Sql means structured query language, which is the standard language for accessing and manipulating databases. mysql is a database management system like sql Server, oracle, informix, postgres, etc. mysql is an rdms (relational database management system).

When considering data management utilities, the two most popular options are mysql and sql server. Both effectively keep data organized and easily available through the user interface. Both techniques have the concept of a schema for data storage (i.e. table storage).

To better understand the differences in mysql and sql server, mysql is more inclined to select data so you can display, update and save again. mysql is weak in terms of inserting and deleting data. But it's a good choice for data storage and data reference.

Here are some specific technical differences between mysql and sql servers, when it comes to the ANSI sql standard: functions like stored procedures, triggers, views and cursors become part of the mysql database server in mysql 5.0 version 5.0 and you still won't find a rich set of functions and features in terms of development. For more depth analysys click sql vs mysql.
Naymor 10 april 2020, 15:50


Firebird, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are probably the most famous representatives of DBMS. Naturally, these projects often are compared with each other - by functionality, usability, etc. We have decided to perform our own code quality comparison of these projects.

The article gives a review of bugs, detected using PVS-Studio static code analyzer. A 'direct' approach of comparing by the number of warnings in this case is badly applicable, so you have to find other ways to compare. For example, you can analyze projects for potential vulnerabilities, as well as to see which of the most interesting errors will be found. By undertaking such a review, you can estimate, which code is better, and find out who will emerge victorious from this battle.

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Kate Milovidova 30 november 2017, 13:10