Do you plan to create an application?
In this article you can find the main factors affecting app development cost and total app success. It will help you maximize profits and avoid unpleasant surprises on the development stage.

The first thing to consider before starting application development is a set of factors that are important in realizing application goals. Mobile application development primarily includes IT consulting. You hire technical and marketing professionals and discuss the main features your application will have and the stages of its implementation.

1. Defining goals
If you are interested in developing your own application, you must define the tasks that the application will solve in the future. First, you need to be clear about which application you need: sports, streaming, social, business, e-learning, retail, gaming, etc. Second, the application needs to provide value to the customer. Third, evaluate the amount of work. You may need to update an old application, convert a website to an application, or build a completely new one. Three cases require different amount of time.

2. The target audience
An app for kids might be more graphically oriented and colorful, while adults might want a cleaner look. The type of application and target audience determine the UX / UI and advertising strategies.

3. Application design
Application development includes design as one of the ingredients for product success. Consequently, 80% of users expect personalized interactions with the brands they interact with. App users crave personalization; where the interaction is tailored to their preferences, location and user behavior.

4. Development for iOS and Android
It is imperative for your app's success to cover the two most popular operating systems - iOS and Android. The most effective way to accomplish this is by developing cross-platform apps.

5. Viable product
Also, sometimes it's best to start with a simple design as soon as you release your usability test app. The more diverse the functionality of the application, the higher its cost. In addition, the first release will depend on the type of application, the presence of competitors and their position in the market. All these aspects require careful analysis and discussion with the involved development and marketing team.

6. You need updates and support to stay on trend.
Customer support and updates are inextricably linked and interdependent. To estimate the cost of developing a mobile application and determine the budget, it is important to take into account its further development and maintenance. After release, audience reaction becomes its driving wheel.
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