In this post: we look at bad experiences people have had at properties listed on Airbnb. And we collect learning for anyone wanting to start an Airbnb like platform.

What are Airbnb reviews
Airbnb is a platform built to bring people – service providers and travelers – together. The idea of spending a lot of money for short term accommodations at hotels was proving extremely expensive, and Airbnb capitalized on the lack of supply of affordable accommodations.

A guide to creating your own Airbnb with RentRoom – An Airbnb clone script
Ever since Airbnb has generated a lot of traction. The platform has over 5 million listings and is present in over 190 countries. It couldn’t grow this well if it didn’t allow its assets (hosts and guests) to review each other and pay attention to what they say.
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Guest satisfaction surveys are utilized by entrepreneurs to check how the organization is seen by the supporters of the administration. Sorting out a survey is the initial phase in evaluating customer response to your administrations. Finishing by making required enhancements assists with guaranteeing your future development and achievement. You can set up a survey on your Hotel site, enlist a survey organization, or give your customers polls to return face to face or electronically. Visitor satisfaction in the friendliness business is critical. Cheerful hotel visitors are probably going to come back again and perhaps suggest the hotel.

The encounters that your visitors have are going to last far longer than their stay with you – which is the reason you have to organize the appraisal of their satisfaction. Even in the wake of investing so much energy, cash, and endeavors, associations experience a couple of customers sneaking away. Lately, it has become an essential apparatus for upgrading customer joy and dependability.
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Many economists believe that the economy as we have come to know it will seamlessly merge with the modern day sharing economy at some point in the near future. At the center of this transition is Airbnb. Started by two roommates in San Francisco. They put out an airbed mattress and offered free breakfast to travelers.

How AirBnB Started?

Considering how expensive SF was (and still is today), the two roommates got themselves bookings in a flurry. They brought on another mate of theirs to code a platform and allow anyone to list their room or home to earn extra income. This is the power of sharing economy.

Where are we headed?

The world will look different in the future. There are already companies working to disrupt the real estate industry as we come to know it today – both residential and commercial real estate. Instead of buying or leasing office spaces or residences, we all will just become members of a large platform – which will allow us access to any office or residence across the city, state, country or even the world. This is the future, and it looks darn interesting.
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