Hey guys, if you are an electronic DIY lover, you will always find a lot of similar or interchangeable components, which have subtle differences in the specs or features, therefore lead to the wrong application, 74HC595 and its similar components is an example I'm going to mention today.

74HC595 and 74HC164, 74LS595 and MCP23017, except for the last one, the former three ICs are shift registers that can drive LEDs, especially 74HC595, it can drive LEDs directly, those components are alike in some way and have their own distinguishing features as well.

So let's explore these four ICs specifications and compare them to see what are their differences.

74HC595 VS 74LS595

74LS595 is TTL based, fast, uses more power and is older.
74HC595 is CMOS based, fast, uses less power and is the most up-to-date version.
eelectriclover 7 april 2021, 7:38

The picture shows a fragment of perfect cheat sheet that has the basic electronic components, including their appearance and the symbol on the schematic circuits.
Papay 7 april 2012, 13:31


In this article I would like to tell a story about the English steam engine, and how it became a small electric generator in a regular apartment.

Right from the beginning of the steam expansion in the XIX century, the different types of engines were built, including small and decorative engines. When the steam engine was a novelty, those models had been shown to the amazed audience, and when it became widespread, the steam engines turned into an excellent tutorial and a wonderful toy for the younger generation of creators of the Industrial Revolution. So, at the end of Victorian era and at the beginning of Edwardian era the companies began making toy steam engines. In the XX century, namely in 1937, when the steam machineries lost their popularity, in the United Kingdom appeared Mamod firm, the name means Malins Models. Since then this firm has been providing the steam engines for everybody. So in the 60s, they have supplied with the engine an unknown person who sold this engine to another person that put up for sale this unit on eBay. The engine is worn out. After winning the auction I paid for this unit and got it by the Russian Post. In my hands I was holding a box with Royal Mail stamps and the inscription “Steam engine”.
Disney 25 march 2012, 15:10