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On May 30th, Apple's spending on European suppliers has shown a continuous growth trend in recent years. It is reported that since 2018, Apple's spending on European suppliers has increased by more than 50%, totaling more than 85 billion euros. In 2022 alone, Apple will spend more than 20 billion euros in Europe.

Apple works closely with more than 4,000 European suppliers who provide innovative components and technologies for the manufacture of Apple products. Innovations from these European suppliers can be found in every Apple product, from sensors for the Apple Watch, to lidar for the iPhone, and microcontrollers for the Mac.

"The innovative spirit and incredible talent that brought Apple here in Europe more than 40 years ago has contributed more to our products than ever before," Cathy Kearney, Apple's vice president of operations, said in a release. So strong now. Our deep partnerships with European suppliers help us create breakthrough technologies, and we are proud to work closely with suppliers across Europe to advance our mission to decarbonize our entire global supply chain. "

Apple's suppliers in Europe include large multinational companies and small family businesses, some of which have been working with Apple for more than 30 years, and new companies join Apple's supply chain every year.

STMicroelectronics is a semiconductor maker based in France and Italy that focuses on developing and producing performance- and efficiency-optimized chips for Apple devices. The company has been working with Apple teams for years to develop integrated circuits for sensors, power management and wireless for the iPhone and other Apple products. STMicroelectronics has more than 27,000 employees in Europe and plans to invest more than 3.5 billion euros in 2023 to increase its global manufacturing capacity to produce components for Apple devices. The expansion will meet Apple's growing demand for microcontrollers as well as wireless, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Since 2020, Apple has been committed to carbon neutrality in its global business operations, and plans to achieve carbon neutrality in its entire global supply chain and the life cycle of each product by 2030. To achieve this goal, Apple works with suppliers to drive innovation, protect the planet and advance climate action. Among them, European manufacturing partners such as STMicroelectronics have made important progress in renewable energy.

In addition, companies such as DSM Engineered Materials in the Netherlands, Infineon in Germany and Austria, and Solvay in Belgium are supporting a range of renewable energy solutions such as wind projects, on-site solar and virtual power purchases Protocols and other innovative structures.

In conclusion, Apple's investment in European suppliers continues to grow, and cooperation with European suppliers has helped Apple create breakthrough technologies and advance its global supply chain decarbonization goals. This partnership not only strengthens the innovation capabilities of Apple products, but also promotes the adoption of renewable energy, making a positive contribution to sustainable development.
LanshengIC 31 may 2023, 8:23