The ideal choice to avail yourself of a feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange software is CES. The features include multi currency and language support integration, KYC/AML, powerful matching engine with a capacity of 50,000 transactions per sec, enhanced liquidity, multiple payment gateways, robust admin panel, cutting edge blockchain and smart contracts, multi layer security etc. Our extensive expertise in the field will assure high quality features and solutions.
catherinealexa 29 october 2020, 5:49

Facilitate seamless trading by ensuring fast and secure processing of transactions through reliable Cryptocurrency exchange development. With features like a powerful trading engine, availability of hot and cold wallets for efficient fund management, quick market-making, sufficient liquidity through API’s with external exchanges, we will take your business to the next level. Reveal your requirements to our knowledgeable developer team and satisfy them soon.

Miaperla 21 september 2020, 7:28

Being an exclusive cryptocurrency exchange development company with extensive experience, CES assures the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange software to kickstart your venture. Crafted by market experts, blockchain experts and highly knowledgeable and skilled developers and programmers, the software comprises advanced blockchain technology, top quality features and security implementations that ensure high-performance and long-term sustainability.
AnnaLisbeth 10 september 2020, 11:13

Bitcoin exchange script by leading crypto exchange company have 6+ years in developing bitcoin exchange platform by highly experienced blockchain developers. Get a free demo of our cryptocurrency exchange script.

A cryptocurrency exchange script helps to build a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded among the users or between the administrator of the exchange who sells and buys the token from them. Cryptocurrency Exchanges happens on three type of transaction they are called a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) and a Peer to Peer (P2P) (DEX) cryptocurrency exchange, Hybrid Exchange Combination of both centralized and decentralized exchange.

Coinjoker helps you to build above mentioned cex, dex and hybrid exchange platform as a readymade and customized solutions with 4-7 business days.

Your cryptocurrency exchange platform is create by our own unique cryptocurrency exchange solutions that is built from the ground up or built over our crypto exchange script software.
You can choose what you have to build. Having a custom cryptocurrency exchange script/software that suits your specific needs and requirements.

It allows you to get a greater control over your crypto exchange platform and completely change the flow and user experience to the one never you have expected. We can bring in exciting features that you never imagine about exchange requirements, for you we have provide an excellent solutions at an edge over your competitors.

Coinjoker makes the cut in every category of crypto-based services:-

1. ICO/STO/IEO Exchange Development
2. ICO/STO/IEO Marketing
3. Multicurrency Wallet Development
4. Mobile wallet Development
5. Crypto Trading Development
6. Blockchain Development
7. CryptoCoin Development
8. Hyperledger Blockchain Development
9. Smart Contract Development
10. Ethereum DApp Development
11. Decentralized/ Centralized Exchange Development
12. MLM Platform with Smart Contract Development
13. Smart contract MLM clone scripts
14. Tron DApp Development
15. Tron MLM Smart Contract Development

Get A Free Live Demo->> Bitcoin Exchange Script Functionalities
scarletemilye 8 september 2020, 12:27

CES provides a top-rated white label bitcoin exchange platform for your business that allows transactions not just with bitcoins, but almost every major crypto and fiat currencies via mobile, web, or any other operating system to help exchange owners gather a wide range of traders and for traders to efficiently conduct trades. The platform ensures core advantages like military-grade security, boosted liquidity, intuitive and user friendly interface, minimal transaction fee and many more to attract a broad customer base.
AnnaLisbeth 3 september 2020, 10:50

CES is an established cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers white label cryptocurrency exchange software solutions for any exchange that you want to build, be it centralized, decentralized, hybrid or peer to peer exchange. Our extensive experience will help with high quality features, security implementations and high-level technology support for every type of exchange and ensures stability, sustainability and profitability. We make sure to help you with a smooth process from start to finish, from development to deployment.
AnnaLisbeth 31 august 2020, 12:37

The white label exchange software offered by CES is the perfect solution in every way for your business. The software is ready-to-use with every component that will bring in credibility for your exchange such as access to trading 100+ cryptocurrencies and major fiat currencies, in-depth liquidity, institutional grade technical support and strong security implementation, low transaction fees etc., which will increase investors’ interest towards your exchange over your competitors.
AnnaLisbeth 29 august 2020, 15:27

The ample knowledge and experience of our developers from CES, makes us one of the finest in the market for your cryptocurrency exchange software development. We offer custom-made development solutions that fit the individual requirements of each customer. With a team of highly qualified and skilled developers, we ensure highly secure, reliable, and scalable software solutions, and the latest technology implementation that will help you disrupt the market and stay ahead of the competition.
AnnaLisbeth 26 august 2020, 11:21

Decentralized exchanges are currently most trending in the market among potential investors. To capture their attention towards your exchange, get the most lucrative white label decentralized exchange offered by CES. From high-level technology, bank-grade security, highly intuitive and customizable UX/UI, deep liquidity, legal solutions, robust matching engine, payment gateways, the exchange comes with every element that will enable smooth and seamless direct transactions for traders, thereby amplifying your position in the market.
AnnaLisbeth 25 august 2020, 8:35

Comprising a team of industry best developers, Infinite Block Tech assures compelling cryptocurrency exchange software development that will get you to the frontline over your competitors. The software is integrated with the best features from multi-currency support, scalable and robust trade matching engine, intuitive and user-friendly interface, deep liquidity, enterprise level technology and bank-grade security that will enable a secure, safe and seamless transaction process for the user, and more trades, more profits for the exchange owner.

Miaperla 25 august 2020, 8:19
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