Somehow, I found a reference in the depths of documentation MySQL on about the fact that if MyISAM is used, we can get an increase in 5-7 times in reading speed from the table, if we read the data from the table ourselves. I wanted to verify this fact, so I did it. Let us see what came out of it.

What type of data will we read from MyISAM?

Format MyISAM has several formats (namely they are multiple storage formats of indexes and several types of data storage for the most common data, which are fixed and dynamic). I was interested to consider the very simple case: when a table has a fixed length of record, but it does not contain NULL fields and the type of queries that we are going to test. This is a simple SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE (condition) is without sharing the indexes and other tables (it is called full scan).
Tags: myd, myisam, Mysql
Siera 3 november 2011, 14:45