Grofers is an online grocery store that helps to deliver groceries to the users. This has gained potential customers by providing grocery goods on time without any delay within a radius of 7miles.

The Grofers clone also has a multilingual feature that enhances the user experience to search and order products swiftly in their local language.

The Statistics Report

The recent survey reports that the online grocery market is expanding prominently and has crossed the value of around 6,500 crores.

The Grofer is expanding its features and services, thus enabling them to receive more than 40,000 orders per day.
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As a budding entrepreneur, it takes time to establish your services among users. Establishing the brand has now become simple with the digital technologies. The internet of things has been the constant source of support to every online business. There are plenty of business ideas. Among those, choose the one that is highly preferred by the user. In this line, the online grocery store would be the best pick for your business. The moment people hear online grocery delivery service, they will strike with the Grofers app. The app is known for its wide reach among users in a short span of time. Launch an App like Grofers and mark your success in the grocery delivery industry.

First, let us go through the Features vested in the Grofers clone app.

Instant registration- The app allows the user to log in to the app by just entering the credentials of social media accounts.

Live order tracking- Once the user confirms the order, he/she can track the location of the order. This feature accounts to transparency and the user would love it.

Store pick up- The user will stick to your app if they find interesting features. One such feature is the store pick up. The user can order groceries online and conveniently collect it from the nearby grocery store.


At Turnkeytown, we take up challenging projects and one such project is the Grofers clone script. Trust us, partner with us and you will rock with our solution among users.
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Establishing a successful business is cumbersome and you have no other option other than to wait. The business strategy involves lots of trials and tribulations to sort out the user's preferences. Hands down! To help you with this, at Turnkeytown we have a whole new method of app development. We have ready-made clones for every popular application. Keeping in mind the growing demand for On-demand delivery services, direct your business towards online Groceries apps.

In this row, we have devised a Grofers clone script that has many intuitive features. This blog will take you through the feature-set, and the revenue model of the app like Grofers.

Schedule orders- The user can schedule the arrival of the order by mentioning the date/time.

Takeaway- The user can wish to order groceries online and collect it directly from the stores.

Live tracking- This feature will give the user to know the exact location of the orders.

Next, get to know the Revenue Model of the Application.

Commission fee- You can earn revenue by charging commission for every transaction that happens through your platform.

Ad-service- You can post advertisements of third parties on your application and get paid for that. Integrate Google Ads, Flash Mob in the app to run ads.

We incorporate all these features and you can customize any of the features to suit your business. We hope the above content will be useful for your business. Head to our website to know more about our Grofers clone app.
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A study has revealed that users worldwide have started to rely on online delivery services for their staple needs.To cope with the expectations of customers, many business providers are overtaking their competitors in providing online delivery services. Commence your business in the area of online grocery delivery with our Grofers like app.

You can create a number of grocery app solutions with our Grofers clone. They are,

Grocery aggregator app- This app provides the list of grocery stores available at user’s proximity. The user can order groceries online, and get delivered at their doorstep.
Grocery chain app- This app brings many grocery stores under a single brand name. Managing all the stores is now easy with the grocery chain app.
Farm fresh apps- This is one exciting move in the grocery service. Users can get fresh vegetables, and fruits directly from farms.

Next is the list of intuitive features that makes the apps like Grofers preferable by users.

Store pick up- Users can order groceries online, and pick up their groceries directly from the store. This feature will enable customers to pick up their groceries at their convenience.
Live tracking- The admin will confirm the order, and send the tracking ID to the user. The user can know the exact location of their order.


Schedule an appointment with our developers. You will get to know the stages in Grofers app development. We provide options for customizing features according to your business needs. Get a budget friendly app solution from us. We will be happy to have you onboard.
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With an evolving mode of on-demand services, induce your business in grocery business with an amazing Grofers clone app. Head to the below list of features to gain more insights of the grofers app development.

With the E-wallet integration, users can opt for multiple payment options. Also, cart abandonment will be reduced if users can have flexible payment options.
The GPS tracking enables to know the exact location of the order. Both the admin and the buyer can track the order.
The store pickup option is another feature that allows buyers to make the order online and pick up groceries from stores.
In-app chat helps buyers to clarify their queries with the admin or the delivery person.
Like any other app, this app enables flexibility in making payments. Buyers can use their credit/debit cards or even opt for COD.
VanessaWilson 30 october 2020, 10:55

COVID-19 has had major impacts in all fields. The retail industry is unable to keep up with the ongoing demands. This has propelled the growth for grocery delivery apps on a global level. As per the French Retailer, there has been a 600% increase in growth in the grocery delivery app sector. In the US, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, and others are experiencing a growth rate of 218%,160% and 124% respectively in a single day. Grocery clone app development is anticipated to have immense growth potential in the current period. Entrepreneurs can utilize the ongoing trends to their best advantage and invest in Grofers clone app.

Features of on-demand grocery delivery application
Admin panel
This module in Grofers clone script helps in tracking each order separately. Admins can enter each id then view the status of the order. It is an efficient tool as the admin can keep track of the orders in case of demands.

Assign managers: Admins can allocate managers and offer functionalities for each manager to operate on.

Order management: As and when the orders get processed the details are updated in the order management panel. It gives the admin leverage to access the orders and offers better services for customers.

Advanced reports & analytics: It represents the profits made in various sectors in graphical manner so admins can evaluate their present business profits and take the required actions.

Online payments: Grofers clone app offers a variety of online payment modes so customers can choose the digital payment mode as per their needs and make the payment. These details are instantly updated in the admin panel.

These are some of the effective ways to manage your business through grocery delivery apps solutions.
VanessaWilson 21 october 2020, 10:25

With the prevailing pandemic conditions, most of the orders take place online.
The number of app downloads for Grofers is around 3 million as of February 2020. As there are many grocery delivery apps, there is a need to stand out, in order to become successful.TurnkeyTown takes care of the Grofers clone app development and offers readymade Grofers clone script to its customers. These solutions can be customized to suit business requirements.
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