Features in the customer-side app:
Customers should register their profiles on the platform before starting to use the services. The users will be asked to enter their phone number, name, gender, email address to create their user profile. Some providers will also integrate social media plugins into their app for users to directly login with their Facebook and Google accounts. The users should be able to edit their profiles whenever needed.
Search for properties:
Users will be able to search for their accommodations by entering the location or street. The app should also have search filters for users to get refined results. The results should be sorted based on the number of guests, size, location, rent, etc.
RobertPattinson 11 december 2020, 6:22

As we are heading towards this technological era’s peak, developing high-end robust mobile applications is not a cumbersome task. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of developing an app like Airbnb.
Step: 1
Set a refined business goal:
Before kickstarting your app development process, focus on deciding the purpose of your app. Your target audience will be in the property rentals sector, so ensure that your app caters to their needs. Your app will establish a connection with the property owner and buyers seamlessly.
Focus on the layout of your app:

Ensure that every module on your app is properly glued up to offer a premium user experience. A properly optimized layout will have minimal lags, making it easier for the users. Here is the list of core functionalities that you shouldn’t miss on your Airbnb clone app.
1. Registration/login
2. Profile management
3. Search filters
4. Booking
5. Secure payment gateways
6. Reviews and ratings
7. Chat/Call
8. Customer support
Apart from the essential features, you should integrate advanced features to offer a premium user experience. Here are some of the advanced features that you can consider to incorporate into the app.
1. Multi-lingual support
2. Multiple currencies
3. Cancellation policy
4. Wishlist
5. Invite friends
Step: 3
The layout of the functionalities:

The first thing that your users will notice is the user interface of your application. Offer a seamless switching option between the user accounts. As your users will browse through thousands of properties on the platform, ensure that they experience no glitches or bugs in the app.
Step: 4
Sketch up your app:

As you have decided on the core functionalities that go into your app, it is time to appropriately align those functionalities. It is mandatory to approach the development process with a clearly laid out plan and an in-depth understanding of the app’s workflow. Here is the process of sketching an app.
1. Simple sketch
2. Visualize the structure of your app
3. Transforming the schematic layout into mockups
4. Prototypes
Step: 5
Define the back-end of your app:

Optimizing the back-end of your app with appropriate technology is necessary to yield success in the long run. PHP language is commonly used to connect a database with the front-end of your application. The listings and upload will be securely stored on a remote server.
Step: 6
Developing your app:

Now that you are getting the app development stage don’t dive into the coding part. Decide on the type of your platform, whether it is going to be hybrid or native. If you choose a native platform, you will have the option of designing custom apps for each operating system. When it comes to cross-platform apps, the source code can be adopted for any operating system, and it will significantly increase your device’s speed. Cross-platform apps are cheaper compared to other platform apps.
Step: 7

Testing is a crucial phase in the app development process as it helps to optimize the performance by rectifying the errors in it. Different types of testing will be carried out by your Airbnb like App Development team such as Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Device-Specific Testing, and User Acceptance Testing goes into the process. The fully-processed is ready to launch in the market.
RobertPattinson 29 october 2020, 10:12

RentALL Script is the leading airbnb clone script in the market. It is the exact replica of airbnb website. RentALL Script is the result of utmost care of the talented and skilled team of developers who are expertised in the market new technologies. It’s the pre built solution the startups and entrepreneurs those who decided to venture into the rental industry. It’s the pre built solution the startups and entrepreneurs those who decided to start their venture into the rental industry. RentALL Script is the tailor-made Airbnb clone solution. You can purchase it immediately and personalize it as per your business requirements. It’s readily available for your users to download and start using it
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