Today polished native app has become a mandatory thing for a successful a digital business. But making a separate app for Android and iOS will be expensive and requires lots of efforts. Well as a resolution for this, PWA enters the market. Since its arrival, progressive web app development are highly preferred by major businesses as it has the ability to make their business availability across the platforms.

What is Progressive Web App?

Initially, Progressive web app is a set of mobile and web technologies working together to provide a seamless native like app experience to the user on web. These apps are shining as game changer and are rapidly being onboarded by all businesses and social media’s currently.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps:

Fast in process: While it comes to PWAs, it loads quickly and doesn’t be depend on networks majorly. If offers fast and reliable experience to the users.
Mathewbairstow 23 march 2021, 12:57