnb home page - Rentcubo
Not only the rooms and homes are affordable (some are expensive, we agree), but the whole transaction happens so seamlessly as well. We have a very interesting account of how transparent and open Airbnb is, and what entrepreneurs in the sharing economy can learn from Airbnb – check this detailed post – we are sure you will like it.
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Today industry leaders and governments all over the world are taking drastic measures to make our industries and economies more sustainable. To market a self storage business like any other won’t generate much traction today.

However, there is good news. Today consumers are very aware of businesses impacting local environments. If you are building a new self storage business or are looking at boosting revenue for an existing one, it is a fantastic idea to implement green measures and highlight the same in your marketing messages.
ShirleyStewart 16 november 2020, 5:09

Synopsis: in this post we look at 6 steps which will help you organize and run your parking lot easily.

#1 Create a free flow of traffic

Most people who visit your parking lot are not aware of the layout. Use sufficient signs to guide people in and out of the lot. This makes easy movements of vehicles and people would love you for making it butter smooth. Using barricades during peak traffic inflow makes for safe car movement.
ShirleyStewart 13 november 2020, 4:23
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