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Papay 15 june 2022, 11:50

Currently checkout? Then take a look at your loft or in the basement - some treasures could hide. The prices for retro games go right through the ceiling due to the Corona pandemic.

Pokémon, Secret of Mana and Co: Retro games are becoming more valuable

Anyone who got rather late into gaming and now afterwards in Lockdown wants to catch up on a few old classics, who has to grab deep into the pocket. Not only old consoles are now traded on eBay and Co. at moon prices, even retro games have become damn expensive.

Especially old Nintendo games seem to have won properly in recent months. The perfect occasion to take a look at the loft of the parents and look for the lost estimates of their own childhood. Well-preserved pokémon games of the first generation with original packaging are now traded for around 150 euros . Even more valuable are the games of the second generation: Collectors create around 180-200 euros on the table for this purpose.

But SNES classics are incredibly valuable. For Super Metroid with OVP prices are called from 250 to 300 euros , Secret of Mana costs proud 90 to 120 euros (Source: BusinessInsider).

If you are already in the attic for treasure search anyway, then look for the following things:

Old games will appreciate: Demand is high, but the offer is small

But not only old Nintendo games have become more valuable over the last few years. The site calculates an average sales value of all vintage games and represents the development in an interesting graph:

While the corresponding games only more than 10 years ago brought in average of around $ 7, the purchase price has risen to almost $ 25 . No wonder: Finally, the game offer is always smaller over time. The age sets the modules and packages of non-professional storage so strong that they are breaking. Added to this is the increased interest of the Corona pandemic, which also ensures a price increase (Source:

So if you have a few old Nintendo or Sega games in stock, you can do right ashes. A look into the old nursery cabinet could be worthwhile - and your parents are certainly happy when they come past them.
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bettyrodriguez 9 october 2021, 5:04

The artists painted bright graphics, the programmers built it into the game, the animators added movements - it would seem, everything is ready. But no, managers do not like:
You need to remove gray spots and white lines. Then the pulsating button jerks, there the progress bar goes with a ladder.
You look at the game resources - there is nothing in them, all sprites are cropped. You read the code - the formulas are correct, there is enough shader accuracy. But the result was still unimportant. Where is the mistake?


A small poll for those who already know where the artifacts come from. What to do in this situation?

You need a powerful graphics card and fresh drivers;
It is worth making downloadable sets of graphics for all possible screen resolutions;
Square textures with the sizes of a degree of two do not have such problems;
This is all due to the compression of graphics (PVRTC / DXT5 / ETC1 / ...);
In the graphics editor you will have to smudge the edges slightly;
This should have happened, because we did not prepare graphic data;
Only antialiasing will help;
You need textures and targets in the premultiplied alpha mode.

What is the correct answer, why exactly and how to overcome the artifacts of graphics read under the cut.
Skull 10 october 2017, 10:21

So, the news says that someone else has died due to video game addiction. Yes, it is Korea again.

I am not trying to prove that the video games are heroin. I remember that in this case the victim had a lot of problems in live. But, half of you know that the World of Warcraft sucks you into that and doctors consider the game addiction as a serious problem. So here's the big question: Are some games intentionally designed to keep you playing, even when you are not enjoying it?

Surely, they are.

5. Forming the habits (reflexes)


If you have ever been addicted to a game or known someone who was, then this article is really disturbing. It is written by Microsoft game researcher on how to make video games that attract players, whether they like it or not. This person has a doctorate in behavioral and brain sciences.
KlauS 21 february 2012, 18:08

The French are preparing to release a little book, which is attached to a paper balloon, and the iPad application allows flying on this balloon, controlling the direction and force of the wind.

It is evident that they are actively concerned with new interacting ways with technology. In addition to the toy they have “Rorschach cards”, “(i)Pirates” with less traditional augmented reality and the source coded “The Night of the Living Dead Pixels”.
Papay 22 november 2011, 13:14


Young anti-piracy organization Vigilant Defender decided to conduct an interesting experiment, which aimed to find out how many gamers have downloaded "pirated copy" are willing to pay the license fee for the original game. Company management has made an ingenious solution: they put on the Internet the pirated copy “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” with a crack and one interesting modification. This pirated copy spread on many torrent websites and it was downloaded by thousands of users.

After a person has installed the game and run it, a number of game’s time passed, and then opens a web form with several questions. The most interesting is that about 90% of gamers have responded to questions, and they did not uninstall the strange a game. Most of the questions had to do with the theme of licenses. For example, the gamers were asked whether they intend to buy a licensed version of the game. In addition, there was also a question regarding the license fee, the gamers were asked how much they are willing to pay for a licensed version.
MeLavi 16 october 2011, 13:48

Part Two

The first part can be found here.

The software part

iPad application

Overpatching of the application took only a week for the iPad. The main time was spent on rework of the user’s interface. Dimensions of screen resolution of the iPad and iPhone are different, so if we have not considered this when designing the interface - we have a problem (especially, if we have numerous screens).
If we lead 1024 without changing the dimensions to 480, then the resulting image will be 480x360, so we get 40 extra pixels vertically. One simple solution is to leave empty space above and below. I do not like this approach. Since I only have had three screens (almost everything is in the vector), I have reworked the source materials for expansion of 1024x768 and has written a utility that moving in 480x320, and cutting (shifting) the specific parts from top, bottom or both sides that I do not need.

I completely rewrote the dialog of posting to Twitter, the old was not designed for the iPad.
Transferring a binary file into universal format took exactly one click. So, select a target “Upgrade this target to ipad”.
I used this code below to find out if the iPad is software-based or not:
BOOL isPad ()
return (UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM () == UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad);
# else
return NO;
# endif
ZimerMan 25 september 2011, 10:32


In October 2008, I have found out at an ordinary meeting with two friends that they are involved in the developing of games for the iPhone. At that time I already had almost completed shareware project for the Windows. I was inspired by the desire to port it for the iPhone, I started working in this direction.


Create and adapt the development tools for the Windows platform without the purchasing of Mac device and related the development tools. Mac purchase was postponed until a full understanding of how it works. Almost finished project and tools for it were for the Windows, so I decided to do all for the Windows. I started implementing this idea after I spent a few days searching the internet.

Step one - Setting up the environment and compiler for the Windows, or to be more exact for the Cygwin

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ZimerMan 25 september 2011, 10:30