As mobile phone usage has been progressively increasing, even imparting rides to someone else is done by the applications. With low expenses and high availability, the carpooling app businesses have been doing exceptionally well.

Blablacar has become an extremely popular business with its tremendous productivity. For any startups or business entrepreneurs, a best Blablacar clone app can be the first step for a new venture.

The features are the root cause of an app’s success. So here are some main features that can make the BlaBlaCar clone app successful.
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Abservetech private limited, one of the leading ready-made product development company has developed a fully customizable ride-sharing app business like blablacar with MEAN [MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS] Stack admin panel. By using this ready-made script, a user can start a business like blablacar with it.

The demand for the taxi booking app in the taxi booking industry is increasing. And the number of customers looking to book a taxi to travel is increasing. In this fast-moving world, people prefer to use to taxi as they have no patience to wait for public vehicles. A ride-sharing business will help the customers to save fare prices.

The ride-sharing option is one of the most used options in the taxi booking industry. By using the ride-sharing option, a customer can share their rides with the other customers. In this way, all the riders can share their fare price. As a result, they will have reduced fare prices, less pollution, less toll price, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the general features of the Ride-sharing script.


A user has to register with our ride-sharing app. They can also use their social media account like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. After the signup process, they can book a taxi. 

A rider can offer a ride to the others by enabling the carpooling option in the app. Hence, the corresponding driver can take more riders for a trip.

It is one of the unique features of our ride-sharing script. By using this option, a driver or customer can chat with others by using the default call, messaging app in the corresponding android device.

Our ride-sharing script has an inbuilt payment option in it. By default, our app will have payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, etc. We can also add a custom payment gateway based on client requirements.


Our Admin panel has embraced with powerful admin panel option. One such feature is user management, The admin can add (or) delete a user from the app whenever the admin wants to.

All the revenues generated by the driver(Commission amount), the user(taxi fare amount) will be listed here. The admin can view this report based on the month, year, day, time, etc.
If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, you can use this ride-sharing script to start a business.

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In this digital era, ride-sharing apps are creating astounding turnovers for new entrepreneurs as well as investors. With the integration of evolving technology and innovation, this type of taxi business holds everlasting opportunities for newbies, whoever wishes to generate huge revenue.
As the taxi-hailing industry emerged as a successful one, many started to create their own ventures thereafter. Uber became a prime source for other taxi app creation as it enabled other entrepreneurs to follow its business model.

Today, there are numerous taxi apps just like Uber but with different operations which in turn increases the utilization of cars. However, the government is taking steps to make this service eco-friendly by urging companies to operate electric vehicles. As a part of this, carpooling service has been introduced which enabled people to share rides and pay only their part. This service is initiated by giants like Uber and Lyft to cut the cost of the ride as well as to operate green. If you wish to start a carpooling business, this blog will help you with information that you will need to know before beginning.

Why you should develop an app for carpooling service?

Carpooling service is when the car journey is shared. That is, the fare is split among the passengers who travel in the same car in the same direction. Even authorities encouraged carpooling during times of high fuel prices and traffic. The service possessed benefits that favor both passengers and drivers.

Developing an app for carpooling or integrating the service in the existing app will be useful. This will act as a connecting source between users and drivers. With all the necessary details automatically generated, the commuter will experience a smooth service. Entrepreneurs planning to develop can easily launch on both iOS and Android platforms.

You can even customize and add features if you opt for clone apps. Creating a new app is a real tough job so choosing an existing app solution with carpooling service is a wise option.

Although the clone apps come with fully integrated features, you must thoroughly know the workflow and operations of the application. Know the technology stack behind the development and ensure that your developing partner is aware of those.
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