Our guide shows typical ways to build your computer, however models and manufacturers may vary. If you cannot access any of the components described in the manual, skip to the instructions for removing other parts, and then return to the original component.

Typically, the process involves removing all cords and cables between the computer components, then removing the parts from the case or frame. Components can be attached to the body using special clips, screws, or inserted into holders. In all cases, extraction does not require significant effort. If the part does not move, find the fasteners that hold it.

You will need a small Phillips or flathead screwdriver, depending on the manufacturer. It is wise to wear gloves as the metal edges inside the case can be sharp.

When disassembling your computer, document what was removed from where, how to remove it, and which cables are connected where. You can either record or take photos. Watch out for the screws. Stack the screws next to the removed components, install the screws in their original holes on the components or on the chassis, or attach to the desired locations.

The computer information systems jobs are always evolving since the technology is continuously changing.
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