In my opinion CSS3 Grid Layout Module is one of the most interesting modules in the CSS3 family. The official history of the module as a draft specification is a little less than a year. Also, in December, 2010, there was made the preliminary announcement about CSS Grid Alignment at TPAC 2010 written by Vladimir Yunev. It should also be noted that with a slightly different name and slightly different syntax, but with the same essence, it was declared as a WD as early as 2007. Today, the development of the final design of the module is in full swing, and the pre-implementation is already in Internet Explorer 10, and there is a hope that the support of the new features will also appear in future versions of other popular browsers.
Sparks 25 april 2012, 5:21

Perhaps, you already know that Windows 8 Consumer Preview and IE 10 Platform Preview 5 were released on February 29, 2012. In this article I'll discuss how to prepare for the new version of IE 10. Moreover, many of these tips could be usable for other browsers with the different platforms.
Pirat 31 march 2012, 22:09