imageMany of you have heard and known about music identification systems such as TrackID, Shazam, MusicBrainz or that allow recognizing a name of song by its recorded fragment. All of them are sufficiently good, but they have a common disadvantage – the closed code, therefore, their field of use is limited. TrackID you can only use on the phones of Sony Ericsson, Shazam - also can be used on the phones, although at a more extensive list of platforms, and Music Brainz may not work at all.

The guys from a company Echo Nest, decided that music recognition should be accessible to the world, such as e-mail or DNS:), so they released their program for MIT License. This program is very good, because the founders are Doctors of Science from the MIT Media Lab.

The program that they released is not just limited to recognition of recorded music, but it also lets you do things like search for duplicate music, mass recognition and tag filling in the music collections, verification of the audio / video content of any material, synchronization of collections from the various musical spaces (for example: iTunes <-> <-> Spotify) and much more.
BumBum 7 november 2011, 19:22