A cryptocurrency exchange software allows traders to exchange a digital asset for another based on the value of the market of the given assets. The current popular exchanges are Binance and GDAX.

The cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring secure transactions. By developing your cryptocurrency exchange platform, you are just a few steps away from being a part of the billion-dollar revolution.
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A cryptocurrency exchange script helps to build a platform where cryptocurrencies are traded among the users or between the administrator of the exchange who sells and buys the token from them. Cryptocurrency Exchanges happens on three type of transaction they are called a Centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) and a Peer to Peer (P2P) (DEX) cryptocurrency exchange, Hybrid Exchange Combination of both centralized and decentralized exchange.

Coinjoker helps you to build above mentioned cex, dex and hybrid exchange platform as a readymade and customized solutions with 4-7 business days.

Your cryptocurrency exchange platform is create by our own unique cryptocurrency exchange solutions that is built from the ground up or built over our crypto exchange script software.
You can choose what you have to build. Having a custom cryptocurrency exchange script/software that suits your specific needs and requirements.

It allows you to get a greater control over your crypto exchange platform and completely change the flow and user experience to the one never you have expected. We can bring in exciting features that you never imagine about exchange requirements, for you we have provide an excellent solutions at an edge over your competitors.

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1. ICO/STO/IEO Exchange Development
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7. CryptoCoin Development
8. Hyperledger Blockchain Development
9. Smart Contract Development
10. Ethereum DApp Development
11. Decentralized/ Centralized Exchange Development
12. MLM Platform with Smart Contract Development
13. Smart contract MLM clone scripts
14. Tron DApp Development
15. Tron MLM Smart Contract Development

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