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Sudheer 18 january 2023, 14:57

The Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist provides field support for Cisco Wireless LAN solutions. The specialists install and configure Cisco Wireless products. The design specialist will possess demonstrable knowledge of WLAN technology, including RF, antenna theory, and 802.11a, b, and g standards, with support of controllers and Aps. They offer technical assistance regarding voice over WLAN, outdoor mesh, and secure wireless.
Find a Freelance Cisco Wireless LAN Specialist Jobs
Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist Job Description

A Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist position involves maintenance of enterprise 802.11a/b standards, site surveys and configuration of controllers and Aps. They should possess a proper understanding of radio frequency and antenna theory.

Other responsibilities include:

• Responsibility for the contracted managed LAN/WLAN
• Offer technical assistance to troubleshoot and installation of networked equipment
• Recognize and asses the cause of performance breakdowns and recommend solutions
• Conduct pro-active maintenance routine and submit a timely report
• Play an active role in the configuration of the network equipment
• Take care of the capacity and performance management
• Analyze present network trouble and rectify issues that arise
• Control network upgrades and enhancements
• Organize preventive maintenance routine check-ups
• Maintain the necessary documentation for the managed network environment
• Address client network diagrams, method of procedures, business case development, statement of work, transition planning, project planning, and other related tasks
• Detect and examine the source of performance breakdowns and devise innovative solutions
• Take charge of network availability through continuous improvement

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benroff 5 march 2019, 10:22

Cisco security professionals have to manage all security equipment, such as the Cisco ASA, IDS/IPS devices of Cisco. They have to promptly act when alerts arrive by examining potential security and data issues.

Specialists must review switches, routers, and firewall configurations. They need to work with the different teams, such as telephony team, systems administrators, and application owners of business units, to come up with IT solutions to tackle threats to their business.
benroff 21 february 2019, 10:49

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