Although the majority of users connect to the Internet directly, some users need to do so through a specific computer or server: a Proxy. A Proxy is a computer or server that acts as an intermediary in our connection, as a barrier. This is responsible for receiving all network traffic and forwarding it to the destination. In this way, it is possible to browse the Internet a little more anonymously or control the traffic of other users within the same network.

Although a Proxy does not encrypt connections like a VPN server can, this server acts as an intermediary between two computers (ours and the destination one). Thus, the traffic is sent to this proxy server, processes it and forwards it to the destination. The same goes for the answer. It first reaches him and then sends it back to us. This helps, for example, that the destination servers cannot know our real IP or our location, among other personal data, since the information that will be reflected will be that of the proxy only.

When the configuration of our computer works correctly we can connect to the Internet without problems. However, when something goes wrong (for example, the proxy does not work or is down) we will find error messages when we cannot go to the Internet. One of the most common messages is " The proxy server is rejecting connections ".
aprabha2611 2 april 2021, 13:12