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Mobile apps have been the way to go in the last few years. Almost every business wanting to make full use of the digital world will not only have a website and a social media presence, but also a mobile app.

In four words: Always Available, Always Accessible. This is the trend, or rather, the expectation that customers have. The ability to call upon the service of businesses no matter where or when – all with the tap of their fingers. Being at the finger-tips of your customers means one thing: it’s a lot easier to get their attention when you’re always with them.
Zapio 25 january 2021, 13:21

Blockchain technology has been growing a fast rate since it has emerged, it has made its way to almost every sector from e-education to music and film industry and the demand is just increasing daily almost every other software development company in Los Angeles are working on blockchain software and app development projects.

Development of decentralized applications, or dApps, is evolving on a greater level and blockchain has become a critical tool that several companies have adopted and many are planning to.

Keeping that in view, there are few factors that will be making their place in blockchain app development.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since the use of AI and blockchain is at its peak in their own specific paths, integrating both of them can lead to many successful projects too, making it a golden combination. AI needs access to huge databases to function which has never been this accessible and has been very costly. Blockchain has the solution that AI needs, when integrated with AI it can make boast the performance of AI to a great extent.

AI models also depend on authentic data which can also be provided and promised by the usage of blockchain, since the data in the blockchain cannot be changed and decreases the risk factor.

Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT)
the Internet of Things (IoT) is the creation of a network that connects people, places, and products, data is transferred from one entity to another. Transactions are made, events are created meaning there’s sharing of a huge amount of data among several users. Many firms are working with this and many of them have the issue of security and authenticity of the data they work on, blockchain with its algorithms that are specifically created to protect sensitive information help alleviate the security and scalability concerns associated with IoT.

Decentralized data

Blockchains app is gaining popularity for several reasons but their major advantages over other apps are the privacy, transparency, integrity and the feature of public verification they provide.
With the increase in competition, the threats that businesses face have increased too and everyone is looking for safe escapes. Blockchain provides business not only safety but also integrity and authenticity. With features like these, the usage of blockchain is expected to rise to another level in the near future.

New improvements in blockchain
Ethereum has its flaws, so now more options like Hyperledger and NEO are available. They provide their own new features that were missing in Ethereum just like: NEO introduced dBFT (decentralized Byzantium Fault Tolerant) which enables fast transactions and supports more languages than Ethereum. Where Hyperledger allows scalability and customization: it allows developers to create apps with private blockchains and permissioned blockchains.
These are just the top of the iceberg; more new improvements are expected along the way.

New opportunities

Blockchain has been making its way from one field to another, which has not just increased its value in the development but it has made blockchain known worldwide. where Europe and North America are already the hubs of blockchain but now the services are spreading towards Asia, Middle East, etc. This not only increases the demand for it but also opens great opportunities for the developers.

Blockchain is an emerging technology and its future is right, there are several levels of success it still has to touch and the market is unpredictable which tells us that the trends can change at any time but what we know for sure is, trends will be changing for the better since the downfall is nowhere to be seen.
codingp 13 march 2020, 10:28

What "circle" is perceived as the most "round"?


Our eyes are a rather strange organ, which, often, deceives us. But if you know the features of human visual perception, then you can create a more understandable and clean design. Typographers are not the only ones who use optical tricks in creating readable and harmonious looking fonts. This knowledge is also useful to interface designers who organize communication between the user and the machine.

How to create visually proportional icons, correctly arrange objects of different shapes and perform an ideal rounding of corners. In the post there are more than 50 images.
Skull 2 november 2017, 11:25

According to our rough estimate, based on 20 years of practice, earthwork can "lose" up to 50-60% of the budget. On reinforced concrete and finishing is exactly 30%. On the errors of re-registration in collisions, the cost of engineering increases by approximately 10%. It is for this simple reason, when the "evil customer" implements the BIM-model of the building, wild cries and groans begin on all sides.

BIM-control will now be on all state orders on a new standard, so the cries and groans will be especially epic.

Here I see the trace of all systems, I can get an accurate estimate for each node: and when I move or add an object I will receive updates in all project and working documents at once.

What is a BIM model? This is a three-dimensional model of a building where all systems are docked and tied together in one single plan. We put an outlet in the room - in the general estimate there was a new outlet and the corresponding cable meter. The error of this model is 2%. On paper, usually take a stock of 15%, and the surplus of this stock is desperately "lost."

Let's show you better examples than I will tell.
MeLavi 9 october 2017, 8:45

Today I want to offer to umumble lovers this small set of applications that are intended to increase productivity while working with the frontend. If you will not find your favorite app here, then you are very welcome to make some comments!

Form Builder
This beautiful form builder helps you to create the most marvelous CSS login boxes and other input items in very short time. Besides the forms on the website of this project, you can create other equally beautiful CSS elements including buttons and ribbons.
Sparks 8 january 2014, 14:26


I love different experiments with JavaScript. They allow us to look in the future and see how exciting it will be. When you will be viewing this collection, probably you will think of the recent king Adobe Flash, and then you realize how fast CSS and JavaScript took the throne away from it. Modern browsers allow us to use a variety of different effects and animations without any limitations. However, the word "experimental" means a number of limitations, such as the incorrect displaying in some browsers (IE), in addition, these plugins will be as conceptual addition to the personal pages, and not for use in the large projects.
BumBum 19 december 2012, 19:37

Continuing the subject, I have decided to make my own version:
Let us make the background filling:
Sparks 11 february 2012, 13:33

Working as a designer is very interesting. This is a creative work, and like any creative person, the designer needs a muse and inspiration.

Each designer has a set of websites that they go periodically to draw that inspiration. Whether you are new to web design or just out looking for a little something extra to add to your current website, We are sure you will be surprised at all the tools and resources available! We just have such list that we want to share with you.

Of course, you are welcome to tell us about your resources, we would be grateful.

Now, take your time browsing around and enjoy.

1. Abduzeedo


Perhaps, it is a really cool resource and a great place for web designers, artists and photographers. Here is everything that needed for the inspiration. Namely, it offers the collections of sites, free fonts, and of course a section of “Daily inspiration” and much more. For convenience, here are a few links.
Papay 11 january 2012, 16:21


First create a new layer on a gray background, the mixing mode is screen.
KlauS 27 december 2011, 14:23

Yesterday Twitter unveiled a new version of its interface. Its design is simplified to make it easier, faster, and richer experience. The new design will be the same for and mobile applications. In addition, TweetDeck application is updated and ready for the new version.

Visit and find out more details about the upcoming changes.
Skull 9 december 2011, 17:54
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