Since the early wars between Netscape and IE, functionality has become the main tool in browser competition. But the strategy of unlimited growth and expansion is completely insane. For too long we have let it go on.

Using wget I downloaded all 1217 of the W3C specifications published to date1. A significant portion of these must be implemented in the browser for the modern web to work. I have calculated the scope of these specifications. How complex do you think the modern web is?
kleop 26 february 2021, 11:07

Let's move on to the most interesting - a selection of the most useful and interesting, in our opinion, tricks and hidden features of Chrome DevTools.
1. We inspect the animation
The animations in DevTools will allow you to slow down all the animations on the page or to move the "hands" animation.

Skull 12 october 2017, 15:04

imageBrowser’s extensions are very popular nowadays. There is always a reason to write any extension.

This article will tell how to write a small extension for Google chrome for a personal use. A purpose of the article to help a young programmer to write an extension.

Let us start!

We approximately know what manifest.json is all about and what for it is needed. In short, this is the basic extension file, which informs the browser what things will be used by an extension and the main parameters (name, description, etc.).

Let us move on directly to an extension.
This is a simple script that deletes those posts that prevent us to look for interesting posts from the freelance page (if we are looking for the long-term projects). This is an addition to the existing built-in filter.
Siera 13 november 2011, 15:22