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Folomie Egg Container with Lids is not only a good helper for kitchens, refrigerators, pantries, kitchen cabinets, etc., but also for storing different types of eggs, such as eggs, duck eggs, leather eggs, etc.

Why Need Folomie Egg Storage Box

This egg storage has a 7-degree tilt design. When you take out the eggs, the remaining eggs will roll off automatically, and you don’t need to open the lid next time you take out the eggs.

Saves Space!

Folomie Fridge Egg Holder is made from food-grade plastic, which is safe environmentally friendly, and durable.

You may also store other things on top of the NUEgg. Rest assured your eggs will be safe due to its sturdy design. Saving space in your fridge for the other groceries.


The safe and durable quality of this product helps preserve eggs and it's resistant to cold which avoids eggs from freezing

Stackable Design

This egg storage for refrigerator can be stacked with an additional Fridge Bin to maximize storage space. Each freezer egg container comes with a lid, which can effectively increase the lifetime of eggs and foods while protecting them from external factors.

Keep Your Food&Egg Fresh

The durable design of each eggs bin provides good ventilation that helps keep egg fresh, and at the same time keeping the smell of eggs from affecting other food inside the fridge.

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