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【Lansheng Technology Information】May 9, 2023 - Toshiba announced the launch of the new high-speed four-channel digital isolator "DCL54xx01" series, which has a high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 100kV/μs (min) and 150Mbps high-speed data rate.

To ensure the safety and reliability of factory automation equipment, isolation devices are required to ensure insulation and prevent noise transmission. Toshiba provides digital isolator solutions to meet industrial applications' requirements for higher speed, multi-channel signal communication, and high CMTI.

The new product uses Toshiba's proprietary magnetic-coupled isolation transmission method, which provides a high CMTI of 100kV/μs (min)[1]. This not only realizes high tolerance of electrical noise between input/output in isolated signal communication, but also contributes to stable control signal transmission and device operation. This digital isolator has a low pulse width distortion of 0.8ns (typ) [2] and a high-speed data rate of 150Mbps (max), suitable for multi-channel high-speed communication applications such as I/O interfaces for SPI communication.

For 50 years, Toshiba has provided its customers with photocouplers—isolation devices that ensure insulation performance through optical coupling. Going forward, in addition to optocouplers, Toshiba will expand its lineup of high-speed four-channel digital isolators, increase the number of channels and packages, and provide high-quality isolation devices to provide reliable, real-time Data transfer is supported.

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【Lansheng Technology Information】On April 12, 2023, STMicroelectronics launched ST-ONEHP, the first integrated digital controller chip in the industry to pass the USB-IF USB Power Delivery Extended Power Range specification certification.

As the third controller in the ST-ONE series, the ST-ONEHP has an output voltage of 28V, which simplifies the development and design of chargers and power adapters with a maximum rated power of 140W. The converter uses ST-ONE architecture, a non-complementary active clamp flyback zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topology, which ensures excellent energy efficiency for applications with high power output and high switching frequency. The chip integrates basic functions such as secondary rectifier and USB PD communication interface, which saves material cost and PCB size and layout complexity. Built-in synchronous rectifiers help maximize energy efficiency, and reinforced galvanic isolation circuitry allows designers to develop a solution that is both compact and safe.

Inside ST-ONEHP, an Arm® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller is responsible for the overall control. The microcontroller comes preloaded with certified USB PD firmware, which simplifies the approval process for final product qualification for the USB Logo. The microcontroller has 64KByte flash memory that can store custom power conversion firmware.

The ST-ONEHP is ideally suited for use with STMicroelectronics' MasterGaN chips integrating the company's third-generation gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors and optimized gate drivers in a single package. Compared with traditional silicon transistors, this SiP solution reduces the difficulty of sampling GaN technology in energy-saving applications, with advantages such as superior thermal performance and switching energy efficiency.

Complementing the advantages of ST-ONE converters, MasterGaN helps to maximize performance and switching frequency, enabling the use of smaller passive components. By integrating the ST-ONEHP controller and a 9mm x 9mm MasterGaN1 half-bridge power stage, STMicroelectronics has produced an EVLONE140W charger reference design that is smaller than a standard 65W laptop charger.

The volume of the charger reference design is 90cm3, which is equivalent to the industry's advanced 25W/in3 power density, and the peak energy efficiency exceeds 94%. From an environmental point of view, this charger uses only a quarter of the plastic of ordinary chargers and is 2% more energy efficient than ordinary chargers. If these products were used in all chargers produced globally, CO2 emissions would be reduced by 3.5 million tonnes.
LanshengIC 30 august 2023, 7:07

【Lansheng Technology Information】On August 25th, in Intel's IDM 2.0 strategy, the IFS chip foundry business is no less important than the x86 chip production. Therefore, Intel has independently accounted for this part of the business and is still actively attracting customers. MediaTek is the key target.

In terms of chip foundry, MediaTek mainly relied on TSMC before. Last year, it announced the adoption of Intel's Intel 16 process. This is a new "Intel 16" process specially developed by Intel for MediaTek. It is based on the improvement of 22nm FFL. This is a very mature chip. of the craft.

MediaTek's 16nm chips are expected to start mass production in early 2023, mainly digital TV and WiFi chips with mature processes will be handed over to Intel for OEM.

If it can be mass-produced on time, Intel's 18A process will be the most advanced process in the world in 2025. There is no one, and the technical indicators will be better than TSMC's 2nm process, which is a key battle for Intel to become the leader of semiconductor technology again.

Lansheng Technology Limited, which is a spot stock distributor of many well-known brands, we have price advantage of the first-hand spot channel, and have technical supports.
Our main brands: STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, Microchip, Vishay, Marvell, ON Semiconductor, AOS, DIODES, Murata, Samsung, Hyundai/Hynix, Xilinx, Micron, Infinone, Texas Instruments, ADI, Maxim Integrated, NXP, etc
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【Lansheng Technology Information】On August 22, Silicon Labs announced the launch of their next-generation and third-generation chips designed for embedded Internet of Things (IoT) devices at its fourth annual Works With developer conference. Wireless development platform. With the migration to the 22-nanometer (nm) process node, the new Silicon Labs third-generation platform will deliver industry-leading computing power, wireless performance and energy efficiency, and the highest level of IoT security built into a chip.

"Our third-generation wireless development platform is built for a more connected world that requires development flexibility and pushes more intelligence to the edge," said Matt Johnson, CEO of Silicon Labs. "The third-generation platform not only meets the needs of developers and device manufacturers today, but is built to meet their needs for the next 10 years."

Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio 6 Enhances Developer Tools with Support for Visual Studio Code
Silicon Labs continues to invest in the developer experience for customers, including documentation, cooperation with external tool vendors, and integration of new plug-ins and extensions into existing software development kits (SDKs). In addition to the third-generation hardware, Silicon Labs today announced Simplicity Studio 6, the latest version of its award-winning application development and productivity enhancement tools. Simplicity Studio 6 will bring the latest development tools to Silicon Labs' complete product portfolio, including first- and second-generation platforms, and provide developers with a bridge to third-generation platforms.

Additionally, as a support partner in the development process, Silicon Labs today announced an expanded Developer Journey tool for Amazon Sidewalk and a new Matter Development Journey tool. Both are built on the power of Silicon Labs, providing the tools, documentation, hardware, and expert support needed to develop with both technologies.
LanshengIC 29 august 2023, 8:29

August 29, 2023
Toshiba, a trailblazer in cutting-edge electronics, proudly announces the debut of an innovation that sets a new benchmark in the realm of power components — the 2200V Double Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET module, named "MG250YD2YMS3." This pioneering module is built on Toshiba's 3rd generation SiC MOSFET chip technology, featuring a remarkable rated drain current (DC) of 250A. Engineered for applications demanding a DC 1500V power supply, such as photovoltaic power generation and energy storage systems, the MG250YD2YMS3 is now available for large-scale distribution, marking a significant stride towards higher efficiency and performance in power systems.

In contrast to conventional industrial applications operating at DC 1000V or lower, the MG250YD2YMS3 is designed to accommodate the emerging trend of DC 1500V utilization expected to shape the industry landscape in the coming years. This forward-looking approach underscores Toshiba's commitment to innovation and responsiveness to evolving market demands.

The MG250YD2YMS3 stands as a paragon of technological advancement, characterized by low conduction losses and a remarkably low drain-source on-state voltage (VDS(on)sense) of 0.7V (typical) [2]. Furthermore, it boasts minimized turn-on and turn-off losses, measuring at 14mJ (typical) [3] and 11mJ (typical) [3] respectively, representing an approximate 90% reduction when juxtaposed with conventional Silicon (Si) IGBTs [4]. These exceptional attributes collectively contribute to enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in diverse power applications.

One notable advantage of the MG250YD2YMS3 is its ability to facilitate compact designs through diminished switching losses. By adopting this module, users can streamline their systems with fewer components, enabling the transition from traditional three-level circuits to simplified, more efficient two-level configurations.

Toshiba remains at the forefront of innovation, unwavering in its commitment to deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate high efficiency and compact design, effectively addressing the dynamic needs of modern power systems.

[1]Sample range limited to Double SiC MOSFET modules. Data based on Toshiba's research as of August 2023.
[2] Measurement conditions: ID = 250A, VGS = +20V, Tch = 25°C
[3] Measurement conditions: VDD = 1100V, ID = 250A, Tch = 150°C
[4] As of August 2023, Toshiba compared the switching losses of the 2300V Si module and the new SiC MOSFET chip MG250YD2YMS3 (performance values for the 2300V Si module were estimated by Toshiba based on papers published by March 2023 or earlier).

* Applications:
· Industrial Equipment
· Renewable Energy Generation Systems (e.g., photovoltaic systems)
· Energy Storage Systems
· Electric Motor Control Equipment for Industrial Applications
· High-Frequency DC-DC Converters and Equipment

* Key Features:
· Low Drain-Source On-State Voltage (VDS(on)sense): VDS(on)sense = 0.7V (typical) (ID = 250A, VGS = +20V, Tch = 25°C)
· Low Turn-On Losses: Eon = 14mJ (typical) (VDD = 1100V, ID = 250A, Tch = 150°C)
· Low Turn-Off Losses: Eoff = 11mJ (typical) (VDD = 1100V, ID = 250A, Tch = 150°C)
· Low Parasitic Inductance: LsPN = 12nH (typical)

* Primary Specifications:
(Unless otherwise specified, Ta = 25°C) Device Model: MG250YD2YMS3 Toshiba Package Name: 2-153A1A Absolute Maximum Ratings:

· Drain-Source Voltage (VDSS) (V): 2200
· Gate-Source Voltage (VGSS) (V): +25 / -10
· Drain Current (DC) (A): 250
· Drain Current (Pulse) (A): 500
· Junction Temperature (Tch) (°C): 150
· Isolation Voltage (Visol) (Vrms): 4000

* Electrical Characteristics:
· Drain-Source On-State Voltage (VDS(on)sense) (V): Typical Value: 0.7 (ID = 250A, VGS = +20V, Tch = 25°C)
· Source-Drain On-State Voltage (VSD(on)sense) (V): Typical Value: 0.7 (IS = 250A, VGS = +20V, Tch = 25°C)
· Source-Drain Off-State Voltage (VSD(off)sense) (V): Typical Value: 1.6 (IS = 250A, VGS = -6V, Tch = 25°C)
· Turn-On Loss (Eon) (mJ): Typical Value: 14 (VDD = 1100V, ID = 250A, Tch = 150°C)
· Turn-Off Loss (Eoff) (mJ): Typical Value: 11

Smbom 29 august 2023, 7:44

【Lansheng Technology Information】Texas Instruments launched a variety of new current sensors on August 23 to help engineers simplify design and improve accuracy. Designed to operate over a wide common-mode voltage and temperature range, these new products include lower-drift isolated Hall-effect current sensors for high-voltage systems and eliminate the need for external shunt resistors for non-isolated voltage rails device current shunt monitor product line.

Texas Instruments' new EZShunt™ product family includes small, fully integrated current shunt monitors and the industry's highest precision 75A integrated shunt solution for non-isolated systems up to 85V and 75ARMS.

Highly accurate current measurements are increasingly required in high-voltage systems such as electric vehicle chargers and photovoltaic inverters, but the high drift of Hall-effect current sensors over their lifetime makes them often overlooked. The Hall-effect current sensor TMCS1123 features a higher reinforced isolation operating voltage of 1,100VDC, a maximum sensitivity error of ±0.75%, a drift of 50ppm/°C over temperature, and a drift of ±0.5% over lifetime %. With the high precision of the TMCS1123, designers can optimize system performance while simplifying design. The device's high accuracy and excellent stability over its lifetime eliminates the need for recalibration of the device, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance.

Additionally, precise control of power conversion is critical to optimize system efficiency and protection. The TMCS1123 has a low propagation delay of 600ns and a bandwidth of 250kHz, enabling faster control loops while maintaining low noise for improved system efficiency.

Texas Instruments' new EZShunt family of current-sensing solutions simplifies designs by eliminating the need for external shunt resistors. The new product family offers a fully integrated current sensing solution that fits into a 1206 shunt resistor package, delivering the value of a discrete solution in the simplicity of a single chip.
LanshengIC 29 august 2023, 7:22

【Lansheng Technology Information】Perovskite solar energy is a promising next-generation photovoltaic technology. It has high conversion efficiency, low material cost and simple manufacturing process. It can also be made into a translucent module, but stability and life are challenges, especially for batteries. After expansion, the efficiency will drop. Today, the large-area perovskite solar module brought by Toshiba has an efficiency as high as 16.6%.

The conversion efficiency of perovskite solar energy has broken through from 3% to more than 24% in just ten years, but its high conversion efficiency is limited to a small battery of about 1 square centimeter. Once the area becomes larger, the battery efficiency will decline. However, Toshiba built The 703 cm2 polymer thin film perovskite solar module achieves a conversion efficiency of 16.6%.

Toshiba uses a modified version of ink, thin film drying technology and equipment to create a uniform perovskite layer. This technology process halves the deposition steps of methyl lead triiodide (MAPbI3) Up to 6 meters per minute, the company believes that it can meet the speed of mass production.

Toshiba has achieved 15.1% efficiency in September 2021, and this time it has increased to 16.6%, and the company previously expected to commercialize perovskite technology in 2025. Toshiba said the flexible and lightweight solar panel is suitable for places where it is difficult to install traditional silicon solar energy, such as low-load roofs and office windows.

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【Lansheng Technology Information】Silicon Labs announced today at its fourth annual Works With developer conference that it has launched a new series of system-on-chip optimized for Amazon Sidewalk - SG23 and SG28 SoC, as well as for Amazon Sidewalk. Sidewalk Development provides a one-stop developer journey with step-by-step guidance and expert advice. With these new devices, development tools, and the previously announced Silicon Labs Pro Kit supporting Amazon Sidewalk, Silicon Labs strengthens its complete development platform for Amazon's rapidly growing network.

"Amazon Sidewalk brings many unique capabilities to device developers while also presenting some unique requirements," said Jake Alamat, Senior Vice President of Home and Living IoT at Silicon Labs. "Through our close collaboration with Amazon, we are the first to Provide developers with the hardware, software, and development tools they need to complete the Amazon Sidewalk development process."

With the wide variety of technologies and protocols in today's IoT landscape, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing the right development platform for a device. As a leader in the field of Internet of Things, Silicon Labs has built its own product portfolio around this concept, launching different series of devices and derivative products for different technologies, such as BG series Bluetooth SoC and ZG series Z-Wave SoC, and Now the SG series SoC optimized for Amazon Sidewalk.

Lansheng Technology Limited, which is a spot stock distributor of many well-known brands, we have price advantage of the first-hand spot channel, and have technical supports.
Our main brands: STMicroelectronics, Toshiba, Microchip, Vishay, Marvell, ON Semiconductor, AOS, DIODES, Murata, Samsung, Hyundai/Hynix, Xilinx, Micron, Infinone, Texas Instruments, ADI, Maxim Integrated, NXP, etc
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【Lansheng Technology Information】In order to provide comprehensive network solutions to automation manufacturers, Microchip Technology Inc. today announced the launch of the LAN9662 Gigabit Ethernet switch. The switch features four ports, audio-video bridging and time-sensitive networking (AVB/TSN), two integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T PHYs, and a 600 MHz Arm® Cortex®-A7 CPU subsystem.

To support Industrial Ethernet applications, the LAN9662 features a Real-Time Engine (RTE) capable of modifying Ethernet frames on the fly, enabling faster cyclic data rates and lower latency. LAN9662 complies with key industry standards such as OPC Unified Architecture (OPC/UA) and PROFINET software protocol stack, providing the deterministic communication functions required by industrial network applications.

"The LAN9662 is an extension to the LAN966x family that provides a viable solution for scaling TSN-enabled network endpoints," said Charles Forni, vice president of Microchip's USB and Networking business unit. "Our solution provides customers with a comprehensive software portfolio that enables Customers can initiate designs in compliance with industry standards.

The AN9662 has two integrated PHYs that provide very low latency and support various daisy-chain topologies. The PHY interface can quickly process data within a specified time, providing a reliable network for automation applications such as motors, conveyor belts, and multi-axis robot controllers.

Microchip is an established supplier of industrial-grade networking solutions, offering a broad portfolio of ruggedized, power-efficient and highly integrated products featuring deterministic switching and fault-tolerant redundancy.
LanshengIC 28 august 2023, 7:34

【Lansheng Technology Information】Through the release of the latest Game On driver, Intel has improved the performance of Intel Ruixuan graphics card running a series of popular DX11 games-bringing an average frame rate increase of about 19% for gamers, and the average About 20% of the 99th Percentile frame rate fluency has been improved.

This update opened the prelude to the optimization of Intel Sharp DX11. The above-mentioned games are just the beginning of this optimization. Intel will continue to bring more game experience upgrades to users.

Intel will not stop here, and will continue to optimize Intel Sharp Graphics. The optimization and upgrade of DX11 this time is another proof of Intel's fulfillment of its commitment to players in terms of software optimization and game technology integration. Since the release of desktop graphics cards, Intel has released 30 driver updates, provided 57 new games with Game on optimization support, and provided many other improvements for many games. Intel's AI-powered XeSS technology is gaining momentum in gaming and is now supported by more than 70 games.

Intel also brought a tool for enthusiasts called "PresentMon", which you may have heard of before, which is a tool that Intel developed many years ago. "PresentMon" can provide support for many software for graphics performance analysis. Today, Intel released the first beta version of Intel® PresentMon, which brings an easier-to-use experience for enthusiasts through a comprehensive optimization and upgrade of the tool. In addition, new features have been added to facilitate game performance analysis for players.

The newly released driver brings an average performance improvement of about 19% for DX11 games. On the Intel Sharp A750 graphics card, the game performance of "Overwatch 2" has increased by as much as 33%. Intel also released a new tool for evaluating game performance—Intel® PresentMon. Intel Sharp has never stopped moving forward, and Intel Sharp A750 is now performing even better.
LanshengIC 25 august 2023, 9:58
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