N2 Coin (ticker symbol: N2C) is a multi-functioning cryptocurrency. N2C can be used to benefit from various services on the N2 platform. The team behind N2 is currently working on the platform development, while the N2 Coin ICO pre-sale is live now.

Pre-sale Details

Ticker Symbol: N2C
1 N2C Price: 1 USD
Pre-sale Period: Dec 15, 2020 - Jan 31, 2021

Pre-sale Quantity: 450,000,000 N2C
hannahlorenz 23 december 2020, 9:09

N2 Coin - Determined To Transform The Global Finance
Banks and Cryptocurrencies have been regarded as pole opposite institutions in terms of new-age finances. While banks offer traditional methods to finance, cryptocurrencies have unique approaches. Although cryptocurrencies offer freedom and transparency in finances, banks are perceived to be more reliable owing to the regulations and rules framed by the government.
Experts believe the collaboration between traditional banks and crypto services is the ideal solution for customers. Such collaboration can offer the best of both worlds.=The N2Group has is offering just that with the launch of the N2 Platform and the cryptocurrency, N2 Coin.
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CamilleRoux 22 december 2020, 12:20